Repeat Buyers on eBay

How to turn eBay Customers into Repeat Buyers | Proven Methods and Statistics

Kathy Terrill
June 22, 2021

As an eBay seller, when it comes to building a successful eCommerce business, attracting buyers is your #1 Job; and that's the easy part. Job #2 — getting those customers to come back and buy again — requires a little more thought and effort on your part, but the payoff for your business can be huge.

The importance of repeat buyers on eBay

Just how much difference can repeat eBay buyers make to your bottom line? Consider this:

  • According to Adobe Digital Index, an eCommerce store generates 41% of its revenue from only 8% of its customers. That's why repeat buyers are so profitable!

Moreover, a repeat customer is more likely to shop with you again and again. Here's another key statistic: 

  • According to the Luxury Institute, a buyer has a 27% chance of returning to your store after their first purchase. After a second purchase, they are 45% more likely to return for a third purchase, at which point they are 54% more likely to come back.

Repeat buyers on eBay are also easier to sell to: 

  • In Paul Farris' book Marketing Metrics, the author notes that the average conversion rate for eCommerce businesses is between 1%-3%. However, a repeat customer has a 60%-70% chance of converting.
  • An Adobe study found that repeat buyers are nine times more likely to convert (buy from you) than first-time customers.

So how can you turn your eBay customers into happy repeat buyers?

Let me count the top two, fastest ways for you.

1. QR codes

eBay Packing Slip QR code screenshot of video by Harry Temkin
Harry Temkin, eBay's Head of Seller Experience, speaks of the QR code function on packing slips in this video from eBay for Business.

Due to the global pandemic, QR codes have exploded in popularity, including all kinds of retail uses. For example, eBay now includes a QR code on every eBay packing slip. 

When scanned, it takes the customer straight to your eBay store, which is an easy way to encourage repeat purchases.

2. eBay Email Marketing and Follow-ups

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Auto Messages tool's dashboard chart

A proven strategy for driving repeat business is via email or eBay message follow-ups. For this to be effective, these messages need to be targeting with extreme specificity. They also need to use friendly, engaging language so as not to sound spammy or off-puttingly salesy.

3Dsellers offers eBay sellers an easy way to engage with buyers post-sale. In a matter of minutes, you can create customized emails and eBay messages that are automatically sent to your customer when they purchase, when you ship, and when they leave feedback. What's more, you can even set rules to send messages for only specific eBay items and categories to provide the targeting you need.

3Dsellers' eBay Auto Messages tool is so robust that you can personalize which eBay listings are shown to buyers in a cross-promotion email. For example, a customer who purchases women's apparel will be shown more women's clothing, where a power tool buyer is shown more power tools. This is particularly helpful for many sellers.

One more impressive statistic: 

  • eBay sellers who utilize 3Dsellers' Auto Messages experience a 25% boost in repeat buyers!


In short, getting a buyer is the first step in running a successful business on eBay. Turning that buyer into a happy (and loyal) repeat customer is step 2. By using QR codes and 3Dsellers' powerful Auto Messages, you can do exactly that.

Wouldn't you like to see an increase in repeat buyers on eBay?!


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