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eBay Emails Made Professional with ThankYou Emails

Dina Taitelbaum
September 11, 2019

Advanced Email Marketing Software for eBay Sellers

eBay emails have been a hassle for both sellers and buyers. Everything from their appearance to their organization - eBay emails were simply not comfortable to use, do not inspire return purchase, and don’t reflect the sellers’ business look & feel.

However, 3Dsellers offers tools that solve all of the above issues. Our CRM software for eBay collects all your incoming messages (with their history and buyer info) while the ThankYou Emails create simple-to-use templates that reflect your business and inspire additional purchases with cross promotions.  

Over 10,000 eBay sellers are already using the 3Dsellers ThankYou emails with substantial results creating loyal customers and return business. Besides the great reviews, we also encourage users to contribute additional ideas for improvements and now, we’re offering an improved email marketing software with advanced cross promotional capabilities.

This article will go over each feature in detail to reflect the value and opportunities they create for eBay sellers.


ebay email marketing software dashboard 3dsellers

As soon as you login to your 3Dsellers account and go to ThankYou Emails, you’ll see your performance dashboard. Based on your sending preferences, it will show you the performance of your eBay emails.

In the above example, we see that the orange and red labels have the highest scores. It means that the majority of emails are sent post shipment and sale. This data lets you reflect on your business by showing you the amount of sales, shipments, feedbacks or bids received according to emails sent.

eBay Email Marketing Templates

thank you emails templates from 3dsellers
3Dsellers email templates - try it free!

For those of you who are just starting to use 3Dsellers ThankYou Emails, the Templates section might be your starting point. Here, you’ll see a selection of designs that can be customized by color. All you have to do is choose the preferred design, pick a color and hit save.

Note: You are able to also select different designs for different messages. Keep reading to learn how.

Messages aka your content, triggers, cross promotion settings and more..

ebay emails creating new message

This is the “meat” of your eBay emails that will make all the magic happen. Ready?

First, you’ll see a quick overview of your recently sent emails with an option to edit, preview, send test and delete. Additionally, you can turn off any particular type of email directly from the status bar. Above the table, you'll see a button that will take you to settings for creating your new message.

There are 4 main settings for you to create an automatic email campaign:


general settings for 3dsellers ebay emails

In your general settings, you’ll select the sending preferences for this type of email. For example, the campaign in the above image is sending immediately after item sold. You can choose to also send it for up to a week after a triggered action.

There are 5 triggers to choose from:

  • Item Sold
  • Item Shipped
  • Positive Feedback Received
  • Neutral Feedback Received
  • Negative Feedback Received

Additionally, you can name your message in order to recognize this particular campaign in your messages dashboard and choose to activate/deactivate the email.

You’ll have an option to select the template you believe will fit best to the particular type of message. As mentioned above, templates can vary based on your email campaign. In this example, we’ve selected an “Ecommerce” template from the 5 options available.

Finally, to watch your campaign in action, you can choose to receive a copy of these emails in your mailbox. However, in order to not spam your email, we’ve limited your copies to only 1 per day.

Cross Promotion Settings

ebay cross promotional emails

This is the most interesting and advanced improvements of 3Dsellers ThankYou Emails so we really encourage all our users to play around and learn how to take advantage of these new features. Now, your eBay emails will cross promote items based on your creative marketing ideas.  

After analyzing the settings in the image above, we can learn that this particular email will be sent to promote 4 pink women’s shoes from newly listed items. Too fast to follow?

I’ll break it down..  

In your cross promotional settings, you have options to play with in order to create your desired promotion. Firstly, you can always choose to promote all your active listings at random (this was the default feature of the ThankYou emails prior to the recent updates).  

If you want to get more specific, you can choose to promote from certain categories (in the above example, we chose women’s shoes). Additionally, you can choose to feature very specific items by their ItemID or SKU. This will be a great way to promote items you want sold most.  

Another way to choose items promoted in your eBay emails is by their titles. Above, I selected only items that contain the word “pink”, perhaps because I know the seller is only looking for pink shoes or my promotion has a pink theme (why not? Maybe it’s a pink day holiday!)  

