Keep your inventory levels up to date

Sell your items with confidence and keep track of your business

Filter items by category

With 3Dsellers, you’re always organized!

We make sure you never waste a second managing your business. Now, your inventory is digitally organized for you too and you can view your stock by categories. Easily view how many types of products you have for each category.

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Auto Relist

Never stop selling

Our system will be able to relist a listing once it ends in order to continue controlling inventory level.

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Create bulk actions

Fully customizable bulk actions to save you time!

Customize your inventory visibility to all listings or by filtered categories. Set up your eBay items’ availability and price to update according to your preference. Your items stock will be updated automatically!

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Be in control of your inventory

Prevent overselling your warehouse stock

3Dsellers system will keep your warehouse stock visible only to you, while your eBay buyers will only see the number of items you choose to present at all times. Once an item is purchased, we will automatically refill the eBay stock from your warehouse level.

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Create a sense of urgency

Limit your stock quantity to trigger the fear of missing out

Keep an artificially low quantity of your items visible and get shoppers to act fast instead of waiting to complete the purchase (which they might never do). Our Inventory Manager will automatically keep your eBay stock at a level you choose all while being 100% synced with your warehouse stock.

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