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Keep competition in your rear-view mirror and drive your business with Amazon customer support automation while managing all your orders, support agents, and customer queries in one place.

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Helpdesk for Amazon

Boost Positive Feedback and Keep Customers Happy with 3Dsellers' Amazon Helpdesk Software

Amazon sellers create more sales, repeat buyers, and positive reviews (and prevent negative feedback) with a reputation for fast technical support to customer queries (and quick resolution of customer issues.) Create the superstar-level Amazon customer satisfaction your business needs to thrive with eCommerce tools to improve your digital office and automate mundane tasks.

Multichannel Helpdesk
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Centralized Dashboard

Centralize all your Amazon Messages in one place

3Dsellers' help desk for Amazon combines customer messages from all your Amazon marketplaces into one ticket-based, multi-inbox help desk solution with benefits for your entire . 

Additionally, you can integrate multiple other selling channels and social media channels, such as eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, and many more!

Put an end to dozens of open browser tabs and manage your customer service in a few clicks with a simplified, sales-driven workflow to sell your products effectively.

Amazon helpdesk software
Help desk for Amazon
Smart Workflow

Automatically assign Amazon tickets and organize with custom filter views

By creating an organized and automated system for your support agents, you will save countless hours for your business. Using 3Dsellers' Amazon orders manager integration, customer service teams and fulfillment departments can sort incoming messages automatically according to their workflow. 

When your business receives a new customer inquiry, your automatic Amazon help desk CRM automatically assigns the new tickets to the correct customer service rep based on message text, customer and details, and order info. What's more, your Amazon help desk includes features that can modify tickets before assigning them to your service agents, creating a system of smart, selective requests from buyers.

Auto responder and templates

Decrease reply times with Amazon auto responders and email templates

Create autoresponder replies and common answers that send to your buyers based on message content, item details, and order data, so your brand responds to common questions immediately without effort or delay. In addition, the Amazon help desk can dynamically fill customer info and order info into the text of your automatic Amazon replies.

Plus, you can create a collection of auto-personalized reply templates, answers, and branded sign-offs for your support agents to use that will significantly decrease response times.

Amazon help desk software
Helpdesk software for Amazon
Better Teamwork

Analyze and improve your Amazon support team performance

Get the tools you need to create an efficient team and customer management plan for your Amazon business.

Organize and analyze your customer service team performance using tools that integrate directly with your Amazon CRM system. Easy charts and CSV downloads allow you to quickly see ticket activity, team participation, reply tallys, across multiple users and multiple support channels.

Multichannel Order Management

Manage and fulfill your Amazon orders fast.

Streamline your team's work by managing all your customer orders with the same Amazon helpdesk software you use for customer messages.

Every Amazon ticket includes an efficient details panel with

  • order data, 
  • recent purchase history,
  • conversation history,
  • product info, and
  • shipping details, 

Taking your team to even higher levels of efficiency, you can even refund, cancel, and take other order actions on the same page as the customer's ticket.

Multichannel order management

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What Makes 3Dsellers the Ultimate Helpdesk for Amazon Merchants

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Make Your customer Service Outstanding

Internal notes and mentions

Multichannel order management

Built-in collision

Manage your team permissions

Manage multiple
seller accounts

Personal Inboxes for your team

Easily Manage all Your Multichannel Customer Support from all  Your Selling Channels with 3Dsellers Integrations


Do I need to provide my Amazon account password to my team members who work with me?

Keep your Amazon credentials secure by inviting users to 3Dsellers with access to only the tools and Amazon accounts you want them to use.

Can I access order data when responding to Amazon customer support tickets?

Yes, your support team agents can easily access order, item, shipping details, purchase history, and more alongside Amazon buyer conversation. 3Dsellers' help desk software for Amazon even gives your service agents the ability to cancel, refund, and take other actions on orders without ever leaving the customer’s ticket.

Can I send an automatic response to buyers with 3Dsellers’ Amazon help desk?

It is highly encouraged to use 3Dsellers Amazon helpdesk software for sending automatic replies! Your team and customers will benefit from the prompt support you will deliver with automated Amazon customer service. 

Create a complete system of branded automatic replies that send based on the buyer's order, message, out-of-office hours, and more!

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