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Easily list, optimize, and manage your product listings on eBay motors with the help of 3Dsellers' specialized eBay Motors listing software. Boost sales and stay one step ahead of the competition with 3Dsellers.

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3Dsellers is the Most Trusted and Complete eBay Motors Listing Software for eBay Sellers

With seller-first tools like simple and straightforward CSV-managed compatibility lists to unique, eye-catching and customizable listing templates, 3Dsellers is the most trusted listing tool for thousands of eBay sellers who want an all-in-one tool for listing on eBay Motors.

- eBay Motors Listing Tool

The most advanced listing software for eBay Motors

Not just for regular eBay listings, 3Dsellers' eBay lister now includes everything you need to list on eBay's dedicated cars and parts platform. Create, publish, and manage your eBay Motors listings in bulk with a few clicks, and start selling smarter today with SEO-optimized, eye-catching, and informative eBay listings today.

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eBay Motors listing software
eBay Motors listings
- Product Data and Specs

Full support for all eBay Motors products, including all data and specs

3Dsellers' eBay Motors lister is fully compatible with all eBay Motors products, with complete support for all the product data and specification attributes you need. Enrich your listings with more product information and attributes, and boost your listings' visibility in buyer searches.

- Compatibility List

Generate vehicle compatibility lists for your products in seconds

Generate compatibility lists for all your eBay Motors parts via 3Dsellers user-friendly interface, complete with drop-down menus and search functions that make creating compatibility lists simpler and faster than ever. Plus, you'll be able to easily copy compatibility lists from any eBay listing with nothing more than an eBay item number.

eBay Motors compatibility list
eBay Motors CSV
- CSV Compatibility List

Create or modify eBay Motors compatibility lists using CSV

Efficiently update eBay Motors car compatibility & vehicle fitment lists by Excel or CSV files. Your team will love our time-saving features that you won't find in Seller Hub.

Copy Compatibility Lists from other eBay listings

Upload the Item ID of any eBay listing (including competitor listings) to copy the entire compatibility list.

Select & Search multiple cars with one CSV row

With only one spreadsheet cell, search & add multiple years, trims, or engines to your compatibility lists.

Automatically apply cars by TecDoc K-type

Upload a K-type to automatically apply cars from the TecDoc catalogue (for select countries)

Click here to see technical details and download an Excel CSV template.

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3Dsellers Gives You the Tools You Need to Take Your eBay Motors Business to the Next Level

Promoting your products on eBay Motors has never been easier!

  • Launch all your advertising campaigns from one place
  • Streamline your workflow and automate your ad campaigns
  • Analyze and optimize your performance with advanced ad reports
  • Quickly launch eBay ad campaigns in bulk with CSV upload files
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Increase your sales with beautiful listing templates

Put your best foot forward and catch potential buyers' eyes with the help of 3Dsellers eBay listing templates.

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Automatically increase eBay feedback score

Automate your feedback requests to easily increase your selling account's feedback score with no added hands-on work.

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eBay listing software

3Dsellers’ eBay Motors Listing Software Enables you to List Smarter

Assign Tickets Automatically

Profit Calculator

Stay competitive while remaining profitable with our simple and straightforward profit calculator.

Personal Team Inboxes

Best Offer Automation

Automate your Best Offer negotiations with preset rules, and start selling more with no additional hands-on work.

Internal Notes and Mentions

CSV Upload Files

Create and optimize your listings in bulk with CSV upload files, helping you minimize errors and better manage your listings.

Take Bulk Actions

Bundles and Kits

Boost your sales and increase your profits with custom product bundles and kits, and publish them to eBay in minutes.

Multichannel Order Management

Sell in Lots

Create lot listings for your eBay Motors products, and easily move more inventory faster while making more on each sale.

Collision Detection

eBay Quantity Control

Keep your real inventory quantity private from eBay, and share only custom stock quantities. When an item sells, eBay quantity resets.

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