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Automatically end eBay listings based on your set rules

Automatically end eBay GTC listings

Your time and money is valuable, don't waste it!

eBay GTC (Fixed Price) listings do have great benefits to sellers, like increasing eBay sales and boosting listing performance.

But, keeping the wrong listings active can really take a toll on your profits and search rank for those items.  

Ending and re-listing items manually consumes hours of searching and clicking.

Luckily, we've designed the easiest and most convenient way to end eBay listings.

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Use Filters to Target Groups of Items

No need to search for items! GTC Automation will find the right listings for you.

Use an advanced filters called 'parameters' to target any type of listing you need to end.

Works great for:

  • low-performing items
  • sales and seasonal products
  • products from certain categories
  • titles that contain specific text
  • eBay sites
  • and more!
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Custom Ttiming

Give your listings the perfect amount of time to thrive.

You can end eBay listings that don't make the cut up to 60 days after they're published, or a number of days before they auto-renew.

And for holiday, sales, and promotional items, mark a day on the calendar to take them offline.

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Automatically Re-publish your Listings

Put your items back up for sale to give them a fresh boost!

Don't let old items get pushed to the bottom of the search list.

Immediately give your ended listings new life and put them right back into the rank as a New Listing.

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Preview items that are going to end

GTC Automation keeps a close eye on your items so you can too

You can view which listings are currently lined-up to be ended by your rule at any time.

If any of these items don't match your rule's parameters & filters anymore, they will disappear from the list.

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Good 'Til Cancelled Rules Dashboard

Manage your rules on a user-friendly dashboard.

Have a quick glance at

  • how your items are being targeted
  • when the last time your rules were run
  • preview the items that meet your parameters
  • fast switch your rules on/off
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