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Helpdesk for WooCommerce

Easily Manage Your Customer Support with 3Dsellers WooCommerce Helpdesk Software.

WooCommerce sellers receive better customer feedback and boost repeat sales when they provide fast response time and reputable customer satisfaction. And the best part is you can easily reach these awesome support goals with the 3Dsellers WordPress helpdesk plugins for WooCommerce. Create a custom ticketing system workflow on a user-friendly interface with time-efficiency features, WordPress support desk email automation, multi-user workflows, and so much more.

Multichannel Helpdesk
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Centralized Dashboard

Centralize all WooCommerce website customer support tickets into one place

3Dsellers' WooCommerce helpdesk will merge tickets and emails from multiple WooCommerce websites into one CRM support ticket system. Create a multi-inbox support system of team-focused help desk plugins to make customer service sessions a breeze for everyone on your team. 

Plus, additional help desk integrations let you manage unlimited tickets and unlimited support agents across multiple other selling channel marketplaces, like Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, eBay, and many others! 

So say goodbye to the mess of multi-WooCommerce-store ticket management and constantly testing a new favorite WordPress helpdesk plugin, and welcome a simplified, sales-focused WordPress ticket system for your team.

WooCommerce helpdesk software
Help desk for WooCommerce
Smart Workflow

Custom filters, views, and automatically assign WooCommerce tickets

Conserve your support teams' energy and resources with fast help desk organization features such as custom fields in savable filters and automatic ticket submission sorting, freeing countless collective hours managing support tickets. 

When customers submit tickets on your WordPress website support form, your helpdesk plugin uses your automatic support system assignment settings to create tickets and assign tickets to different support agents. 

More automation rules can change the ticket status, add ticket labels, and organize the conversation in many other ways! Conveniently organize tickets based on email text, customer info, item details, and order data automatically.

Auto responder and templates

Increase WordPress helpdesk efficiency with auto-responder settings and email templates for WooCommerce

Go the extra mile to provide awesome support services with a WooCommerce autoresponder! Create unlimited automatic canned responses (sent based on ticket content, email text, buyer info, item details, and order data) to answer common customer queries from your WordPress site at live-chat speeds without manual effort. 

Additionally, you can insert auto-personalized email text templates into any reply with just a few keystrokes. Enterprise teams and one-person sellers alike use 3Dsellers' WooCommerce reply templates to create a knowledge base of answers and sign-offs to decrease response time to buyers and prospects significantly.

WooCommerce help desk software
Helpdesk software for WooCommerce
Better Teamwork

Measure and improve to achieve your best WordPress customer support

Analyze your support agents' reply and service performance with multi-user tracking tools that provide an integrated overview of the activity in your WooCommerce support system. 

Get ticket participation and reply data fast across multiple users and channels with easy-to-read charts and CSV reports—all while also accessing sales data and company insights!

The 3Dsellers help desk for WooCommerce transforms eCommerce beyond a day-to-day workflow into an efficient ticket reports system for team and customer management to optimize seller routine and workforce services. And, your team can provide support to each other by leaving private notes on the same ticket notifying other teammates to assist.

Multichannel Order Management

Manage and fulfill WooCommerce website orders faster.

Take back your workday and boost online business with 3Dsellers' premium support ticketing plugin for WooCommerce, allowing your team to manage all of your WooCommerce orders and support requests. 

Not only that, 3Dsellers WooCommerce help desk integrates orders from many other channels. So your team can use the same software to fulfill and manage orders as the support ticket system used for customer queries.

Every customer ticket includes all the features to view  

  • order data, 
  • WooCommerce purchase history,
  • ticket history,
  • item information, 
  • and shipping details.

Not to mention, you can even cancel, refund, and take other order actions without ever leaving a ticket. But if needed, your WooCommerce order fulfillment team can quickly jump to an entire order management work area for individual and bulk order processing with advanced filters for precise bulk messaging (send discounts for related products!) and fulfillment.

Multichannel order management

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What Makes 3Dsellers the Ultimate Helpdesk for WooCommerce Merchants

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Make Your customer Service Outstanding

Internal notes and mentions

Multichannel order management

Built-in collision

Manage your team permissions

Manage multiple
seller accounts

Personal Inboxes for your team

Easily Manage all Your Multichannel Customer Support from all  Your Selling Channels with 3Dsellers Integrations


Do I need to give my WooCommerce account password to my agents who work with me?

Keep your WooCommerce credentials secure by inviting unlimited agents and users to use your 3Dsellers help desk for site-access to only the features and WooCommerce accounts that you allow.

Can I send automatic responses to customer tickets with the 3Dsellers help desk for WooCommerce?

Yes, and we highly recommend every seller who uses 3Dsellers' WooCommerce help desk software to do this! When your support platform is able to automate replies, your work is improved to a premium level for your support team and customers, providing fast service, ensuring you and each service agent are free from expending extra effort. Make an entire collection of automatic replies with natural-timed delays that are sent based on the emails' content, non-reply-time, order details, out-of-office times, and more!

Can I send automatic responses to customers with 3Dsellers help desk for WooCommerce?

Yes, and we highly recommend every seller who uses 3Dsellers’ WooCommerce help desk software to do this. When replies are automated, your work is improved substantially for your support team and customers, providing fast support without real effort (other than initial setup). Make an entire collection of automatic replies with natural-timed delays that are sent based on the emails’ content, non-reply-time, order details, out-of-office times, and more!

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