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eBay listing templates

Create or Customize Beautiful eBay Templates with 3Dsellers Listing Template Designer

First impressions are crucial for eCommerce sellers—so make yours count and distinguish your eCommerce brand! Every eBay listing with an eBay listing template engages new customers and drives multi-item orders by showing visitors that you're an expert seller in your niche!

eBay description template
Easy to use eBay template

Easy to Use and Personalize

Create listing templates that sell with a quality, captivating design layout. From swift and easy eBay template editor features to custom HTML code and styling, 3Dsellers’ listing template designer tool helps any eBay seller create a beautiful template.

Dozens of eBay template

Dozens of Listing Templates

Access and search a diverse collection of high-converting eBay listing designs created by the industry's top designers. Create your own eBay listing templates fast with quick editors, or use advanced features to fully personalize your brand’s design.

Responsive eBay template

100% Mobile Responsive

Style your eBay listings with confidence knowing your template design will look great to all eBay buyers! 3Dsellers design templates use HTML that adapts to every mobile device, PC monitor, and TV display. Bonus: 3Dsellers templates don’t affect your mobile description!

Compatible eBay template

Compliant with eBay’s Policies

Rest assured, our carefully coded templates are verified and fully compatible with eBay's Listing Policies. 3Dsellers' templates are free of any "active content" that might cause eBay errors. Seamlessly apply your designs to any eBay account or marketplace.

Ebay Listings Templates
eBay listing templates

Variety of professional eBay templates to choose from

Make the perfect eBay listing template to boost your sales with your brand's best appearance. Select from dozens of niche-specific and free flowing templates to design and personalize your business info and content into promotable content on each eBay listing and your eBay Store.

eBay templates
eBay templates
Easy to edit and customize
Easy to customize eBay templates

Create and design eBay templates in minutes

Click and create your own eBay template to sell more items in no time (with or without an HTML editor!). Design for your brand fast with time-saving features, such as color pickers, easy text editors, navigation button selectors, customizable content blocks, and so much more to free your time. 

Cross-Sell Items
Cross-sell on eBay templates

Cross-sell items within eBay selling templates

Automatically compete with eBay ads and take clicks back from competition sellers. Cross-promote your other similar items (listed in the same category as the eBay listing); so the buyer sees your listings before eBay's recommended products at the bottom of the page.

Did you know? 3Dsellers’ eBay cross-promotion features are so good at driving multi-item orders and repeat customers that eBay sellers who use plain description-text still use 3Dsellers' Listing Designer to promote items.

eBay selling templates
eBay listings templates
Bulk update Ebay templates
Bulk update eBay templates

Apply changes and update all listing templates with one click

Free your time from copy and paste and use bulk actions to apply designs to all your eBay listings in seconds. Update changed price and images on cross-promoted items and updated current designed listings by clicking a button when saving a template.

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Automate eBay Description Templates
Automate eBay templates

Automate item specifications,  descriptions and images

Effortlessly optimize your listings to sell more by creating automatic content with item details and product info. 3Dsellers can dynamically insert eBay item specifics, place descriptions, and include a carousel of product photos into your eBay template designs using eBay listing data.

eBay listing description template
eBay html template
Ebay HTML Templates
HTML eBay templates

Custom-design and build eBay templates with HTML editors

Go custom and let your web designer use our advanced editors to add custom HTML code into the user-friendly template that you already manage (so you can still edit without HTML). Or, create new templates and start from scratch with our template HTML code editor (includes a dynamic listing preview.)

Image Editor
Image editor eBay template

Optimize and edit your product images

Enhance your product display and catch buyers' attention with brighter photos, watermarks, text, and more, all highlighted in your listing template. Open an eBay photo in our image editor to publish changes live to eBay—or edit multiple pictures and post the changes in bulk!

Image eBay template
eBay templates designs

Customize Professional Looking eBay Templates with 3Dsellers eBay Listing Templates Designer

Built by top-rated eBay sellers, leading designers, and eBay API specialists, 3Dsellers' listing templates are ready to boost your eBay selling performance and increase visitor retention, new sales, and multi-orders with minimal effort.

Customize listing templatesTurn watchers into customers

Customize listing template and product images

Get recognized and leave a lasting impact on shoppers by styling listings to match your brand while showcasing item photos in their best light!

Customize titles in templatesTurn watchers into customers

Customize titles and navigation links

Take your customers' shopping to the next level with content section titles to display item features and navigation links that lead visitors to other item categories!

Customize listing templatesTurn watchers into customers

Customize listing template sliders and blocks

Be the experience buyers won't forget by loading listings with content blocks and image sliders to make your product details flow like a professional webpage!

Customize featured itemsTurn watchers into customers

Cutomize featured items and cross-sell products

Automatically feature similar items and upsell individual products that match particular categories and create a strategic template marketing strategy!

Customize sales and promotionsTurn watchers into customers

Customize sales and promotianal banners

Go big and create the hype with engagingly responsive banners and unlimited promotional space, demanding the attention that your shop and sales crave.!

Customize policies tabsTurn watchers into customers

Customize about us and policies tabs

Keep buyers informed with clear communication by including shipping and handling details while promoting with photos and info about your business!

eBay Description Template Designer Comes with 3Dsellers All-In-One eBay Listing Software

  • Save hours of manual work by easily bulk uploading all you items with a CSV file.
  • Easily transfer listings from one eBay account to another!
  • One click to edit all your listings through all your accounts with bulk actions
  • Quickly calculate target prices based on your profit margin and fees
  • Add meta keywords and descriptions to your listings to improve products’ SEO
eBay listings software templates

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