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Email Marketing Guide For an eBay Business

September 11, 2019

How Important Is Email Marketing For an eBay Business?

As eCommerce business’ competition heats up the importance of establishing and nurturing existing relationships with your customers is crucial. Email is one of the most powerful channels when it comes to professional communication because it is personal, effective in terms of ROI and most of all, your customers expect it from a professional. Did you know, for many eCommerce businesses ⅓ of their website traffic comes from returning visitors? Email marketing plays a huge part in that and here’s why:

  • Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers
  • Transactional or triggered emails have 8x more open rates and a substantially greater revenue than regular bulk emails
  • 28% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails more than once per week
  • 80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention

These numbers prove that as a business owner, you need to be sending “Thank You” emails to your customers and include promotional offers to drive return business. In this guide, we will provide you with vital tips to engage your buyers through triggered emails, increase sales from existing customers, strengthen your brand and ultimately, increase positive feedback.  

Activate Trigger Emails

Each and every buyer on eBay is an opportunity to drive customer loyalty that you simply can’t miss out on. So, you need to use emails to keep them engaged and not let them slip away!

When these emails are sent in a strategic way following every step of the sales cycle, the power of them is optimized to the maximum and gives you the highest chance of increasing retention, building your brand name and ensuring customer satisfaction.   Start with your sale cycle, either at a bid or a sale This is when the first email is sent and your first opportunity to introduce yourself. You can do this by personalizing the message and adding any additional information that’s important for your buyers to know. This first follow-up email already adds a 7% chance of getting a repeat purchase from the buyer. And with a follow-up email after the order is shipped and when the buyer leaves feedback, chances of repeat business can go up to 27%! Each repeat sale repeats the cycle, helping you build stronger customer relationships and increase repeat business even more. In fact, the probability of selling additional items to an existing customer is 60-70% according to Marketing Metrics.

Sell Other Products With Each Email

There is a number of ways to personalize your emails but one that will drive return business is by far, cross product promotion. Cross-selling emails are a great way to re-engage past buyers and get them back to your store. In fact, sellers who are using our ThankYou emails see a 2.7x higher return rate. So if 10% of your business is coming from repeat customers, after setting up our cross-selling solution your return rate can go up to 27%!

Ensure your buyers' happiness

When you send an email to your customers, you’re having a conversation with them in their most personal online environment - their inbox. Thus, you need to make every email count. Getting creative with this transaction can be a vital way to promote yourself, while gaining customer loyalty. Below, there’re some important factors to keep in mind when creating your emails.

Write like a human

No one wants to be sold to anymore, your customers want to feel connected to your brand on a personal and authentic level. To ensure that you’re adding personality, style, and voice to your emails, follow either one of the following 5 tips:

  • Don’t try to be overly clever or funny. It can sometimes come across as inauthentic or forceful to recipients.
  • Use active voice. Instead of saying, “the product will be shipped to you,” consider saying something like, “we’re shipping your product to you very soon!”
  • Write like you would speak. Read your email out loud before you send it out and if something sounds unnatural to you, it will sound odd to your buyers too.
  • Don’t be afraid of exclamation points, emojis, or even ALL-CAPS. Your goal is to write an email that connects with your buyers, nurtures them, and expresses care so your writing style should express emotions and be relatable.
  • Cross promote related products. By adding products from the same category as the recently purchased product, the email will feel very personalized to your buyers and has a higher chance a repeat sale.

In addition to these 5 tips, make sure you always add your buyers first name and details of the item purchased.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Feedback!

The final way to get more ROI from your email marketing efforts is by asking for regular feedback from your customers about their shopping experience. On eBay, seller feedback score directly affects sales because it affects eBay’s product search results. The formula is simple: the higher your positive feedback score, the higher your chances are to increase your eBay sales.

3Dsellers Feedback Reminder Dashboard

3Dsellers offers a Feedback Reminder that quickly became the most popular tool of the platform. Here’s a list of reasons why thousands of eBay sellers love 3Dsellers Feedback Reminder:

  • It is sent through eBay’s messaging system: This ensures deliverability and a high open rate. This means your emails will not be marked as spam.
  • You are in charge of your feedback score: An overview dashboard gives you a clear view of your feedback reminder performance. You can measure results immediately and also test various styles to see which ones work best.
  • Smart sending settings: Talk to your buyers as soon as they receive their item. You can send thousands of personalized requests automatically at the most effective time of the day for your buyers. Additionally, you can choose your triggers, whether it’s after the item’s been paid for, shipped or arrived and set apart domestic and international customers accordingly.
  • Feedback alert via email:  Allows you to react to immediately to any negative or neutral feedback. Protect your overall score by responding to issues right away.
  • Automated feedback to buyers: Create feedback templates and schedule to send feedback to your buyers based on triggers you choose, whether it’s after an item was paid for, shipped, arrived or if you’ve received positive feedback from that buyer.
  • Smart Blacklisting: All buyers whose orders are canceled or refunded are automatically added to the blacklist. In addition, you can still easily add unwanted buyers manually at any given time.

Sending regular feedback request emails will not only help you build trust and strengthen relationships with customers, it will arm you with the information you need to improve and grow your business over time. After all, this is your chance to express explicit customer care by being the first to ask if everything is okay. Customers will appreciate your effort and even if there is an issue that you solve, their feedback will take into the consideration that you’ve expressed your care first.

Over To You!

Email marketing should never be an afterthought. It needs the same amount of attention that other areas of your business are getting from you on a regular basis. You shouldn’t approach it as a one-off tactic that you can use whenever you need an uptick in sales. To get the most value possible out of the channel, you need to think strategically, proactively, and often about the communication that people on your list are getting from your brand.  Personalise, customize your sending settings, cross-promote your other products and ask for feedback - using these 4 pillars of email marketing will boost your eBay sales and grow your brand image, bringing you loyal customers.  

What’s working well for you when it comes to email marketing?
Share your ideas and experience with us in the comments below.


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