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Easily connect your eBay and Amazon stores with 3Dsellers, a simple, all-in-one multichannel integration solution! Our eBay to Amazon listing automation and synchronization tools help you better manage your inventory and sales across multiple stores, so nothing gets in the way of growing your business.

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eBay to Amazon

How to Sync eBay to Amazon in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Connect eBay and Amazon to 3Dsellers

Begin by linking your eBay store and Amazon account to 3Dsellers with the help of a simple setup wizard.

Step 2: Import and optimize your products for Amazon

Import your eBay products into 3Dsellers, and define automations and rules to optimize them for Amazon.

Step 3: Cross-list your products from eBay to Amazon

Bulk export your eBay listings and quickly cross-list your eBay products as Amazon-optimized listings.

What Makes 3Dsellers the Best Choice for eBay to Amazon Integration

3Dsellers gives you complete, start-to-finish eBay to Amazon integration, allowing you to transform your eBay store into a multichannel ecommerce business while managing everything from one simple platform. Enjoy a selection of powerful tools to optimize your products, drive more sales, and better manage and grow your ecommerce business.

Import eBay to Amazon
- MultiChannel Catalog

Manage all your eBay and Amazon products from one place

With 3Dsellers, you can easily manage all your eBay and Amazon products from one simple catalog. You'll be able to quickly upload and list new products, modify existing listings, and easily monitor your orders and inventory via the dashboard. A selection of powerful automation features make it easy to optimize your products and tailor your prices in bulk, saving you time and helping you stay competitive in every sales channel. Take control of your products and optimize your listings with 3Dsellers.

Import eBay to Amazon
Link eBay to Amazon
- Inventory Sync

Keep your inventory in sync between eBay and Amazon

3Dsellers makes it easy to keep your inventory in sync between eBay and Amazon with automatic cross-channel quantity updates any time there is a change in stock. We monitor and automatically sync your inventory across your linked sales channels, so you can rest assured that your customers will always be able to purchase the products they need. Plus, you can easily set custom rules for each channel, enabling you to control exactly how your inventory is displayed, priced, and sold. Upgrade your product listings and streamline your inventory management with 3Dsellers.

- Listing Optimization

Optimize your eBay listings for Amazon

With 3Dsellers, you can easily optimize your existing eBay listings for cross-listing on Amazon. Our app makes it easy to transfer your listings from eBay to Amazon, while still maintaining the same formatting, descriptions, and images, while also allowing you to make custom automatic optimizations in bulk. Utilize the advanced listing optimization features to do everything from creating custom SEO-friendly titles to optimizing product descriptions, and ensure that your Amazon listings are seen by more shoppers. Create optimized listings and list your products on both platforms with 3Dsellers today.

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3Dsellers eBay to Amazon Integration Presents a World of New Possibilities

Corss-List Products

Cross-list your products between marketplaces, webstores, and selling channels.

Sync Inventory

Keep your products up to date and automatically sync your product inventory.

Sync Pricing

Maintain up-to-date product prices across all your selling channels.

Channel Optimization

Enjoy tailored solutions for each channel, such as product variation support and custom attribute mapping.

Multichannel Automations

Define custom automations and rules to streamline your daily workflow

Multichannel Commerce

Easily connect eBay to Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and more!

Why 5000+ eBay and Amazon Sellers 🫶 3Dsellers

3Dsellers is trusted by thousands of eBay and Amazon sellers who rely on our powerful eBay lister and cross-channel integration automations to grow their business. Our comprehensive suite of synchronization features helps you work smarter, not harder, and enables you to grow your business while maximizing your profits!

Easily integrate eBay with Amazon!

  • Easily import products from your existing eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and/or Amazon store into the 3Dsellers catalog.
  • Quickly create multiple products with the bulk CSV upload feature.
  • Publish new listings easily and effectively directly from 3Dsellers.

Enjoy fast and efficient customer service

With 3Dsellers' top-notch customer service and support, you can rest assured that your questions and concerns will be answered quickly and efficiently. Get the help you need to successfully list and manage your eBay and Amazon products, and the peace of mind you need to sell on both platforms worry-free!

Take your eBay eCommerce business to the next level

3Dsellers is the ultimate solution for eBay sellers looking to maximize their profits. With powerful features, smart automations, and custom tools designed to help you drive more sales, 3Dsellers helps you transform your eBay store into a multichannel ecommerce business.

One Platform for all Your Selling Channels

3Dsellers is the perfect platform for managing and listing your products on all your selling channels. Easily list your items on eBay, Amazon, and more from one simple and intuitive platform, and reach more customers on more platforms.

Connect eBay to Amazon
- Multichannel Order Management

Manage all your eBay and Amazon orders in one place

3Dsellers is the best way to manage all your eBay and Amazon orders from one place. Our intuitive dashboard and powerful automation tools make it easy to keep track of orders, process payments, and ship your products quickly and reliably.

Multichannel Order Management
Sync eBay to Amazon
- Multichannel Helpdesk

Manage your Amazon and eBay customer service easily

3Dsellers' customer service helpdesk helps you manage and respond to customer inquiries on both Amazon and eBay with ease. Keep your customers happy and get more positive reviews with automated replies, message templates, and other customer service tools.

Multichannel Helpdesk
- Multichannel Commerce

Reach more customers and connect to new selling channels

Unlock the full potential of your eBay business with 3Dsellers, the smart multichannel listing tool! Connect to multiple selling channels, reach more customers, and increase your eBay sales with the most powerful listing software out there.

Multichannel eCommerce
Migrate eBay to Amazon

Reach More Buyers by Linking Your eBay Store to Multiple Selling Channels

3Dsellers gives you the power to reach more buyers by linking your eBay and Amazon store to multiple selling channels. You can easily list, manage, and automate both your eBay and Amazon listings, and boost your sales today with 3Dsellers!

Join over 5,000+ merchants who use 3Dsellers' eBay selling manager to skyrocket sales, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition!


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