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Create Custom CSV Reports of eBay Orders and Listings

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Why create a CSV file of your listings?

Having a comprehensive database of your eBay listings can provide your business a real edge in back-end workflow.

Here are a few things you can do behind the scenes with a download of your listings:

– Create custom sales charts from your data
– Print & manage your inventory and sales history
– Export your eBay listings to other marketplaces, like Shopify
– Backup your product info
– Use it to relist with Listing Software's Import CSV feature

Most popularly: exporting eBay listings to a CSV file helps sellers get a complete overview of their eBay business and analyze their performance.

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Download past CSV exports anytime

The Export CSV tool saves all of your previously exported eBay data.

No need to worry about burying your files in the wrong folder.

You can browse through your past exports by date and access them whenever you need.

Easily download, print, and analyze the productivity of your eBay listings from the past to present!

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Export Variation Specifics

Don’t lose ANY data; Including your products' variation info.

Choose to include product variations in your CSV file to be sure ALL your products' details are listed in your database.

Can be very beneficial when considering re-stock options during microdata analysis and time-based comparisons of individual sales volume.

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Choose which CSV fields you want to export

Export only relevant information

Our default field columns can be adjusted and removed as needed.

Create a CSV report with data that’s relevant and useful.

Our fields include: Item ID, Title, Picture URL, Description, Current Price, SKU, Quantity, and Quantity Sold.  

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bulk update eBay listings

Advanced Filter: Only export necessary listings

Be efficient with your exported eBay CSV files and only download the info you need.

You can use Export CSV's advanced filtering capabilities to export items by their categories, listing status, date range, and marketplace.

Use these filter settings to download exactly what you're looking for.

For example, you could choose to download only:

unsold active listings in September from the Cell Phones category that were listed in the UK.

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