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3Dsellers FAQ

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Whether you’re transitioning from another platform or a first time user, we gathered all the frequently asked questions to help you learn about 3Dsellers features and tools. Here's everything you need to know to get you started!

General Questions

Is 3Dsellers a verified third-party eBay partner?

We are delighted to say that we have worked closely with eBay for over a decade and hold their policies and approval as the first importance to our business model. Find us on eBay's official third-party provider page.

Which tools are included in a subscription?

All subscriptions include the following tools: Listings Manager, Orders Manager, Auto Messages, Digital Goods, Listing Designer (+ All Templates), Feedback Reminder, Report Center, Facebook Store, Webstore, PDF Catalog, Image Editor and Shipping Tracker.

What subscription plans do 3Dsellers offer?

Subscriptions are based on monthly sales volume and include three tiers (Starter, Professional, and Agency) to provide every seller the tools they need. Each plan includes unlimited listings, unlimited bulk edits, while differing by certain account usage. See our pricing page for more details.

How do I know if 3Dsellers' platform is right for me?

Whether you’re growing an eBay business, or need help consolidating your enterprise-level workday, 3Dsellers is how you excel.
By providing eBay tools that automate and simplify your workflow, customer service, and marketing, 3Dsellers’ full package of eBay apps and software bestows a comprehensive solution to maximize your business potential.

Product Overview

Can I use 3Dsellers for dropshipping? Can I connect 3Dsellers with my supplier’s inventory?

3Dsellers is designed to help market, manage, and automate your business in a vast range of areas, however, we do not offer an API or direct integration with suppliers.

Is it safe to connect multiple eBay accounts into 1 3Dsellers account?

3Dsellers is the perfect tool for B2B account management services who manage other people’s accounts. After an account is connected to 3Dsellers, it has an individual connection to eBay, allowing the needed separation to maintain your clients’ eBay account health.

What are the integrations currently available?

Connect eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Email to 3Dsellers for a variety of business management and marketing tools. Our 3Dsellers integration list continues to grow!

eBay Listings

Can I sync inventory between eBay accounts?

Currently you can use 3Dsellers to connect multiple eBay accounts and securely switch between each eBay account and manage each business with excellent control. However, syncing inventory across eBay marketplaces is currently on our road map.

Can I copy listings between multiple eBay accounts?

Absolutely! You can use 3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager to select and copy multiple listings (active or ended) and publish them to any other connected eBay account.
Furthermore, a Drafts feature allows you to transfer active & ended listings to your other account, ready to edit and publish. See a full guide here.

Can I import eBay drafts to third-party apps?

Sadly, eBay does not provide the ability to import or edit drafts and templates that are on eBay. However, 3Dsellers drafts are much more robust with more options. You can even create new drafts quickly by copying active and ended listings!

Can I export eBay listings to other marketplaces?

No, 3Dsellers currently supports listing integration only with eBay – but we are working on a multichannel solution so stay tuned!

Can I keep my ended/closed listings saved for more than 90 days with 3Dsellers?

The ended listings folder only keeps ended listings up to 90 days, however, you can copy your listings to the draft folder and keep them stored for as long as you need.

How can I hide my real inventory from eBay?

With 3Dsellers inventory control you can hide your real inventory from eBay and buyers creating a low-inventory demand strategy. After each sale, Inventory Control will automatically restock the eBay Quantity from your Warehouse Inventory.

How 3Dsellers can help me with eBay SEO?

No, 3Dsellers currently supports listing integration only with eBay – but we are working on a multichannel solution so stay tuned!

What eBay listing details can I edit with a CSV file?

Edit any field included in the Import CSV feature, with a current exception of images.

How do I change the quantity and prices of my eBay listings?

Editing your eBay listings’ quantities & prices has never been so simple. You can search, filter and quick-edit from your Listings dashboard, bulk edit them with a multi-select feature, or even via CSV.

