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eBay business owners around the globe use 3Dsellers to build a strong presence on eBay, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. This is why we do what we do!
Bill Ingersoll
Winner of eBay Shine Award, Global Business

It’s easy to use and great value for the services and price point. The Facebook store integration has been huge and we saw around a 2% increase in repeat customers when we began using the ThankYou Emails. The companies I partner with to run my business must provide services that are simple and reliable and 3Dsellers has been the best in that regard.

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Robert Wilson
eBay store: whiterabbitfarms

eBay store: whiterabbitfarms

I need to say I’m blown away by your application! I downloaded feedback reminder and boom there’s like 6 apps for the price of one!!!! Amazing!! Also, the layout is super easy. It’s easy to navigate and has a simple layout, but it’s a good type of simple.

I used to use other feedback apps, but I feel like they just annoy people. The thank you email apps is a great alternative (I got the feedback reminder because free emails, didn’t know it was free everything).

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Prince Patel
Voted eBay 2018 Small Business Of The Year Shine Awards Finalist For Global Business

“The software pays for itself. I’ve gotten several leads for cross-selling because of the ThankYou emails. Not to mention when I activated feedback reminder I received over 380 positive feedback in one week.”

Prince also created a video about 3Dsellers on his YouTube channel. Check it out here.

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Danna Crawford
eBay store: danna

A must have!I seriously love this service (ThankYou Emails) and highly recommend! The availability to access customers is the best way for creating repeat business and build buyers adding you to their favorites. I love the communication it builds my customers and myself. Very personable!

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eBay store: thinkfastdeals

Love 3Dsellers! I’m using all their features and very happy with the results. My overall sales rose in the same month I started using the platform.

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Illya Soykin
eBay store: sfs

I’m very happy with 3Dsellers! The support is beyond outstanding, quick response times and friendly service are always important when trying new software to promote growth for a business. 3DSellers support will not let you down.

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Panagiotis Lambrianides
eBay store: The_Sorento

My store is really a beauty thanks for your tools. In fact, I use all their features and love them! 3Dsellers will succeed because they know how to deal with their customers!

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Fresh n' Lean
eBay store: freshnlean

Ever since I started using the feedback reminder, my feedback score rose significantly and so did my sales! The best feature out there because it shows results right away!

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ToyBox NY
eBay store: toyboxny

Very good software 🙂 I have many positive responses from Thank You emails. In fact, I use all 3Dsellers features and I even offered to be their new product tester. Great service, thank you!

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Sharon Fortenberry
eBay store: silverwoods

The people are very helpful. If you don’t know what you are doing or are not sure you doing something right, they tell you how to do and even send screen shots to help you along.Great company.

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Shikha Sharma
eBay store: shoplc-us

Excellent Service and good communication. I am very happy with the designs and other services of 3dsellers. Alex is very helpful and prompt so it is always a pleasure to work with 3dsellers.

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Cesar Wong
eBay store: gatorcable

The feedback reminder tool is working great for me, I’ve gotten 113 new feedbacks in about 23 hours! The thing I like about 3Dsellers is that its a one stop shop for all apps. All the most important aspects can be taken care of with this platform.

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Todd A. Flickinger
eBay store: flick911529I3

I have 6,900 auctions on eBay, and I use 3Dsellers listing designer to make my products stand out from all others. I love the fact that I can automatically apply a design to newly listed listings. Thank you!

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Lewis Pseudonym
Anonymous eBay store

I’ve been a user of 3Dsellers eBay Feedback. Very professional and easy to use. Really makes a difference in increasing my positive feedbacks from buyers. Also, their customer service is terrific. They respond to email messages very quickly. Very pleased with this service.

Armands Kruze
Anonymous eBay store

I love the way my eBay store looks now after I designed it with the Store Designer! Also, I’ve been seeing instant results from the Feedback Reminder tool. I definitely recommend 3Dsellers!

Karen OBrien
eBay store: luminescenceboutique

Absolutely fantastic tool for eBay sellers and amazing customer service! Loving how my listings look with their templates! Highly recommended! 🙂

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Ron Philbrick
eBay store: fylbrig

Although relatively new, this product works great. Extremely compatible with eBay I have found it very useful for my online business. New updates and templates frequently will give your business a fresh look. The customer service has been outstanding and it’s all at a very affordable price.

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Kathleen Newhall
eBay store: katiekatesstore

This Facebook Store feature truly changed the way I market to buyers. I set up my own Facebook Page and Social Store made it so easy to automatically port over all my listings to Facebook so quick. More views = more sales.

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