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Hassle-free Blacklisting

Choose which buyers should not receive your notifications

Have buyers who don’t like to receive messages and status updates? Respect their wishes and add them to your Blacklist so they wouldn’t be bothered by messages about their delivery updates. Simply enter their eBay ID to add them to the list.You can remove them from the list whenever you like.

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Create alerts

Send yourself email notifications if delivery status changes

Want to make sure you never miss a failed delivery attempt notification? Set up to be notified via email for any delivery status that’s most important to you and stay in the loop with your shipments.

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Customizable templates settings

Sort your messages by couriers & sending preferences

Our message templates are completely customizable and personalized. You can add your buyer’s name, tracking number, courier’s name and an estimated delivery time. Additionally, you can choose to differentiate your messages by couriers types as well as the preferred sending time according to the shipment status.

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Automatic communication

Send proactive updates to your buyers

Engage with your customers by sending notifications of their delivery status. Use our pre-designed message templates or create your own messages to automatically send appropriate shipping updates.

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Be on Top of your game!

Instantly view a complete overview of all your shipments
With 3Dsellers, you get a complete shipment tracking solution that is fully synced with eBay tracking details. Automatically view your sales delivery status – organized and sorted according to your preferences.

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