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Helpdesk for eBay

Boost Positive Feedback and Productive Customer Interactions with 3Dsellers' eBay Helpdesk Software

eBay sellers generate more sales, repeat buyers, positive feedback, and a boosted seller star rating when they establish a reputation for fast response time to customer queries (and excellent customer satisfaction.) Now, in 2022, you can use eCommerce tools to achieve rockstar-level eBay support, so you don't have to change your flow—improve your digital workspace and automate mundane tasks.

Multichannel Helpdesk
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Centralized Dashboard

Centralize all your eBay Messages in one place

3Dsellers' customer support help desk for eBay combines eBay buyer messages from all your eBay sites and eBay stores into one ticket-based buyer support system. 

Additionally, you can integrate messages from multiple other selling channels (including social media support), such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Facebook, and many more!

Put an end to the dozens of open browser tabs you open daily and manage your customer messages with a simplified, sales-focused workflow.

eBay helpdesk software
Help desk for eBay
Smart Workflow

Custom filter views, plus automatically assign eBay tickets.

Save countless hours of your business' time by creating an organized and automated system for your service agents. 3Dsellers' eBay orders manager integration, the ability to automatically sort incoming messages can be highly customized to fit all eBay sellers’ workflow with every customer service team and fulfillment department. 

When a customer query arrives, your automatic eBay ticketing CRM automatically assigns the new tickets to teammates by message text, buyer data, item info, and order data. What's more, your eBay CRM can even modify tickets before assigning them.

Auto responder and templates

Increase reply efficiency with eBay auto responder tool and email templates

Set a system of autoresponder replies and answers for responding to buyers automatically based on the buyer’s message content, item inquired about, and order details, so you respond to common questions immediately without any effort. In addition, the eBay autoresponder will insert buyer and order info dynamically into your automatic eBay replies.

Not to mention, you can insert auto-personalized reply templates (and text snippets) into any reply and significantly decrease response time with a storehouse of answers, requests, and sign-offs for your support agents.

eBay help desk software
Helpdesk software for eBay
Better Teamwork

Measure and improve your support team performance

Launch your eBay business beyond a day-to-day workflow with the tools you need to create an efficient work plan for teammate and customer management.

Analyze, then organize your customer service team’s performance with user-tracking tools integrated directly with your eBay CRM system. 

See ticket activity across multiple support channels, participation, and reply count data across multiple users via easy charts and CSV downloads—plus get quick access to sales data and helpful company insights!

Multichannel Order Management

Manage and fulfill your eBay orders faster.

Lessen your team's workload and manage all your orders with the same eBay helpdesk software to manage eBay messages.

Every conversation includes an efficiently organized details panel with

  • order data, 
  • buyer history,
  • item number and product info, and
  • shipping and delivery status, 

Taking your teammates to an even higher level of efficiency, they can even refund, cancel, and manage cases, on the same page as the customer's ticket—while all eBay cases are also manageable by your admins in a table with bulk actions and sorting.

And, eBay orders integration doesn't stop there. Your order fulfillment team can utilize a complete order management suite with bulk order processing features, including eBay filters for precise bulk messaging.

Multichannel order management

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What Makes 3Dsellers the Ultimate Helpdesk for eBay Merchants

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Make Your customer Service Outstanding

Internal notes and mentions

Multichannel order management

Built-in collision

Manage your team permissions

Manage multiple
seller accounts

Personal Inboxes for your team

Easily Manage all Your Multichannel Customer Support from all  Your Selling Channels with 3Dsellers Integrations


Do I need to give my eBay account password to my team members who work with me?

Keep your eBay credentials secure. Invite teammates to use 3Dsellers with access to only the tools and eBay accounts you allow.

Can I access order details when replying to eBay buyer support tickets?

Find order, item, and shipping details, including purchase history and more alongside every eBay buyer conversation. What's more, 3Dsellers' help desk software for eBay gives your team the ability to cancel, refund, and take other actions on orders without ever leaving the page.

Can I send an automatic response to buyers with 3Dsellers’ Help desk for eBay?

Absolutely, yes—and we highly recommend using 3Dsellers eBay helpdesk software for sending automated replies. Customer support teams, buyers, and your work-life balance will benefit from the prompt support you can achieve automated customer service. Create a system of automatic replies with natural delays to send based on the buyer's order details, message content, non-reply-time, out-of-office hours, and much more!

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