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Today's eBay buyer expectations demand that your online business systems deliver a professional shopping experience — as well as help your marketplace management team support multiple sales channels on eBay efficiently. Both Auctiva and 3Dsellers are eBay-based multichannel selling software that can help achieve results, but does Autiva fit your workflow, create better customer satisfaction, and produce more eBay sales?

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Auctiva - Rating 2.8/5

3Dsellers - Rating 4.9/5

Auctiva VS 3Dsellers

While Auctiva and 3Dsellers may include similar eBay tools, the differences boil down to customization and automation options for selling strategies, listing processes, inventory management tasks, eBay marketing, and multichannel abilities. Even if you're just curious about eBay listing software or about to cancel an Auctiva subscription, it may help to consider the features that 3Dsellers offers to extend your marketing and multichannel eCommerce support.

With Auctiva you have limited number of integrations and features

As one of the pioneers of eBay Tools, Auctiva has provided eBay sellers with numerous services to boost eBay sales, visitors, and returning buyers since 1998. Their popularity as a listing tool and a benefit for eBay emails quickly launched them to the spotlight as the go-to source for gaining an edge to selling on eBay.

While competition arose, Auctiva stayed with simplicity, and their legacy popularity kept them high on the charts, even provoking the acquisition of Alibaba. However, as Auctiva has branched into a shopping feed provider service, their eBay tools remain too basic for modern eBay merchants, causing many to shift to other platforms for better listing, marketing, and customer service software for eBay.

Product Lister with CSV

eBay transaction emails

Cross-promoted items

Catalog syncing & motors

eBay promotion

Free trial

3Dsellers offers the best eBay selling all-in-one solution for online sellers

Gaining its debut popularity to increase eBay feedback and repeat buyers from software on the old eBay app store, 3Dsellers has grown into a transformative eBay selling manager with advanced eCommerce solutions to give you all the tools you need to grow and manage an eBay business. 

Advanced eBay listing manager

Advanced eBay listings manager

eBay template designer

eBay templates designer (+ cross-promotion)

Feedback reminder

Automated feedback reminder

eBay motors

eBay motors & eBay catalog

Order management

Order management system

Multichannel Helpdesk

Multichannel Helpdesk

Offer manager

Smart offer manager

Auto responder

Auto responder

Bulk actions

Bulk action tools

eBay tools

Digital goods, multiple eBay account - and many more features!

All The Tools You Need to Manage, Automate, and Grow Your eBay Business

From warehouse sellers to pickers, eBay motor parts dealers to enterprise eCommerce giants, 3Dsellers continually draw more sellers searching for the best Auctiva alternatives. It's an easy choice when 3Dsellers enhances their software day-to-day to provide features and optimization that sellers need to compete with eBay marketing trends and listing capabilities.

3Dsellers eBay Listing Manager

The ability to automate and support multiple eBay accounts and eCommerce processes from the same eCommerce platform has attracted interest and helped produce many high-profile eBay retailers. And as an all-in-one eBay solution with multi-user support, independent sales channels integration, and data security, 3Dsellers is the only eBay marketplace platform their business needs, replacing swaths of other eBay software solutions. (Includes a free trial)

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What can 3Dsellers Do That Auctiva Can’t?

When users switch, they claim that 3Dsellers' e-Commerce platform is their best alternative to Auctiva eBay tools. 3Dsellers outperforms Auctiva's eBay features in functionality and service while providing robust eCommerce software for any budget. Not to mention, 3Dsellers' eBay automation tools can save countless more hours building your online sales and create more opportunities to sell eBay products!


3Dsellers - The Most Advanced eBay Selling Software

Find all the eBay Listing management, product management, and inventory management features you love about eBay tools on 3Dsellers software. Give your business the ability to easily create eBay listings (on desktop or mobile) with eBay feed optimized product data by the power of extensive bulk management support, advanced filters, and more.

Manage unlimited eBay listings with bulk management tools and integrated eBay SEO features and let the success of your eBay store soar. Set MSRP and eBay Promotion rates while creating demand by hiding your real inventory from eBay. Advanced custom filters and eBay draft management organizes workflows and reduce time-spent relisting and bulk editing. 

Furthermore, there are many exciting listing management features to explore — including item cost logging, low inventory alerts with optimized warehouse management, integrated fitment management, calculated profit estimates, product image hosting, bulk CSV listing imports, and more!

The Most Advanced eBay Selling Software
Auctiva Alternative

Increased Efficiency with Multichannel Order Management

Sync every order from all your selling channels, including Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, and other eCommerce sites or major sales channels. Not to mention, eCommerce data from the Orders Manager fully integrates with every CRM ticket! 3Dsellers makes managing multiple sales channels easy to expedite your multi-store management workflow with one online platform. 

