Renewing your automatic payment in PayPal

Jan 5, 2014

If you signed up to webstore through eBay's app center, your automatic pre-approved payment plan will be valid for a limited time only. If you are receiving the error message below this means that your payment plan in PayPal has already expired, or is about to. To be able to continue using webstore and to avoid deletion of your webstore you will need to renew you payment profile.

Here are step-by-step instructions for renewing your payment profile:

1. Login to your control panel.

2. Click on the "Login & renew in PayPal" button.

3. Next you will be directed to a PayPal login window, login to PayPal.

4. In the following window you will find the details of your pre-approved monthly payment. You can also at this time update your automatic payment method* in PayPal.

5. If you choose to update your default payment method you will be offered three options: choose a credit card already on record, add an additional credit card or add a bank account.

6. Once you've read the details of the monthly pre-approved payment and (if necessary) updated your default payment method click on "Agree and Pay" to complete the renewal of your payment profile.

7. Once you've successfully renewed your payment profile you will be redirected back to your control panel.

* Your automatic payment method is the payment method that will be used when there are insufficient funds in your PayPal account.

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