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eCommerce Automation

For Everywhere You Sell, 3Dsellers Integrations Connects to the Channels Your Customers Love

Multichannel eCommerce teams love 3Dsellers eCommerce automation software for customer service and order management, centralizing all communications and orders while automating winning pre-sales inquiries and gaining loyal, repeat customers.


eBay Inc hosts the world's most famous shopping platform for consumers to sell their goods online. 3Dsellers supports all eBay marketplaces.


Amazon, the world's largest online market, provides merchants potential exposure to millions of shoppers. 3Dsellers supports all Amazon marketplaces.


Shopify is the world's leading online store provider, offering a simple CMS system to streamline creating a website to sell and market products.


Etsy, most famous for vintage goods and crafts, focuses on handmade products, clothing, décor, personal accessories, and furniture.

Automate Your Workflows—Save Time and Grow Your eCommerce Business with 3Dsellers Automations

Online stores require steady business growth and smooth business processes to thrive. 3Dsellers' eCommerce automation tools save countless hours creating that growth, automate repetitive tasks, and simplify incredibly time-consuming workflows to save on costs.

Order Management

Process multichannel orders

Excel order processing speed and stop spending time managing orders on multiple other apps. Use 3Dsellers to gain much-needed organization and headspace for your team.

Automatically sync orders across all your selling channels into one convenient location, so finding all your customer orders is simple and fast.

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eCommerce Automation Tools
eCommerce Process Automation
Bulk actions

Save time with bulk actions

Automatically apply unlimited actions to multiple listings, orders, or customer service tickets.

  • Bulk update product pricing
    Adjust profit margins or make room for promotions and seasonal sales.
  • Filter and download orders CSV
    Faster order fulfillment and external analytics.
  • Assign support tickets to teammates
    Organize customer relationship management
  • Resolve multiple eBay cases at once
    Select and respond to multiple eBay cases
  • Edit bulk eBay listing data
    Extensive editing via user friendly actions menus or CSV uploads and supplier CSV URLs
  • Send bulk eBay Offers
    Delightfully surprise watchers and cart abandoners by sending all of them eBay offers at once.
  • Complete repetitive tasks
    Accomplish specific jobs that would be unrealistic to do manually.

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Customer relationship management

Better customer experience

“Go the extra mile” by providing buyers with an experience that creates customer loyalty (without the extra effort)

  • Create a system of autoresponders
    Give buyers and prospects fast answers and courtesy replies before your competitors.
  • Send message templates
    Assimilate customer support replies and automatically insert product and order details.
  • Create text snippets
    Automatically insert signatures, SLA agreements, promotional content, and more
  • Automate sending messages & emails
    Follow up-to request reviews or order information, provide order and shipping updates, and respond to eBay feedback

3Dsellers eCommerce automation tools extend beyond assisting your daily workflow with marketing automation that builds eCommerce brands. 

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E-commerce Automation
E-commerce Automation Tools
Team performance

Improve your team performance

Give your team the automation they need to provide buyers personalized, sales-boosting service.

  • Customer service order data insights
    View previous order history, notes about the buyer, and mention other teammates to automatically notify them of the ticket.
  • Schedule automatic CSV reports
    Automatically generate and email CSVs of low inventory and new orders.
  • Pre-write message content
    Provide your team text material to auto-insert and send to buyers.
  • Automatic teammate accounts
    Invite your teammates to create subaccounts with your custom permissions automatically set.
  • Cross-over prevention
    See which teammates are online and when someone is replying to a ticket.
  • Teammate statistics
    View downloadable, automatically graphed teammate activity.

Position your support team to show their best work with time-saving, informal eCommerce automation features.

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Auto Messages

Send messages automatically

Automated emails and messages are a great eCommerce automation strategy. Every online store benefits from increasing customer loyalty without time-consuming tasks.

  • Easy customer care
    Be a top-rated seller and provide excellent service to customers without the effort of mass messages.
  • Collect missing customization text
    Send messages if buyers forget to leave eBay checkout notes for particular listings or for groups of items.
  • Post-sale marketing
    Attract repeat buyers with sales and discounts in messages, as well as tracking links that promote eBay listings.
  • Top-rated service creates repeat sales
    Inform buyers of order and shipping updates to increase buyer trust, gain returning customers, and boost your feedback score.

eBay Auto Messages
eCommerce Helpdesk Auto Responder
E-commerce Process Automation
eBay Automation

These automated workflows can completely eliminate periodic team-management tasks that would normally be very time-consuming.Additionally, eBay listing automation tools, such as Listing Designer and the Listings Manager, include rules that can automatically update new listings!

Filter Labels and Rules

Automate with filters and rules

3Dsellers eCommerce process automation organizes incoming customer support with rules to automatically assign the right messages to separate inboxes for fulfillment, resolution, and sales teams.

We also make eCommerce processes much easier to manage with

  • Custom filter views for automatic ticket and order organization.
  • A filter to see in which tickets a teammate was mentioned.
  • Many other automation settings to optimize customer support and order fulfillment.

Message templates

Respond faster with message templates

Repeat questions don't require repetitive typing anymore. This eCommerce automation only needs a few keystrokes.

Write snippets of content for your team to use in common situations, such as promotions, SLAs, signatures, product information, and more!

Empower your team to reply to conversations in seconds with message templates that automatically personalize customer data. Insert message templates when responding to customer support emails, edit if needed, then send!

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eBay Listing Automation

3Dsellers also allows sending bulk message templates to buyers, saving a lot of time when requesting or sending order details to customers.

Multichannel Order Management Tool

Your customer service team also has full access to order details without disturbing the fulfillment team's work area.

Order Fulfillment

Fulfill orders faster

Logistics and order fulfillment teams excel at processing orders and organizing workspaces in just a few clicks with 

  • custom, savable, advanced filter combos
  • internal notes
  • shipping count-down timers
  • order tags
  • bulk tracking CSV
  • bulk messages
  • shipping tracker, and more!

Not to mention, your team members can quickly select and export multichannel orders to a CSV for your warehouses and suppliers!

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Automate Your eBay Business and Boost Your Sales with 3Dsellers eBay Automation Tools

Did you know? 3Dsellers started on the eBay app store, so there are tons of eBay automation tools to boost your eBay sales, save costs, and reduce time-spent!

Bulk Upload

Bulk Inventory Upload

Import eBay listings with a CSV file in minutes, upload spreadsheets for inventory management, update pricing, images, item specifics, titles, eBay SEO, and more.

Best Offer Manager

Offers Manager

Spending time on eBay Offers can boost sales by 40%. But we say you skip the time-spent and make a sales automation to counter and send offers automatically.

Profit Calculator

Profit Calculator

Use pricing rules and item cost to get an automatic glimpse into profit and fees for every eBay listing, making profit margins and expenses faster to calculate.

Quantity Manager

Quantity Manager

Get top search rank, avoid eBay selling limits, and create sales demand by showing a low quantity on eBay, automatically restocked by your real inventory.

Inventory Alerts

Inventory Alerts

Never miss a beat and act fast when your inventory is low by sending email inventory management notifications for all and individual eBay listings.

Feedback Reminder

Feedback Reminder

Seller rating is a big factor for search results, so boost your feedback score and keep it high by following up with buyers and requesting feedback if satisfied.

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