Know your repeat buyers and which orders you can ship simultaneously. Upload tracking in bulk, download and process orders in bulk, and send bulk messages to buyers (all based on order details, specific online retail channels, and different e-commerce platforms — an excellent Helpdesk partner-app and order manager for multi-channel eCommerce sellers)


Better Customer Support with Multichannel Helpdesk

3Dsellers' multichannel Helpdesk (customer relationship management) is an ideal solution for automating and efficientizing support services across multiple eBay accounts, marketplaces, and communication channels. Transform your eBay messages into support tickets with order and customer data on the same page. Establish a customer service-based branding strategy while centralizing your multi-channel business operations by connecting all your eCommerce channels and social networking apps in one single place.

As eCommerce professionals, your team should be well-organized, responsive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about representing your brand. Your new workflow will likely result in more repeat sales than it ever did before due to the comprehensive set of powerful customer satisfaction features. Furthermore, you can achieve seamless management of your eCommerce support and monitor your multi-channel eCommerce business' customer service data, statistics, your team's performance, and more.

Auctiva Alternatives
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Respond Faster with Auto Responder Tool

Answer your customer's inquiries quickly, send order updates using eBay marketing follow-up messages, and provide non-business-hours customer support to earn great reviews, higher seller ratings, and boost your sales. In addition, it is possible to set up complete reply systems that send based on the message content, sale information, and other details.

With eBay autoresponders and automated eBay messages, you'll be able to promptly respond to eBay buyers and provide them with customer service without adding work to your schedule. Using these tools can significantly improve customer relationship management, especially reducing eBay claims and cases, improving feedback rates, and increasing customer loyalty by turning first-time buyers into loyal ones.

Best Auctiva Alternative
3Dsellers Automated Feedback Reminder

Boost Your eBay Account with Automated Feedback Reminder

Aside from fast replies, handling, and case management you can accomplish with 3Dsellers, eBay feedback is your number one source for becoming a top-rated seller. Top-rated eBay sellers' listings are almost always at the top of the results on eBay search and other search engines. Additionally, the best eBay sellers may also have their listings promoted more often by eBay paid search advertising on Google Product advertising and automated emails. 

To get to and stay at the top of search results (and one step ahead of the competition), use 3Dsellers to offer a great customer experience and follow up automatically to remind buyers to leave positive feedback. Reminding buyers to leave feedback is also a great opportunity to put your business in front of customers again, gaining more repeated buyers. 

Top-rated seller status can be achieved and maintained (without additional effort) with 3Dsellers' automatic customer support and personalized transaction emails, making a set-it-and-forget-it multifunctional marketing tool for eBay, creating a seamless customer journey 24/7.


Automate Sales with 3Dsellers Smart Offer Manager

Bargain hunting isn't just a hobby; it's a passion for many. Finding the perfect item at the ideal price can be exhilarating, and every shopper loves this. So a successful business boosts profits in volume sales by letting the shoppers haggle. Offering buyers the possibility to get a lower price on the product this way builds a superior shopping experience.

However, many sellers are not taking advantage of eBay Best Offers due to the increased workload and time involved in managing eBay offers from buyers. Fortunately, with 3Dsellers Offers Manager and automation, anyone can try boosting sales with eBay Offers without the extra effort or time involved! There's nothing like it out there!

3Dsellers Offer Manager
3Dsellers eBay Templates Designer

Increase Your Sales with eBay Templates Designer

3Dsellers Cross-Promotion feature can automatically promote similar items from your eBay Store. There are also unlimited listing design templates that can be applied to listings in bulk by item details and rules to use design to new listings automatically by category. 

Create a professional eBay listing template (with a mobile version and without coding knowledge). You can also use the template editor yourself or hire a professional web designer to customize the design using HTML code!

See What Online Sellers Say About 3Dsellers

Jim C.

Jan 14, 2022

verfified review

3Dsellers Checks All the Important Boxes

My overall experience has been exceptional. On top of the quality software product, the customer service goes above and beyond. On more than one occasion, I've gotten responses and fixes to glitches even when I'm contacting the company outside normal business hours. As I find little bugs or opportunities to correct something in the software, the team responds with a fix usually within hours. I could not be more pleased with the support this company gives to their excellent product.


Feb 3 2022

verfified review

3Dsellers is THE best software for my business

3Dsellers is THE best software for my business. I've tried a few other programs but they just got too expensive and complicated. With 3Dsellers, I can easily manage all my eBay accounts and do it all from one place, saving me time and money. Definitely the best ebay multi account software in the market! Their helpdesk is amazing, I am working with a team of 5 agents and we just love it. A true cost - value winner.


Is 3Dsellers a verified third-party eBay partner?

As an office third-party integration tool, we have worked closely with eBay for over a decade and hold their policies and approval as pillars of our company's operations.

Which tools are included in a subscription?

All subscriptions include Listings Manager, Auto Messages, Listing Designer (+ All Templates), Digital Goods, Feedback Reminder, Orders Manager, Report Center, Facebook Store, Webstore, PDF creator platform, Image Editor, and Shipping Tracker.

How do I know if 3Dsellers' platform is right for me?

Whether you're growing an eBay business or want to upgrade from Auctiva, 3Dsellers' eCommerce platform could be your leading solution to setting your business ahead of tasks and the competition. Start a free trial now and see if 3Dsellers is the right fit for your eBay selling company!

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