Understanding eBay feedback stars & eBay feedback score

ebay feedback score
Dec 29, 2013

As an eBay seller one of the things you have to be familiar with is eBay’s feedback score system. This system has a big influence on you as a seller. Even though it’s not all-encompassing influence, it does have a huge impact on a seller’s reliability, search visibility and general eBay standing. So before you can go ahead and work on enhancing your eBay feedback score, it’s crucial that you understand what exactly it means.

What is an eBay Feedback Score made of?

There are two main characteristics that make up eBay members feedback scores: numerical scores and eBay feedback stars. The numerical score is the number in parenthesis that you see near each member’s name and near it you can see the colored star that represents that score’s level.

The numerical score is made up of points, the points are calculated this way:

- A positive rating adds a point to your feedback score.

- A neutral rating has no effect either way on your feedback score.

- A negative rating subtracts a point from your feedback score.

What do the eBay feedback stars mean?

Each star is a level that a buyer or seller reached, based on how high their score is.

In the following table you can see what each star represents.

ebay feedback score table

As a seller you should also be familiar with the detailed seller rating (DSR). The detailed seller rating allows buyers to rate their experience with a seller based on these criteria: “item as described”, “communication”, “shipping time” and “shipping and handling charges”.

How do you get more positive feedback?

Receiving feedback in eBay isn’t only a question of how good you are, but also a question of maintaining a connection with your buyer following the purchase. So besides sending a thank you email right after the purchase, you should also send a feedback reminder once the package is estimated to arrive.

ebay feedback reminder dashboard
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