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3Dsellers is the product of over a decade of fulfilling our promise to improve the business of eCommerce sellers everywhere by developing eBay software and seller apps that help realize growth and time-saved.

In 2010, 3Dsellers’ founder, Alex Flom, developed eBay selling tools for his own eBay business and benefited greatly from using them. Deciding to release his eBay tools to fellow eBay sellers, Alex partnered with the talented developer Avi Assa to begin publishing eBay seller apps to the eBay App Store.

Quickly growing into many applications and becoming the most expansively popular eBay seller app providers, Alex and Avi naturally established a great working relationship with eBay Inc. and eBay sellers worldwide. Their new connections and eBay seller success paved the way to the outperforming eCommerce selling software that 3Dsellers offers today.

In 2017, we consolidated our eBay tools into the ultimate eBay selling software platform. Not only did this save time and money for sellers using our eBay seller apps, but the 3Dsellers platform attracted thousands of new and veteran eBay sellers alike, providing them impeccable business efficiency and growth in eBay sales.

With now 3Dsellers CEO Avi Assa's many years of experience in eCommerce, our continued success and drive to empower eBay sellers to succeed and exceed expectations has blossomed 3Dsellers into a full suite of eCommerce software, boosting online business like never before.

Beginning with an eBay Feedback Reminder, eBay Listing Designer, eBay Thank You Emails, and a few other eBay marketing tools, 3Dsellers now offers a plethora of new tools and features to expedite and grow all aspects of your online enterprise. One example is that we have merged all of your online selling channels into a fully integrated multichannel helpdesk and orders manager and transformed all of your eCommerce customer support into a seamless ticketing system.

Not to mention, sellers also use our software to save time supporting customers, managing and publishing listings, and marketing eBay items. With features such as our eBay SEO & bulk listing editor, automatic eBay offers/eBay shipping updates, listing CSV importer/exporter, we’ve made your workday a whole lot easier.

When using our eBay software, you are assured of having a team of professional eCommerce sellers and developers with a lifetime of combined eCommerce experience, diligently working to provide you the best possible eBay software and eCommerce integrations on the market today. We listen to every request we receive from our sellers, develop as many of them as possible, and pride ourselves in being the business partner that has been alongside countless sellers as they succeed to (and sustain) enterprise seller levels.

In all, 3Dsellers is more than an opportunity for online business growth and efficiency; it has become a utility for professional sellers on every continent, supercharged with ultimate eBay and eCommerce selling power.


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Our Values

Strong Values That Bring Great People Together

Here at 3Dsellers we have 4 main principals that guide our way:


We are continuously on the cutting edge of this ever changing industry. We drive cultural change by empowering eCommerce businesses to offer exceptional service and deliver quick solutions for the ever changing needs of their customers.


Protecting your information is one of our top priorities. We have top-notch security measures in place which reduces risks and keeps your data safe within our system.

Team Work

Our industry requires world-class expertise and experience to ensure the best possible results. That's why we've assembled this amazing team of industry experts. As a team, we create an environment conducive to continual education and success for our clients.


We invest heavily in our "can do" mentality, and believe in being professional in all aspects of our business. We assist clients with exploring the complex and consistently evolving e-commerce industry to overcome obstacles and achieve greater success for their businesses.

Our Team Members

The Amazing Team Behind 3Dsellers

Great service starts with great people. That's what we have here at 3Dsellers, kind, talented and hard working people that are here to provide the best solutions for our clients.

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