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All you need to know about eBay star rating system and how to increase eBay positive feedback!

Dina Taitelbaum
September 11, 2019

How crucial is the eBay feedback score?

eBay feedback score rating is, arguably, the most valuable asset for a seller. It provides complete strangers an understanding of whether or not you are a trustworthy seller. Since it is a closed system, only eBay sellers and buyers can rate each other, but how many buyers actually leave a positive feedback without a reminder? Not many.. it can be up to 70% of all your buyers!! Unfortunately, buyers are inclined to leave a feedback if they have something negative to say in order to "warn others". It is truly a shame because there are so many sellers that make everything possible for the experience to be pleasant and for many, it stays unnoticed due to lack of communication.

Here's one of our customers sharing his data with us:

message from an ebay seller saying how many people don't leave ebay feedback

I want to stress the importance of reminding your buyers to leave you their feedback. Don't be afraid of a negative one! I'll explain why in a minute..

First, let me explain what eBay star rating (feedback review) consists of:

  • Feedback Score: % of positive feedback in the past 12 months
  • Detailed Seller Rating: 1-5 star rating, based on the following 4 qualities
  • Item description
  • Communication
  • Shipping time
  • Additional charges
  • Feedback Comment: 80 characters limited text about the overall experience

Bottom line is, your sellers will need to rate your seller qualities before adding a personal note and you want to get at least 4 stars in all of these categories.

The main reason you'd want a high positive rating is to have your products ranked high on eBay search.

Sellers with a total eBay feedback score of at least 98% and detailed rating of 4/5 get ranked higher on eBay search! This means your products gain visibility and thus, boost your total sales! Simple math states that you can not get more than 2 negative feedbacks for 100 products sold.

Cassini, eBay's own search engine uses very strict algorithms to lower your placement as soon as there is an unresolved case or a negative feedback, which ruins your "Best Match" placement. Your placement will not recover until you resolve your issue with the buyer and you must do so as soon as possible because all your listings will be affected. If you are 100% sure the issue is not your fault, contact eBays Customer Service right away to remove the negative feedback.

Sellers that maintain this high ranking and sell more than 100 products a year get an additional PowerSeller badge, which also improves visibility. So don't be afraid to communicate to ALL your buyers (simply use 3Dsellers) in order to get their feedback and grow sales!

Check out this seller's instant result!

ebay positive feedback review of 3dsellers feedback reminder
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5 things you should do to ensure eBay positive feedback

1. Describe your product accurately

Your product needs to be the same product as you describe in your listing! Obviously, make sure you are sending out the product you sell but you should also pay attention to how well you describe it. Make sure you add as much information and details about the item as you can. Clarify the model, its' features & size, add clear images,  and describe your return policy and shipping information. It is your job to make sure the buyer knows what he/she is buying from you as well as your policies. In return, you will avoid a confused customer and guarantee yourself a 5-star rating for "Product Description" feedback section.

Pro tip: Your package should look professional and neat, add a label or your own brand logo for an additional effect and make sure your package protects the product from damage. Another way to add a pleasant surprise is to intentionally make your product condition description a bit worse than it actually is!


2. Impress your buyers with a high-quality customer service

Communicate with each and every one of your buyers. Yes, it can be daunting, but a customer really appreciates his/her questions answered in a timely manner. Express reliable and trustworthy connection with a personalized message by including his/her first name and item purchased. Our Feedback Reminder system automates that for you so you won't have to worry much about personalization. In fact, if you approach your buyer asking if everything is okay before he/she has a chance to point out an issue - they will already feel supported and will be more willing to resolve the issue with your help. In such case, you should offer any way you can help so that potential negative feedback will turn into a positive one!

Pro tip: Send out your reminder on the same day the order arrives so the excitement of opening the package is affecting the feedback. In order to automate that, learn how long it takes for your packages to arrive and set the same date in your reminder settings.


3. Include any additional benefits you can

Everybody loves free stuff, don't they? See what you can do to offer your buyers something special! Research shows that the best selling offer on eBay is "Free-Shipping". Perhaps you could offer fast-tracking your shipping and handling time or maybe accept returns for a longer period of time? There are countless of ways you could add benefits to your buyers so don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you.

Pro tip: Add shipping amount to your product price in order to offer "Free-Shipping", so if you're selling something for $10 and your shipping cost is $4.80, just make your item cost $15 in order to create a benefit.


4. Ask everyone for a feedback!

There is no doubt that half the people who had a pleasant experience shopping with you are not putting it in words while all you have to do is ask them. According to a recent research by Podium as much as 93% of online buyers rely on reviews. This statistic is so strong that you can not afford to ignore the message - get as much feedback as you can! 3Dsellers has an incredible tool that automatically sends a reminder message to all your recent buyers to make sure no one is left out uncared. Use this tool to boost your communication with each buyer, raise your feedback total score and get a high eBay search ranking to make more & more sales!

Pro tip: Automatically personalize your message to include their first name and item purchased. Set a separate reminder date for US and International orders to allow more time for customs clearance.


5. Blacklist troubled buyers.

Yes, we all know there are some buyers who create trouble. There are plenty of scam stories on forums and discussion boards so if you come across one, simply blacklist the eBay ID and you will not communicate with him/her, thus, not receive a negative feedback. You can also do that with a buyer with whom you know there's been trouble during delivery and you might have settled everything but reminding him of the experience is more likely to bring back the negative memories. Just add his ID to a Blacklist box and this buyer will not be contacted by you. Finally, our system automatically blacklists buyers who canceled/refunded their order so you don't have to plug those in manually.

Pro tip: If you engage in a negative conversation, step aside and breathe before you send a message that can ruin your professionalism. The customer is always right, even when he's not really, so act accordingly and always offer a solution.

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