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Extensive, simple to use eBay inventory manager

Don't waste any more time. Manage your inventory in just a few clicks!

We've developed the ultimate eBay inventory software to help you keep your inventory levels up to date.

Inventory Manager helps you effortlessly stay on top of tasks and inventory duties so you can continue to maintain the image of professionalism that drives your business.

Packed with exceptional, time-saving features, Inventory Manager can also do much more than assisting with inventory updates. You can also use it to create demand for your products and manage your items.

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Easily edit quantities and prices individually or in bulk

Easily modify your items right from your inventory dashboard.

It only takes a few seconds to make a whole lot of changes.

Modify your prices and inventories individually by editing them directly, or select multiple listings and adjust quantity levels in bulk.

With the bulk update feature, you can adjust by increments, set values and more.

Product variations are fully supported.

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Limit the quantity shown on eBay to create urgency

Deploy a demand marketing strategy and limit your stock quantity.

Trigger the fear of missing out and display a low quantity of your items on eBay! This persuades shoppers to act fast instead of adding your item to a potentially abandoned shopping cart.

After every sale, Inventory Manager will keep your eBay stock at a level you choose by automatically re-stocking it with your warehouse inventory.

Your warehouse stock quantity is for your eyes only. Your eBay buyers will only see the number of items you choose to show them.

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Find items with Advanced Filters and Search

With 3Dsellers' Inventory Manager, you’re always organized!

Never waste a second managing your business.

Digitally organize your inventory and view lists of your stock by categories, quantity, price and more.

You can add these filters to find the exact items you're looking for to complete your tasks.

Not to mention, you can also quick search title and listing identifiers.

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Upload a CSV to bulk update your listings

We've made it simple to complete complex updates.

Updating eBay listings has never been more effortless than by using a CSV file.

This feature works great if you manage your inventory with a spreadsheet, your supplier uses CSVs to send you updates, or you just want to make a CSV to update specific items.

Inventory Manager also features the ability to map your CSV so you won't need to change your column headers. You can upload and adjust your inventories and prices within moments.

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Get low-inventory alerts

Don't miss out on sales by running out of stock!

Inventory Manager can provide auto alerts to inform you when a warehouse inventory drops to a low level.

Instead of searching for low-stocked items manually, simply choose the stock-threshold that needs attention, and get alerted each time an item's quantity low.

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See history of inventory activity

Stay in the know, and watch what's occurring behind the scenes.

As you make changes, and as items sell, you can easily keep a close watch on what is happening to your inventory levels.

Inventory Manager allows you to view and filter events to help you know what's occurring at all times.

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