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No More Login and Logout Between Multiple eBay Accounts

  • Securely add all your eBay accounts to 3Dsellers platform.
  • No need to log in for each account!
  • Easily manage all your work from one place.
No more Login and Logout Between eBay Accounts
Manage Your Team and Permissions

Manage Your Team and Permissions Between Multiple eBay Accounts

  • Allow access to VA's, freelancers, and teammates.
  • Set personalized permissions for individual teammates by limiting access to specific accounts, tools, and features.
  • No need for teammates to access your eBay account.
  • Limit access by IP address.

Automate eBay Offers and Turn Watchers Into Buyers

  • Send bulk offers to potential buyers and watchers.
  • Automatically accept or counter offers.
  • Easily manage offers on multiple eBay accounts.
Automate eBay Offers and Turn Watchers Into Buyers
Create Beautiful Listing Templates to Boost Sales

Create Beautiful Listing Templates to Boost Sales Between Multiple eBay Accounts

  • Increase sales by cross-promoting related products in your eBay templates.
  • Fully customizable templates for your brand.
  • 100% Mobile Responsive eBay templates.
  • Automatically add templates to new listings by category on all your eBay accounts.

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The advantages of having multiple eBay accounts

There are several reasons why you might want to have more than one eBay account, multiple eBay accounts have many benefits, such as organizing your sales and purchases, building new brands, and separating niche products into new stores.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider having more than one eBay account:

Listing items separately is a more efficient way for sellers to organize their items between stores

It is not possible to share the advantages of "listing separate items between accounts" as the reason for "organizing listings between stores".. This is self-affirming circular logic.. It doesn't make sense. Updated title below

Publish items separately on different eBay stores for a more efficient way to organize sales and listings

Great for multiple niche stores, you can organize your business by listing similar products between different eBay accounts. For example, a resale business may use one eBay account for clothing sales and another for selling home accessories.

Target international buyers by creating different product lines on other eBay marketplaces

Create different eBay accounts for other countries to diversify your listing formats, creating new product lines from items you already sell. Diversifying how and where your listings appear allows you to personalize the shopping and buying experience to the customer's native environment.

Create a separate store for your specialized product line to better focus on your target market

Use one eBay account to sell only a particular line of products. By exclusively offering only certain items, you will portray this account as an authority on these products. Especially handy for white-labeling, this selling strategy is also compelling for micro-niche products.

By creating multiple eBay accounts, you can keep your personal and business activities separate

Keep separate accounts for buying and selling to ensure safety from bad sellers and buyers and to separate personal spending from your business sales, making accounting more manageable and organized.

It is easier to track sales, profitability, and expenses when eBay accounts are separate

Using separate eBay accounts for particular inventory can create a better organization for analytics and accounting. When product lines are separated and sold with different stores, your sales records will naturally separate from your accounts.

Having a backup store can help prevent too much negative feedback from ruining a seller's business

Protect your business against catastrophe by guarding against too much negative feedback. If one store incurs too much damage from bad feedback, the other store you are running may absorb products from the damaged store, preventing a total loss of sales.

What is eBay's multiple account policy?

eBay's "multiple account policies" limit the reasons in which it is acceptable to have more than one eBay account. Multiple accounts cannot be used to avoid selling limits or restrictions but can be used for practical selling purposes. Read the full policy

Your account could be linked by eBay

eBay assumes the same person maintains your accounts if you have used the same internet connection, browser, or device to access both accounts and from identifying information in the account settings. In any case, eBay accounts will be automatically "linked together" by eBay if the same machine or internet connection is used for logging into the accounts. Any restrictions by eBay will affect all the other accounts if the eBay accounts are linked.

Beware of duplicate eBay listings

eBay does not allow duplicate listings. Duplicate listings between accounts can lead to severe consequences. However, nothing stops you from selling the same item as two different product lines in other locales, using completely different listing formats and stores.

You can't use the same email accounts

Do not use the same email address to open more than one eBay account. Each email address will remain the login handle across any eBay site and may only be associated with one particular account.

