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3Dsellers is the complete multichannel BigCommerce listing software that helps you manage and automate your BigCommerce listings, and cross-list them to multiple selling channels on a variety of platforms. Powerful multichannel tools make it easy to scale your ecommerce business and grow your sales.

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Integrate Your BigCommerce Store with the World's Leading Selling Channels

3Dsellers makes it simple to sync your BigCommerce store with the world's leading selling channels. A selection of powerful listing automation tools allow you to easily cross-list your products from [CHANNEL] to multiple selling platforms with just a few clicks, giving you instant access to a global audience of potential buyers. Easily track your sales, optimize pricing, and manage inventory across all your selling channels.

3Dsellers eCommerce multichannel software

3Dsellers Gives You the Tools You Need to Take Your eCommerce Business to the Next Level

3Dsellers is the perfect all-in-one tool for any ecommerce business owner. Our easy-to-use platform packs an array of features to help you list, manage and automate a variety of actions in your BigCommerce store, as well as optimize your listings to reach even more buyers. 3Dsellers gives you the tools you need to take your ecommerce business to the next level by allowing you to automate and manage multiple selling accounts from one place, and easily switch between accounts quickly and securely.

Managing Your BigCommerce Listings and Products has Never Been Easier!

  • Quickly and easily import products from your BigCommerce store, complete with updated quantity and product attributes, directly into your 3Dsellers' catalog.
  • Bulk upload multiple products to BigCommerce using the intuitive CSV upload feature, which helps you save time and avoid costly listing errors.
  • Create new BigCommerce products quickly and effectively directly from 3Dsellers, and more efficiently manage your BigCommerce store's day-to-day operations.
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Manage Your Entire Product Catalog from One Place

3Dsellers makes it easy to manage all your products across all channels from one place through our intuitive dashboard. Our app enables you to easily update pricing, add new products, and adjust inventory quickly and efficiently. Plus, syncing listings from one channel to another takes nothing more than a few clicks, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of growing your business.

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Easily Cross-List Your BigCommerce Products to Multiple Selling Channels

3Dsellers makes it easy for you to list your products from BigCommerce to a variety of new selling platforms and marketplaces. Our app enables you to easily publish and manage products across all your selling channels, and to quickly and automatically sync inventory and pricing information to keep your listings competitive and up to date. Thanks to 3Dsellers, multichannel commerce is now more accessible than ever, enabling you to grow your business more easily than ever before.

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Monitor and Sync Your Inventory in Real Time Across All Channels

3Dsellers' automatic inventory monitoring and synchronization ensures that your inventory levels are always up to date across all your channels. With this feature, any time you make a sale in one of your channels, your stock levels will be automatically updated on all your channels. Thanks to 3Dsellers, you'll never have to worry about selling an item you no longer have.

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Synchronize Pricing Across All Your Selling Channels

With 3Dsellers, you can easily keep your prices in sync across multiple sales channels. Our app allows you to set a master price for a product and synchronize the price across all your sales channels, making it easy to maintain a consistent price across all your channels. Plus, you'll be able to set channel-specific rules to automatically adjust the price of your products depending on the channel and market, enabling you to stay competitive while maximizing your profits.

Enhance your Product Data with Custom Product Attributes

3Dsellers makes it easy to create custom product attributes that give BigCommerce shoppers the information they need to make informed buying decisions. With our one-of-a-kind product data management tool, you can quickly and easily add custom product attributes to your listings, including custom product descriptions, product images, and more. Enhance your product data and give buyers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

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Tailor Products to Each Selling Channel with Custom Channel Mapping

3Dsellers helps you tailor your product data for each selling channel with fully customizable channel mapping. First map your BigCommerce product attribute fields, and define your own channel-specific custom rulesets to automatically customize each field on your listings in a given channel. Robust attribute field customization helps you ensure that your products are optimized for each sales channel, thereby increasing your products' visibility and sales.

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Quickly Assign Products to Categories on Each Channel with the Smart Category Mapper

Accurate product categorization can mean the difference between a buyer finding your item and completing their purchase, or missing your item all together. 3Dsellers helps you easily categorize your products on different channels with the help of our advanced category mapper. 3Dsellers' smart category mapper allows you to map the same product to different categories on different channels, and makes it simple to find the best mapping on each one. The simple 3Dsellers catalog helps you easily keep track of all your products, and quickly adjust categorization whenever you need to.

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Streamline Your Multichannel Commerce with 3Dsellers' Integrations

3Dsellers suite of powerful integrations helps you maximize efficiency and boost your sales across all your selling channels. Connect your BigCommerce store with leading ecommerce marketplaces and shopping carts, and fully tailor your products to each one with a varied toolbox of automations and customizations. Automate your multichannel operations and save time and money with 3Dsellers' multichannel commerce integrations.

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All the Tools you Need to Grow Your BigCommerce Store into a Multichannel Business

In addition to a powerful multichannel commerce integration suite, 3Dsellers also provides you with a variety of tools to help you manage and grow your multichannel ecommerce business. Our multichannel helpdesk enables you to provide top-tier service to your customers quickly and effectively, while our powerful multichannel order management tool helps you manage orders across all your selling channels easily and efficiently. With 3Dsellers, you’ll always have access to the tools you need to manage and grow your multichannel ecommerce business.

- Helpdesk for BigCommerce

Multichannel Helpdesk

3Dsellers makes customer service a breeze with a complete multichannel helpdesk. Our helpdesk aggregates all of your customer inquiries from all your selling channels into one place, enabling you to assign tickets to customer service agents, monitor reply times, and even automate certain replies with our auto-responder and built-in messaging templates. With 3Dsellers, you’ll be able to give your customers the highest level of service and ensure that they’re 100% satisfied with their buying experience.

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- BigCommerce Order Manager

Easily Manage, Process, and Monitor Your Orders Across Channels

3Dsellers is the ultimate solution for easily and efficiently monitoring, managing, and processing orders from multiple selling channels. Our app helps you keep track of your sales by consolidating your orders from all channels into one place, and enables you to update shipping and tracking information with simple CSV uploads. Simplify your order management process and offer your customers the best possible fulfillment experience with 3Dsellers.

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3Dsellers integrates with a wide selection of popular ecommerce platforms and channels, allowing you to easily sync product and order data, automate processes, and streamline operations across multiple channels. With 3Dsellers' powerful integrations, you'll enjoy improved efficiency and fewer errors, allowing you more time to focus on growing your business. Maximize your sales and effortlessly scale your business with 3Dsellers' multichannel integrations.

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