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3Dsellers' selection of tools and automations are designed to help you get the most out of your eBay Ads campaigns, so you get more bang for every advertising buck you spend. Save time with ad campaign automation, utilize smart reporting to gain valuable insights, and easily optimize your campaigns for success.  

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eBay Ads

Get More Out of your eBay Ads with 3Dsellers' All-in-One eBay Advertising Platform

With so much thought and money going into each campaign, sellers who promote their listings with eBay Ads need an advertising platform that works as hard as they do. With custom reporting for the insights you need to create smarter campaigns, CSV creation and management of ad campaigns in bulk, support for multiple eBay accounts, and smarter campaign automation, 3Dsellers is the all-in-one eBay advertising tool you need to get more out of your eBay Ads.

- Manage Ad Campaigns

Manage all your eBay Ads campaigns from one easy-to-use platform

Running multiple eBay Ad campaigns for your listings can be overwhelming when all you have is eBay's advertising dashboard. With 3Dsellers, you'll be able to view, manage, and optimize your campaigns from one simple and intuitive platform, across all your eBay accounts. Create and manage every detail of your eBay Ads campaigns in bulk with CSV uploads, and even schedule campaigns, all from one place.

manage eBay ads
automate eBay ads
- Automated Ads

Automate your advertising campaigns

Create better ad campaigns with less work with 3Dsellers' smart campaign automations. You'll be able to utilize custom rules and filters to define which of your listings get enrolled in your promotional campaigns, automate your campaign launches with scheduled campaigns, and even create your own rules for placing competitive yet smart bids on your ads, with safeguards in place to ensure you don't overbid and bite into your profit.

- Ad reports

Analyze your eBay Ads' performance with advanced reporting

Successful ad campaigns begin and end with accurate data, and accurate insights into that data enable you to optimize your campaigns for success. That's why, when you use 3Dsellers for your eBay Ads campaigns, you'll have access to smart custom campaign reporting. Generate reports to gain valuable insights about your ads' performance, export your reports to CSV, and even schedule to receive automatically generated reports by email periodically.

Generate eBay ads reports
eBay ads csv
- CSV Upload

Launch eBay Ads campaigns quickly and easily with CSV uploads

Create and launch eBay Ads campaigns in bulk with simple CSV uploads, so you can run more specialized campaigns that better reach your target audiences. You'll be able to utilize CSV uploads for every aspect of campaign creation and management – from defining start and end times to determining your ad rate bid as a safeguarded percentage of your projected profit.

Coming Soon

CPC Advertising with eBay Promoted Listings Advanced

3Dsellers brings a toolbox of unbeatable seller-first features to help you get the most of out your CPC eBay Ads campaigns too. Build brand awareness and boost your sales with eBay's newly-launched CPC advertising program, Promoted Listings Advanced.

  • Highly-targeted keyword-driven campaigns for maximum impact
  • Predefined bid limits ensure you don't overshoot your ad budget
  • Ad optimization with negative keywords and advanced reports

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eBay Sellers 💖 the Convenience of Managing Their eBay Ads Campaigns with 3Dsellers

Enjoy complete control over all your eBay ad campaigns on one unified platform.

Automatically add and remove items from campaigns with smart filters and rules.

Create and launch multiple eBay Ads campaigns in bulk using CSV upload files.

Generate and automatically share custom campaign reports to gain valuable insights into your campaigns' performance.

Manage ad campaigns on all your eBay accounts without having to log in and out to switch between them.

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