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Get Control of Your eBay Enterprise
Manage Your Team and Permissions

Manage Your Team and Permissions Between Multiple eBay Accounts

  • Allow access to VA's, freelancers, and teammates.
  • Set personalized permissions for individual teammates by limiting access to specific accounts, tools, and features.
  • No need for teammates to access your eBay account.
  • Limit access by IP address.

Amazing Support Guaranteed

Whether you’re just getting started or need assistance with advanced features, our support team is here to help.

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S A Wise

S A Wise

May 5, 2020

“ Handy app for a reasonable price with A+ customer support

Jim Colman

Jim Colman

Aug 18, 2020

“ The customer service has been outstanding with fast responses and corrections to bugs in a timely manner ”

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Manage Multiple eBay Accounts

Get the flexibility you need to manage your eBay business smoothly. Save time by having all your teams and accounts in one place.

No More Login and Logout Between Multiple eBay Accounts

  • Securely add all your eBay accounts to 3Dsellers platform.
  • No need to log in for each account!
  • Easily manage all your work from one place.
No more Login and Logout Between eBay Accounts
Create Beautiful Listing Templates to Boost Sales

Create Beautiful Listing Templates to Boost Sales Between Multiple eBay Accounts

  • Increase sales by cross-promoting related products in your eBay templates.
  • Fully customizable templates for your brand.
  • 100% Mobile Responsive eBay templates.
  • Automatically add templates to new listings by category on all your eBay accounts.
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Can I use 3Dsellers to manage a large-scale business?

Our platform is used by countless high-volume businesses to decrease labor costs, simplify workflows, and automate the daily ins and outs of managing an enterprise-level business.

Are my teammates able to get support from you?

Absolutely. Any questions from your teammates can be sent to us directly from within the platform. Our goal is to give you as much extra time/resources as possible.

Can I assign roles and support tickets to my team?

You can assign access to specific accounts, tools, and features for each individual teammate. When a teammate is given permission to handle support tickets, they will receive their own inbox (where tickets can be assigned to them manually, or with automated rules).

Which tasks can I automate?

You can automatically send messages based on triggers and rules, organize your incoming CRM tickets, accept and counter eBay offers. end and/or relist products

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S A Wise

S A Wise

May 5, 2020
verfified review

Great value, feature packed, spot on for eBay sellers

I've been using 3Dsellers for a little over a month. I operate two eBay stores and have one VA (virtual assistant) helping me out. Did a fair amount of research before committing to 3Dsellers. The rich feature set and reasonable price are what convinced me to pull the trigger.



May 5, 2020
verfified review

Just amazing. *hearty applause*

I wish this would have been around sooner. I've tried and subscribed to so many different eBay integrations. Now I dropped them all. I have so many things automated, it's almost hard to think about how much time I'm saving now. Plus, all the features I use made my seller image and feedback score so much better.

Brad White

Brad White

Sep 5, 2019
verfified review

Great Product, Great Customer Service

We have found 3Dsellers to be an excellent addition to managing our on-line sales. From the automated notifications to the listing designer we can see the difference in our business. Top that off with wonderful customer service and you've got a real winning combination.

Christian Serruto

Christian Serruto

Aug 17, 2020
verfified review

Fantastic Services

Fantastic service, the team are always encouraging and promptly responding to feedback and suggestions on how the site can be improved. They truly care about the service they are providing and are happy to discuss any requirements I need as a seller using the platform.

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