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Get More Views, Increase Your Customer Base, Get More Sales!

Showcase your eBay items so it matches the Facebook experience.

  • Share your Facebook page with potential buyers.
  • Design your Facebook store with various templates and colors
  • Fully synced with your eBay items

When buyers click on an item, they will be redirected to your eBay listing automatically!

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bulk update eBay listings

Facebook Store Control Settings

eBay sellers can choose how many items to display on each page.Sellers can also choose which items to display according to several categories: cheapest, most popular, most recent etc.

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bulk update eBay listings

Design Your Facebook Store in Seconds

Your eBay store will look fantastic on Facebook!

We've made it super easy to design the perfect store. Simply choose a template, color scheme and customize what you want displayed, and you're ready to 'wow' your Facebook audience.

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bulk update eBay listings

Effortless Set Up

Create your Facebook storefront within minutes!

Select a Facebook page and your eBay listings will appear on your page immediately.

Due to a new Facebook Policy, your business page must have at least 2,000 likes to add your store directly onto your page.

If you're not quite there yet, you can use your page's "Shop Now" button to include your your 3Dsellers Facebook store.

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bulk update eBay listings

Sit Back and Relax, Enjoy Automatic Updates

Your Facebook store will update automatically as you add or end items to on eBay.

The Facebook Store will automatically check your eBay account throughout the day and apply any changes you've made.

Your Facebook Store items will sync on auto-pilot without any effort from you.

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