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What Makes 3Dsellers the Most Complete eCommerce Customer Service Software

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Easily Manage all Your eCommerce Customer Support from all  Your Selling Channels

Centralize customer support from all your eCommerce stores and marketplace selling channels (like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and social media messages) in one, simple, eCommerce help desk.

Automate and Respond Faster with 3Dsellers Customer Service eCommerce Helpdesk

Every feature your multichannel customer service manager needs to accelerate your support team's resolution time, automate repetitive tasks, and create consistent workflow automation

Centralized Dashboard
Centralized Dashboard

Manage everything in one place

From social media support, customer queries and cases to orders from all your selling channels, 3Dsellers' e-commerce help desk enables your support agents complete control over ticket management 

Your customer service agents can provide better support and a great customer experience by combining order management and support tickets on one page.

Team members will no longer need to open new browser tabs and use your selling accounts to manage customer support on multiple channels, allowing them time to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Customer Service Software
Ecommerce Help Desk Software
Custom Filters
Custom Filters

Create customized filter views

Customize your business' ticketing system and create personalized filters to display the right conversations fast. 

Use filters and auto-assignment rules on incoming tickets to make views that prioritize your team members’ responses:

Create a filter-view for your sales team based on inquiries for particular items, a filter for logistics regarding customer shipping inquiries, and even sort by message content to prioritize ticket management for the customer service team.

Message Templates
Message Templates

Respond faster with message templates

Create customer support templates that automatically personalize their message text to the customer, order, and shipping details. 

Use templates as message snippets for signatures, feedback and review links, promotion coupons, service level agreements, and other timely messages. 

Your support agents can use 3Dsellers’ eCommerce help desk to insert any template into a reply in a couple of keystrokes, customize if needed, and reply fast. 

Message templates can bring consistency to your brand's communication channels, automate repetitive tasks, and make customer support easier for your e-commerce business.

Ecommerce Customer Service Tool
Ecommerce Helpdesk Software
Full Order Details
Full Order and Customer Details

Full order and customer details in every ticket

Your customers expect knowledgeable support from an e-commerce company. 

3Dsellers helpdesk software gives your support team the power to provide buyers with the exceptional customer experience they want by having the buyer's order and contact details on the same screen as the customer support ticket.

When you automatically pull the buyer info with current and previous order details from all your support channels into the conversation, your support team is free to provide fast, great customer service while significantly decreasing the average response time.

Auto responder
Auto Responder

Automate your workflow with Auto Responder

Employ an electronic support agent to automate responses to shipping inquiries, resolve common customer queries and questions, and act as your support agents' secretary.

Make autoresponders that send direct messages to buyers for situations such as:

  • Answer inquires with automated messages based on the customers’ message text
  • Assure buyers you've received their email if not responded to for some time
  • Reply during vacation and non-business hours

Assemble an entire network of unlimited automated responses (your own artificial intelligence) and boost productivity by allowing Auto Responder to lower your ticket volume.

E Commerce Customer Support Software

Better and Smart Workflow Collaborative Teams Helpdesk

eCommerce businesses thrive with 3Dsellers helpdesk software.
Release more time and energy to your support team and rapidly improve customer satisfaction.

Assign Tickets Automatically

Automatically assign tickets

Automatically assign incoming tickets to team members with custom ticket conditions. 

When your support teams receive customer queries without waiting, you assure fast, organized responses.

Personal Team Inboxes

Personal Inboxes for your team

Each teammate receives a personal inbox with "Active now" dots, highlighting when the support agent is online. 

Inboxes include a ticket count value for upkeep and a mentions filter to view tickets where teammates mentioned them.

Internal Notes and Mentions

Internal notes and mentions

Add private notes directly to the conversation that only you and your team can see.

Mention your support team individually in the conversation notes to alert them to the ticket.

Take Bulk Actions

Save time and take bulk actions

Increase your support teams' workflow efficiency to take bulk actions on support tickets.

Select multiple tickets to mark as read, change ticket status, assign to teammates, star, and more.

Multichannel Order Management

Multichannel order management

Make actions on multichannel orders and cases with the eCommerce help desk or a full-featured orders manager.

Use orders integration to issue returns, refund payments, cancel orders, add tracking, and more.

Collision Detection

Built-in collision detection

Save time managing support tickets by easily assigning tickets to other customer support agents.

Collision detection features ensure your team doesn't reply to a buyer twice by displaying when another teammate is typing.

Manage Your Team Permissions

Manage your team and permissions

Organize your customer service team with custom permissions for individual teammates.

Without giving away passwords, grant access to specific marketplace accounts, tools, and certain features.

Manage Multiple Seller Accounts

Manage multiple seller accounts

Consolidate your social media support and eCommerce business communication channels in one place.

Save time and keep customers happy by receiving incoming messages from multiple channels.

Time Left to Reply Countdowns

Time left to reply countdowns

Improve your customer support response time with customizable "Time left to reply" countdown timers.

Fast replies to support tickets generates good customer service and better ratings.

5,000+ Online sellers are providing better customer service with 3Dsellers Helpdesk


Messages Sent

3X Faster

Faster responding to eCommerce customer queries.


Decrease in cases opened by buyers


Graham O

Graham O.

Aug 18, 2020

Five Stars For 3Dsellers

One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce is customer service and this alone could be the difference between success or failure. 3Dsellers makes this a breeze by allowing you to set up "canned" responses, which makes responding to your customers' messages a lot quicker.

Desmond B

Desmond B

May 5, 2020

Definitely one of the best eBay selling tools...

I have used so many eBay selling tools over the years and I could not find one that had all the right systems under one roof. You can't beat the price "wow" you get a lot for your money. Customer support was also awesome. FYI I almost never write reviews but you guys deserve this for sure.

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How many team members can I add?

Unlimited, but it can vary according to your current plan.

Can I refund customers with 3Dsellers Helpdesk?

In every conversation with a linked order, you can refund, cancel, change tracking, and even leave feedback to eBay buyers. If an eBay case arises, all available actions are provided in the conversation.

Can I access order details when replying to support tickets?

Conveniently displayed on the right side of every ticket are order details, buyer info, order history, and conversation history. What’s more, Orders Manager integration allows you to take action on orders without leaving the page.

Can I send an automatic response with 3Dsellers Helpdesk?

Create an entire system of automatic replies that send based on the buyer’s message content, order details, reply-time, out-of-office hours, and more!

Can I automatically organize and assign messages?

3Dsellers allows you to create rules that automatically update ticket data and assign messages to particular teammates.

How many integrations and selling channels does 3Dsellers Helpdesk support?

3Dsellers can integrate up to an unlimited number of accounts and channels, making 3Dsellers a reliable host for managing your multichannel eCommerce empire.