Increase Sales With A Smart Feedback Reminder

Improve your eBay Feedback score to gain buyer trust and rank higher in eBay search

With 3Dsellers, your eBay feedback amount will be BOOSTED by 50%

Smart blacklisting

Keep your seller reputation safe

All buyers whose orders are canceled or refunded are automatically added to the blacklist. In addition, you can still easily add unwanted buyers manually at any given time.

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Hassle-free feedback to buyers

Stop wasting time manually sending feedback

Schedule automatic feedback to all buyers after an item was paid for, shipped or arrived as well as upon receiving positive feedback. Customize as many message variations as you like!

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Stay in the loop with feedback alerts

React to negative feedback in no time

Set up to be notified via email if you receive a negative or neutral feedback to protect your overall score. Solve issues immediately and impress your buyers with explicit customer care. Additionally, you can set up to be notified for all your positive feedbacks too.

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Set it and forget it

Talk to your buyers as soon as they receive their item

Quick and easy. Send thousands of personalized requests automatically at the most effective time – choose whether it’s after the item’s been paid for, shipped or arrived and set up domestic and international customers accordingly.

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Be in control of your feedback score

Get a clear overview of your feedback reminder performance

Now you can easily understand how each of the feedback reminder sent helped you increase your Seller Feedback Score. See results immediately!

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Sent via eBay messaging system

Ensure deliverability and high open rate

3Dsellers is the only tool that sends messages through eBay’s messaging system. You will express credible & reliable communication because your messages will NOT go to spam.

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