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Manage and automate Etsy customer support and orders in one tool to respond faster with a super smooth workflow.

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Helpdesk for Etsy

Boost Etsy Reviews and Improve Your eCommerce Support with 3Dsellers' Etsy Helpdesk Software

Etsy sellers get more excellent reviews, more repeat customers, and more referrals when they have a reputation for a fast response time to customer requests. 3Dsellers' help desk for Etsy marketplace provides the efficiency you need to achieve top-level customer service to your valued patrons—with features so wonderful your whole team will appreciate you.

Multichannel Helpdesk
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Centralized Dashboard

Centralize all your Etsy eCommerce support in one Etsy app

3Dsellers' customer support help desk for Etsy combines all your customer communication from the Etsy marketplace (and many other support channels) into a team-based ticketing system

Included with the full control of messages and emails with a CRM and orders manager for multiple marketplaces, you can say goodbye to the dozens of browser tabs you open every day and simplify to an efficient sales-focused workflow.

Etsy helpdesk software
Help desk for Etsy
Smart Workflow

Automatically assign and filter customized views and Etsy tickets.

Preserve energy and automatically organize your Etsy marketplace messages and emails with smart customer relationship management software, freeing you to focus on growing your eCommerce business.

Your helpdesk preferences can modify and automatically assign messages (based on email content, customer info, and order details) across your customer service team when you receive support requests from customers.

Auto responder and templates

High-performance automation with auto responders and email templates

Keep your customer interactions alive 24/7 and respond faster with dynamic, personalized automatic responses that send based on the message content and order info. Respond and answer questions immediately without manual labor, impressing your customers and improving time management. 

In addition to an autoresponder, you can create automatically-personalized message templates for your team to insert into any reply! 3Dsellers' reply templates are great for pre-branding messages and making a knowledge base of answers to decrease your response time.

Etsy help desk software
Helpdesk software for Etsy
Better Teamwork

Know your customer satisfaction performance and improve it

Support your eCommerce business growth with online reply analytics to understand how your customer support performs across all your Etsy marketplace stores and all your other marketplaces. Create smart solutions for managing team workflows and daily routines with the best help desk software for multichannel selling.

With user-tracking tools that work directly with the 3Dsellers' Etsy store support software, you can analyze team participation, replies, and sales data and company insights with easy charts & CSV file downloads for the best team-management overview!

Multichannel Order Management

Access, manage and fulfill Etsy marketplace orders faster.

Included with 3Dsellers' team collaboration features (private notes, teammate mentions, multiple inboxes, and much more) 3Dsellers' Etsy marketplace customer support app lets your rockstar team manage orders with the same helpdesk app you use for support.

In every conversation, your team has access to

  • order data, 
  • customer history,
  • item number and details, 
  • and shipping info.

What's more, you can refund, cancel, and make other order actions without ever leaving the page. Plus, your Etsy help desk software includes a full order management suite with custom filters for targeted bulk emailing.

Multichannel order management

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What Makes 3Dsellers the Ultimate Helpdesk for Etsy Merchants

You've Gotta Try 3Dsellers Helpdesk for Etsy Sellers!
Make Your customer Service Outstanding

Internal notes and mentions

Multichannel order management

Built-in collision

Manage your team permissions

Manage multiple
seller accounts

Personal Inboxes for your team

Easily Manage all Your Multichannel Customer Support from all  Your Selling Channels with 3Dsellers Integrations


Do I need to give my Etsy account password to my customer support team?

No way! Keep your Etsy account password secure and invite your teammates to use your 3Dsellers account. They will be able to use only the tools and accounts that you allow.

Can I see order info when replying to Etsy customer support tickets?

Absolutely! Displayed with every Etsy customer conversation are customer and order details, purchase history, and more. And the help desk's Etsy orders integration lets you refund and take other actions on orders without leaving the conversation.

Can I send automatic responses to customers with 3Dsellers Etsy Helpdesk?

Yes! Your service team and customers will appreciate the prompt, effortless support from your business when autoresponders answer common questions and inquiries. Make a system of automatic replies based on the message content, order details, out-of-office hours, and more!

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