Selling Digital Products on eBay with 3Dsellers’ eBay Listing Software

Selling digital products on eBay is now easier than ever! Sell smarter, manage your digital catalog more efficiently, and give your buyers a better shopping experience with 3Dsellers’ eBay listing software for digital goods.

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Selling Digital Goods on eBay

How to Sell Digital Products on eBay in 3 Simple Steps

Selling digital products on eBay is now simpler than ever thanks to 3Dsellers’ smart eBay listing and order management solution, designed specifically to help sellers manage and sell digital products through eBay.


Step 1: Upload your digital products to 3Dsellers

Import your catalog into our secure database, which both organizes your digital goods and enables you to better manage your products and sales.


Step 2: Set up an automatic message template

Create a custom message template to accompany your sold digital product, with built-in functionality for language variation on global selling channels.


Step 3: We’ll deliver your products automatically!

Whenever a digital item sells, we’ll send it to your buyer as part of your predefined message and adjust the product’s inventory accordingly.

Smart Shipping Management

Update Order Tracking with CSV and Track Shipping Carrier Progress

Simplify your order fulfillment center to create faster delivery times and improve customer satisfaction.

Upload a CSV file of carrier and tracking data to mark orders as “shipped” with tracking numbers and carrier info.

On-screen annotations show which customers ordered multiple items on the same day, so you can ship each of the products at the same time.

Use data-sorting quick filters to organize orders automatically based on shipping status, sales channel, product data, and more.

ebay digital products
how to sell digital products on ebay
Database and Product Customization

Customize the Digital Product Database to Suit Your Needs

Fully tailor the digital product database and order management system to suit your selling needs with a variety of built-in customizations. You’ll be able to customize your digital goods by assigning codes or links that you can give to your customers – which can be either one-off and item-specific or a predetermined static value – and set up email alerts for when quantity drops below a specified amount for unique codes and links. View all your orders and products in one place, customize your overview with a variety of filters, and even send codes and links directly from the order management page with a click of a button.

Automate digital product sales

Manage Orders and Deliver Digital Products Automatically

Automate your order management and fulfillment with a variety of built-in automations. Create custom message templates to send automatically, both as order confirmations and as a means of supplying your digital product, and even mark an order as closed on eBay as soon as the digital item has been sent to your customer.

You’ll be able to tailor each message to its respective global sales channel, and create language-specific message variations for customers in each one of your international sales channels.

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Sell Digital Products with 3Dsellers and Connect to the Channels That Your Customers Love

Sell your digital products on a variety of sales channels, and grow your digital goods business beyond eBay. You’ll be able to use 3Dsellers to sell on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, and reach your customers on all their favorite platforms.

What Makes 3Dsellers The Best All-in-One Tool for Listing Digital Products on eBay

3DSellers is a complete solution for managing and selling your digital products. With a selection of customizable automations, a powerful product management database, and fully automatable order management and fulfillment, 3Dsellers is the best app for managing, streamlining, and growing your digital goods business.

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Selling Digital Products on eBay - Additional Information

eBay Requirements for Digital Products

Selling digital products on eBay is different from selling physical goods through the platform, and as such eBay has a specialized selling digital goods policy for sellers who wish to sell digital products (known as electronically delivered items on eBay). Any seller can list electronic tickets, digital trading cards, domain names, virtual items for online gaming, and NFTs in any listing format (Buy It Now/Auction/Best Offer) in their relevant category, with no preapproval from eBay necessary. For everything else, such as ebooks and software, you’ll need to list your digital goods in the Classified Ad format. If you wish to list another digital product that has not been outlined above, or wish to list a digital good mentioned above in a Buy It Now/Auction/Best Offer format, you’ll need to apply for approval in order to list your items outside the Everything Else > Information Products category. Click here to read eBay’s complete digital goods policy.

What Digital Products are Allowed to Sell on eBay?

Sellers can sell a variety of digital products through eBay. You’ll be able to sell music, software, ebooks, art, digital photographs, digital trading cards, virtual items pertaining to online gaming, digital trading cards, videos, digital textbooks, and electronic tickets. You will not be able to sell software keys which you have not been authorized to sell, or digital copies/codes of movies that were part of a physical purchase. If you wish to sell the latter, you will be required to sell it as part of the sale of the physical product.

Pricing - Digital Product Suite

Did you know? You can deliver Digital Goods with or without the eBay Suite. See pricing Start delivering your digital products automatically for a low rate.

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