How can I remove eBay listings with 3Dsellers?

End listings quickly with the click of a button on your Listings Dashboard, or you can filter, search, and select multiple listings to end in bulk. (Bonus: our tool, GTC Automation, can do this automatically based on custom rules)

How do I add variations to eBay listings?

When creating a listing or editing a draft, you can use our simplified editor to add variations and options to your products. You can also format a CSV to bulk upload variation listings.

Listing Designer Tool

How can I remove 3Dsellers’ logo from my listing’s template?

When subscribing to an Agency plan, branding on all of our designs is automatically removed. Also, we can issue you an extended license to use our designs as your own for a one-time fee.

Are templates kept in my listings if I cancel my subscription?

When subscribing to an Agency plan, branding on all of our designs is automatically removed. Also, we can issue you an extended license to use our designs as your own for a one-time fee.

Can I customize my own template using 3Dsellers Listing Designer?

Yes, you can build yourself or you can hire a freelancer/designer to build you a custom template on 3Dsellers. However, if you accept only custom HTML, you will lose many of the features on 3Dsellers to edit and update your designs.

Offers Manager Tool

What makes an item eligible for sending eBay offers?

If the listing has at least one watcher or if a listing has been added to a buyer's cart for at least 5 days.

How do I send offers to watchers on eBay?

The Offers tool allows you to send offers for multiple eBay listings at once. In just a few clicks, you can set the offer amounts and send them. (You can also send eBay offers for individual listings if you need) 3Dsellers Offers tool can also automatically send offers to your buyers on a schedule.

Can I use 3Dsellers to send offers to buyers who are not watchers?

The Offers tool will also send offers to buyers who have placed your item into their shopping cart but haven't checked out within five days.

How do I automatically send, counter, or accept eBay offers from buyers?

3Dsellers Offers tool gives you the ability to create custom rules to automatically accept, counter, and send eBay offers. It’s as simple as setting your discount, including an optional message, and including a filter of which listings you want to send for.

Orders Management

Is it possible to include shipping and mark orders as shipped on 3Dsellers?

Yes, you can quickly select eBay orders and mark them as shipped with or without tracking information, and also bulk update tracking info with a CSV file.

Can I download my orders data?

Yes, you can export all your orders’ data into a CSV file and also create custom reports, where you can determine which data will be exported in your CSV.

Multichannel Helpdesk

How many team members can I add?

Unlimited, but it can vary according to your current plan.

Do I need to give my account credentials to my team members who work with me?

No, instead of providing your eBay credentials to your team, you can invite your teammates to use your 3Dsellers account. When your teammate accepts your invitation, the system will create a 'teammate version' account for 3Dsellers and only the tools and eBay accounts you allow them access to will be available to them.

Can I refund customers with 3Dsellers Helpdesk?

In every conversation with a linked order, you can refund, cancel, change tracking, and even leave feedback to eBay buyers. If an eBay case arises, all available actions are provided in the conversation.

Can I access order details when replying to support tickets?

Conveniently displayed on the right side of every ticket are order details, buyer info, order history, and conversation history. What’s more, Orders Manager integration allows you to take action on orders without leaving the page.

Can I send an automatic response with 3Dsellers Helpdesk?

Create an entire system of automatic replies that send based on the buyer’s message content, order details, reply-time, out-of-office hours, and more!

Can I automatically organize and assign messages?Can I send an automatic response with 3Dsellers Helpdesk?

3Dsellers allows you to create rules that automatically update ticket data and assign messages to particular teammates.

What does 3Dsellers Helpdesk do with spam email?

Spam messages are automatically sent to your Spam folder. To filter more emails, use a Rule to automatically assign certain tickets to the Spam folder.

How many integrations and selling channels does 3Dsellers Helpdesk support?

3Dsellers can integrate up to an unlimited number of accounts and channels, making 3Dsellers a reliable host for managing your multichannel eCommerce empire.

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