Cross-promotion between different eBay accounts is prohibited

No one cross-promotes other stores in their own storefront. Even if you own the other business, you will affect the shopper awkwardly by doing this. Thus, eBay prohibits you from promoting items for other eBay accounts. Only promote the particular store's listings with that store.

Having multiple accounts will not help you avoid being suspended

Creating multiple accounts to protect against suspension is itself a violation of eBay policy. If you intend to use a backup account in case eBay restricts your main account, you have already broken the rules. Only create accounts you will directly use for selling or buying.

Don't compete against yourself

It is common to publish the same item to different marketplaces as different products or expand your business via niche accounts or international accounts. But never release a listing that competes with the same target shoppers as one of your accounts. All this does is saturate the market and make it more difficult to sell the listings.

How to streamline the process of having multiple eBay accounts with 3Dsellers listing tool

3Dsellers is a listing tool that helps streamline the process of managing multiple eBay accounts. Perfect for account managers, after connecting your eBay accounts to 3Dsellers, it is possible to take actions on all accounts from the same computer without eBay linking them together. Moreover, you can copy listings, eBay business policies, and 3Dsellers Drafts between accounts while managing orders from both accounts in one place.

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S A Wise

S A Wise

May 5, 2020
verfified review

Great value, feature packed, spot on for eBay sellers

I've been using 3Dsellers for a little over a month. I operate two eBay stores and have one VA (virtual assistant) helping me out. Did a fair amount of research before committing to 3Dsellers. The rich feature set and reasonable price are what convinced me to pull the trigger.



May 5, 2020
verfified review

Just amazing. *hearty applause*

I wish this would have been around sooner. I've tried and subscribed to so many different eBay integrations. Now I dropped them all. I have so many things automated, it's almost hard to think about how much time I'm saving now. Plus, all the features I use made my seller image and feedback score so much better.

Brad White

Brad White

Sep 5, 2019
verfified review

Great Product, Great Customer Service

We have found 3Dsellers to be an excellent addition to managing our on-line sales. From the automated notifications to the listing designer we can see the difference in our business. Top that off with wonderful customer service and you've got a real winning combination.

Christian Serruto

Christian Serruto

Aug 17, 2020
verfified review

Fantastic Services

Fantastic service, the team are always encouraging and promptly responding to feedback and suggestions on how the site can be improved. They truly care about the service they are providing and are happy to discuss any requirements I need as a seller using the platform.


Can multiple eBay accounts share the same PayPal?

Yes, multiple eBay accounts may use the same PayPal or Payoneer account. However, this practice may involve risk for some sellers.

Is it against eBay policy to have multiple eBay accounts?

No, it is not against eBay policy to own multiple eBay accounts — unless the accounts are used to violate eBay policies or avoid selling restrictions.

How to sign up for multiple eBay accounts?

You can create multiple eBay accounts in the same manner as creating your first account. Some sellers will take specific precautionary steps to prevent the accounts from being "linked together" by eBay.

Can I manage two or more eBay accounts from within one app?

You can manage more than one eBay account at the same time with 3Dsellers' eBay listing software. After connection, the accounts are kept separate and cannot be linked by eBay.

Can eBay detect multiple accounts?

Yes, if the same device, browser, or internet connection has ever been used to access two different eBay accounts, the accounts are linked together in eBay's system. This process may also link eBay accounts accessed by your friends, family, and coworkers over your own household or office network.

How many eBay accounts can 3Dsellers support?

Our platform is able to integrate an unlimited number of eBay accounts. No matter how many accounts you manage, you can control them all with 3Dsellers.

Which eBay sites can I integrate?

Australia, Austria, Belgium (Dutch), Belgium (French), Canada, Canada (French), France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United States, UK, and eBay Motors

Are my eBay accounts kept separate?

Absolutely. All of your eBay accounts are managed separately through our platform.

Can I transfer listings to other eBay accounts?

Not a problem at all. We offer bulk transfers and editing between accounts to make transferring listings fast and efficient.