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Last Update: August, 29th, 2021

How does the eBay Title Builder work?

The 3Dsellers eBay Title Builder works as three different free eBay tools:

eBay Title Generator - Enter 2-4 important keywords and generate an eBay title along with trending eBay keywords and competitor eBay listing titles.

eBay Keyword Tool - Enter 2-4 main keywords and generate a list of today's top related eBay keywords, each with a rank score. After the eBay keyword generator provides a list of trending eBay keywords, you can click words to add them to your "Custom Title" and remove the ones you don't need.

eBay Title Optimizer - Enter a full eBay title to generate an optimized eBay title based on today's top eBay keywords. You can then analyze similar titles from your competition, and use the eBay keyword tool to enhance the title further with the Custom Title field. 3Dsellers' free eBay Title Builder helps you create the perfect eBay listing title, generate top eBay keywords, and research competition eBay titles. Both the eBay title creator and eBay keyword tool use eBay's marketplace data to instantly provide you the most-searched eBay keywords and generate the best eBay title for today's selling trends.

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Why is it important to have optimized titles for eBay listings?

Every item on eBay is logged and available to eBay's search bot, Cassini, to show to buyers. The goal of eBay title optimization is to make your eBay title stand out among similar items so Cassini shows your listing instead of the competition.

When optimizing eBay titles with our eBay title generator and eBay keyword tools, Cassini will have a better understanding of what the item is and the title will match buyer's search queries more accurately. This gives you a better chance at Cassini picking your listings for top search results, setting your business on path to:

How to write & optimize eBay titles to get more sales on eBay.

See how eBay Search works and how you can use it to boost rank.

Most important: More relevant keywords = more impressions on your listings.

How does the eBay Title Builder work?

What is Cassini? - Is it a friend to your eBay titles, or foe?

Cassini is the software that eBay uses to serve search results to buyers. It is a search engine that indexes every item on eBay and determines which listings to show.

Cassini can be your best friend when it comes to getting your items found on eBay. If you don’t know how to use it correctly, it could work against you!

How does eBay’s Cassini work?

The search results Cassini chooses are heavily based on the title of eBay listings.

While only eBay knows how Cassini is programmed, it is known that the details below are also a factor into how Cassini makes its decisions:

  • Seller rank - 3Dsellers Feedback Reminder will boost your eBay seller rank/status
  • Shipping/return policies - 3Dsellers Listings tool can bulk change policies
  • Metadata - 3Dsellers Listings tool can help you install SEO metadata
  • Item specifics - 3Dsellers Listings tool automatically recommends more eBay item specifics, and
  • Location of the item (closest to buyer) - 3Dsellers Listings tool can bulk edit eBay item locations

How to create titles for eBay listings - Do’s and don'ts:

Below is a list of do's that can improve eBay titles, and a list of don'ts that may negatively affect eBay item search rank.


  • Research your competition - Find who is selling the same items and think about keywords.
  • Analyze other marketplaces - Search other marketplaces for similar items to understand which keywords to use.
  • Use 80 characters - eBay’s max title length.
  • Only use keywords that are relevant to your products - no special words or sales pitches.
  • Special characters ( - + , ~) have no impact on search results - Only use these for reading clarity.
  • Capitalize the first letter of nouns and adjectives - To remain professional, use English title syntax. If not familiar with English titles, capitalize the first letter of every word.
  • Use plural if it makes reading easier - Plural and singular words are the same to Cassini

Do not:

  • Use spam keywords - If words in your title are not related to the item itself, eBay WILL penalize your account.
    Only use words that relate to your product.
  • Use too many special characters
  • Capitalize full words - (e.g. “TOASTER”)
  • Write titles that are less than 75 characters
  • Mention anything other than your item


To make Cassini your business’ friend, use as many characters as possible, don’t repeat words, use only words that are relevant to your product, and use English titles (capitalize the first letter of each word).

With this in mind, you can create the best titles to get your eBay listings the most exposure on eBay search results.

As previously mentioned, there are other factors that apply to these results. Each of these other factors can be enhanced and edited (many in bulk) with 3Dsellers.

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