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6 Tips to Make Money on eBay and Amazon in 2020

Liron Lupo
November 4, 2019

The popularity of both platforms continues to rise with sellers & buyers. With more than 179 million active buyers on eBay and over 310 million active customers on Amazon, I thought it would be a good idea to share some modern tips and tricks to help you increase your eCommerce sales. 

Your previous methods may have worked at one point, but eventually, the same old strategies can grow stale. It’s essential to keep up with new trends for your business growth in 2020.

Here are some tips that can help you make money on eBay and Amazon in the new age: 

#1. Optimize Your Listing Properly 

You can double your sales with effective product listings. If you don’t optimize your listing properly (responsiveness, mobile-friendly) your product is less likely to rank well and you will lose sales to the competitors. These are the elements needed and recommended in your listing. Enough with the old-school look!

responsive ebay template example
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  • SEO optimized title & images
  • Clear & honest listing description
  • List of key product features
  • Customer reviews 
  • Cross-product promotions & easy navigation of your listings
  • Seller’s policy & info

If your business is big, you may need to update your product listings regularly. Adding bulk listings and optimizing their titles could become a tiring task (and so 2005!). However, with 3Dsellers listing tool, sellers can update eBay listings in bulk, upload them via CSV and include SEO meta and alt-tags to showcase their products effectively and on top of Goole & eBay search results. 

If you have multiple eBay accounts, you can even copy your listings to your other stores with a few simple clicks - talk about time-saving! Finally, to increase your sales further, customize your listing designer templates with cross-product promotions and keep buyers purchasing from your other listings. 

It’s all about keeping buyers attention nowadays so you product listing must be presentable (appealing to the eye), all potential questions about shipping and returns should be easily visible (not in the corner somewhere in small font) and of course, to make more money you should create irresistible similar product offers!

#2. Get Reviews

reviews on laptop vector art

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

‘Product Reviews’ is one of the most important factors that can make or break the consumer’s relationship with the store. This is even more true in 2020 then ever before. Online reviews help build loyalty and trust. They offer consumers the information about a product they’re considering to purchase and the buying experience from a seller, which is crucial to create a trustworthy name for yourself (which in return will increase your sales). However, I know gathering reviews from costumers requires a lot of effort and quite frankly, it can be a bit uncomfortable. 

But did you know that 60% of buyers don’t share their feedback without a reminder! It’s truly a shame to lose so much credibility for future customers just from the fear or asking. So my advice is to use an automatic feedback generator that will help you double your eBay feedback amount

What does the feedback generator do? 

It sends messages to your buyers via eBay’s native messaging system that you can customize ahead of time to reflect the feel and tone of your store/business. Sending a personalized message with the purchase details with a kind reminder to review their experience is not pushy, completely understandable and very reasonably. Every business today is asking for reviews one way or another so why should you?

If everything went smoothly, there’s no reason for your buyers not to rate you 5 stars and if there’s an issue it’s a great opportunity to offer assistance, which will also result in a great review afterall (because you asked if everything is okay first thus, expressed well-cared customer service!)

Having great feedback and reviews can and will help you acquire customers’ loyalty and will inspire new customers to buy from you. To simplify your job even further, you can set sending rules for these personalized messages and schedule them to be sent at the most effective time i.e., when a buyer receives an item, the item’s been paid, shipped, etc.

feedback generator ebay setting rules

I recommend that you send a feedback form to your buyers as soon as they receive their item. Simply because the excitement of their new purchase is fresh and they’re most likely to give you a great review.

#3. Offer Trending Products To Your Customers

For every eCommerce seller at Amazon and eBay, it’s important to offer trending products to their customers to increase store sales. Figuring out what’s trending allows you to outrank the competition. 

Moreover, understanding your customers’ needs regarding what products are trending will lead to satisfied customers and more sales. We know making a list of trending products is a tough task, however, there are tools like Auto DS Finder, that help you understand the marketing trend and get a list of Hot/trending products. Welcome to 2020!

auto ds finder screenshot

#4. Keep customer delight a priority

To become a successful seller and really make money on eBay and Amazon, you should always work to offer good customer service. Offering excellent customer service should be your top priority - I can’t express that more clear than that! Here’s what’s expected of you: 

  • Respond to your customers’ queries promptly
  • Specify shipping time and handling time in the listing
  • Have a reasonable handling and shipping charges
  • Make sure that the item is delivered to the customer within the timeline
  • The item as described in the listing is delivered to the customer

Not meeting your customers’ expectations can lead to:

  • Low detailed seller rating
  • Negative feedback from your customer
  • Decrease in sales

You can avoid such a situation with the help of a few tools, such as a Shipping Tracker or ThankYou Emails. The eBay tracker will send automatic (yet customized) notifications to your buyers whenever their delivery status changes. It shows amazing customer service and buyers today love and expect to be in-the-loop regarding their purchase. 

#5. Keep your inventory updated 

Good inventory management is important to improve your sales. When done effectively, businesses reduce the costs of carrying excess inventory while maximizing sales. It’s important to evaluate your business regularly to ensure that you’re on track to success.

You must keep your store stock organized and it helps to automatically sync it with your warehouse stock. This way, you can keep track of your products and ensure your products are sold in time. Moreover, you can avoid spoilage or spending too much money on a stock that’s already available in your stockroom.

ebay stock management

Once an item is purchased, 3Dsellers system will automatically refill your store stock from the warehouse. There’s also a marketing trick you could do with this tool - limited sale! 

Let’s say you want to offer a special promotion but you don’t want to oversell your product at the same low price. Let’s say you only want to offer 10 items for this price. So you can set your availability at 10 (even though you have more at your warehouse stock) and not worry about overselling at low price. Once your promotion ends, automatically restock your available items and continue selling them at their regular price.

3dsellers inventory manager for ebay dashboard

#6. Offer An Integrated Payment Platform

The purchase isn’t successful until the payment is done. Just listing the products, monitoring orders and managing customer service is not enough to improve your sales. 

You also need to provide your customers with a good payment management system. For a good payment management system, you can integrate a dropshipping tool to your Amazon and eBay store, you'll never have to worry about the payment process and its management. 

Your stores’ checkout points are integrated directly with payment platforms like Paypal/Visa/Mastercard, etc. The moment an order gets placed, this dropshipping tool will send an auto-generated email to you as well as to your customer for payment arrangement.

Final Thoughts 

I promise I’m not biased when I say that 3Dsellers products can help you make money on eBay and Amazon. Using their platform can help you manage your time better and focus on other core areas of your business. 

Utilizing 3Dsellers alongside an automation tool for Dropshipping can work wonders for your dropshipping business too. You can have a fully automated eBay store and get stress-free, engaging business experience.  Yes - it’s all about automation, automation, customer service, automation, great reviews and once again, automation in 2020!

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