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Listing Designer

Add modern designs to your listings, showcase your products, and double your sales with cross-promotional categories!

Our templates are created by the industry's best eCommerce designers. You can easily customize them to reflect your brand and boost your seller image.

Apply a design to all of your listings at once, by category, title and more. You can even apply a template automatically to new listings.

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Feedback Reminder

One of our most popular tools shows instant results!

Use eBay's messaging system to automatically send customized reminders to your buyers at the most effective times, and even leave feedback for your buyers.

This smart Feedback Reminder protects and increases your eBay feedback score, hassle-free.

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ThankYou Emails

Choose from a selection of email templates to strengthen relationships with your buyers and cross-promote similar or custom products with each email to increase repeat sales.

Send emails, or eBay messages for purchases, shipping and feedback.

Use dynamic fields and custom languages. You can even store a database of codes for Digital Goods to send to your buyers.

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Listing Tool

The time saving power of the Listing Tool gives you freedom to edit, list, and manage all of your items individually, or in bulk without ever touching eBay's website. You can even add SEO for better search rank.

Stay super organized with tags and folders, save draft listings to a library, copy listings between eBay accounts, with many other great features to love.

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Store Designer

Last chance to use a custom store design before eBay stops supporting them!

Take advantage of this opportunity and keep a stunning store design for at least one more year.

All our designs are optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet devices and are active-content free.

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Facebook Store

When buyers click on a product in your Facebook store, they will be immediately redirected to your eBay account and will complete their purchase there.

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Get more out of eBay, and increase your web-presence with an SEO-friendly webstore.

Your items are always fully synced with your eBay inventory so you never have to update your storefront.

Choose & customize our active content templates and drive more traffic to your eBay listings and social sites.

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PDF Catalog

Create a complete catalog with just one click.

You can email clients your online catalog or print it. All the texts, photos and prices are gathered from your eBay account and put on display in a fashionable template of your choice.

When customers click on the catalog listing, they will be redirected to eBay automatically.

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Export To CSV

Manage your eBay business like a pro with fully customization CSV data on your eBay listings. Create and download comprehensive files to analyze your business, sell on other marketplaces, manage your warehouse and backup your eBay account.

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Winner of eBay Shine Award, Global Business

“It’s easy to use and great value for the services and price point. The Facebook store integration has been huge and we saw around a 2% increase in repeat customers when we began using the ThankYou Emails. The companies I partner with to run my business must provide services that are simple and reliable and 3Dsellers has been the best in that regard.”

Bill Ingersoll

Top Rated Power Seller and eBay Certified Business Consultant

“A must have! I seriously love this service [ThankYou Emails] and highly recommend! The availability to access customers is the best way for creating repeat business and build buyers adding you to their favorites. I love the communication it builds my customers and myself. Very personable!”

Danna Crawford

eBay store, danna

Voted eBay 2018 Small Business Of The Year Shine Awards Finalist For Global Business

“The software pays for itself. I’ve gotten several leads for cross-selling because of the ThankYou emails. Not to mention when I activated feedback reminder I received over 380 positive feedback in one week.”

Prince Patel

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