You can get very specific with your item titles and include keywords that the title starts with, ends with, contains or equals to. This means, you can also promote only certain brands you’re selling. For example, a buyer bought Nike shoes from you so you can only include other Nike products you’re selling in this email.

If you don’t want to get too deep into your cross promotional options, you also have a choice to simply promote items from the same category of the buyer’s purchase history. This means, if women’s shoes were purchased, you’ll be cross promoting all other women’s shoes you’ve got listed.

In addition to all, there’s an option to select listing types you’d like to promote. For example, you don’t want to promote newly listed items but interested in selling your cheapest. Select “Cheapest Item” in your drop-down menu and your cross promotions will only show the cheapest products that also fit your prior settings. This means, only the cheapest pink women’s shoes will be promoted in the particular email type.

You can choose to promote the following listing types:

  • Best Match
  • Newly Listed item
  • Ending Soonest item
  • Most Expensive item
  • Cheapest item

And, of course, you can choose how many products you’d like to cross promote in your email. We give you a range between 0-12 (you can also select to not cross promote your other listings at all).

Sending Rules

thank you emails sending rules

The sending rules are an interesting addition to the software that allows you to customize your email campaign preferences even further. Now, your triggers can go beyond the general ones and be very specific. In this example, the email will be sent only to UK buyers who purchased an item from the women's shoes category.

Your rules can be made very specific by adding the “AND” to combine them or less specific by choosing “OR” instead, making either one of your added rules trigger the email to be sent.

Your rules are broken down into “Property”, “Operator”, and “Value”, which allows the amount of variations you create here be limited only by your creativity!

The Property options include:

  • ItemID
  • SKU
  • Item Title
  • Category
  • Country

The Operator options include:

  • Contains
  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Equals to
  • Does not contain

The Value field is free for you to add the required text.

In this example, we made a rule that sends an email only to buyers from the UK.

Email Content & Languages

send ebay thank you emails international

The final setting in your messages is of course, the content!

Here, you can write the actual message, the email subject and it’s title. Email title is the header that will appear at the top of your email. However, we encourage you to send highly personalised emails (not only cross promotions) so we’ve added some useful dynamic fields to add to your content (e.g. buyer’s name).

In addition, we’ve added a new language feature that will automatically translate your email to the language of your buyers country! All you have to do is add a country. For example, you noticed that you’re getting many sales in Poland and Italy? Now you can make sure that all your customers from these countries will get an email in their native language. This will personalise your customer service even further and will encourage international buyers to keep buying from your store.

When you’re done with all your settings, you can preview it and save.

Store Settings

social settins in ebay emails

For a professional business appearance, go to settings and customise your store information, reply-to email and social links so you can encourage your buyers to connect with you on your social channels with their direct links.

Also, you can add a header banner to your email here. We’re offering a selection of 5 banners and a choice to upload your own.

add headers and banners to your ebay emails

This will allow you to upload your logo, promotional banners or a friendly “welcome” message. It creates a feeling of professionalism to your eBay emails that will make it easier for your customers to recognize you in the future.

If you uncheck the “customized header” button on top, we will include we will feature one of your items at the top of your emails.


blacklisting options 3dsellers email marketing tool

The final setting on your eBay emails is a blacklisting option. We understand that not all buyers are perfect and some might not be ideal for your email campaigns. Thus, you are able to simply blacklist them with their eBay username.

By blacklisting a buyer, you’re making sure that your emails will not be sent to their account. Additionally, if a buyer cancelled the order or was refunded, they will be added to the list automatically.

Now that we went over all the features available for your eBay emails, we hope you will make the best out of them and up your marketing game to increase your revenue!

Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective marketing tool for all businesses and we couldn’t keep eBay sellers out of the loop.

Enjoy your newly advanced ThankYou Email and feel free to keep requesting new features you need! We develop our tools for you to simplify your eBay business processes, increase your sales and excel your customer service.

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