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3Dsellers advanced eBay listing tool is an easy and quick way to publish, manage and automate your eBay listings—packing everything you need in one software to boost your sales to a new dimension!

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eBay listing software

Boost Your Sales with 3Dsellers All In One eBay Listing Software and Tools

Maximize new sales, boost repeat buyers, and save time using eBay listing software with all the tools you need to create professional eBay listings (that rank!)

Trusted by 5,000+ eBay Sellers to Manage 2M+ eBay Listings

99.7% Positive feedback
129K Items sold
eBay seller since 2008.

Go Thrift is on a mission to create a brand-new life for second-hand clothes. Everyone deserves outfits they love that don't cost the Earth, literally.

99.9% Positive feedback
744K Items sold
eBay seller since 2000.

ATV Galaxy is one of the top sellers of parts and accessories on eBay, carrying only the best brands at the best prices.

100% Positive feedback
5.1M Items sold
eBay seller since 2004.

The Perfect Part, Inc. offers integrated business solutions for mobile phones and other electronics. Their goal is to create the best hospitality, simplicity, and flexibility possible.

98.2% Positive feedback
4.8M Items sold
eBay seller since 2009.

Caltric is the largest aftermarket parts supplier in California. It's also a Top Rated eBay store that offers great service and a broad selection of the highest quality replacement parts and accessories.

Ebay Listing Software
Listing software

Bulk Import & Update eBay Listings With a CSV File

Manage eBay listings at super-efficient speeds with CSV files from Excel workbooks and supplier inventory URLs.

For thousands of garage sellers, dropshippers, and enterprise warehouses, CSVs and workbooks are essential for analytics and product management. When combined with 3Dsellers, you can use CSV files to: 

  • Import new items to bulk publish and backup
  • Update price, inventory, descriptions, and almost every other eBay field
  • Upload a CSV from a URL (great for supplier inventory links)
  • Edit eBay SEO and Item Specifics with a CSV
  • End eBay listings with a CSV
  • Import the purchase cost (or supplier price) to keep track of profit
  • Customize the image host for your product images
  • Import the actual inventory of your supplier, but hide it from eBay
eBay advanced listing tool

Import eBay CSVs to edit and publish thousands of items at once!

eBay listing tools

3Dsellers offers many features to help make eBay easier, list inventory in no time, and get your products noticed.

3Dsellers supports eBay's international sites and eBay Motors.

Ebay Listing Software
eBay SEO

The most advanced eBay listing tool

3Dsellers’ listing tool is a workspace like no other, enabling eBay sellers to create, import, and manage eBay listings, boost search rank, and save time while they increase sales:

  • Create Drafts for eBay (quick listing tool)
    Make a posting template and easy backups.
  • Publish new listings in bulk
    List multiple Drafts or upload a CSV file.
  • Listing Scheduler
    Schedule eBay items to publish at a later date.
  • Edit Multiple Listings
    Bulk Update Pricing, Inventory, Listing Details, and a lot more.
  • CSV Editing
    Update eBay products with a CSV file (like Turbo Lister)
  • Quick Filters
    Create custom advanced product filters and save them.
  • Custom Alerts
    Create custom inventory alerts for specific eBay products.

Bulk Actions
Bulk actions

Smart workflow with bulk actions features

Heavily used by thousands of eBay listing software users every day, the power of bulk actions is unmatched. Typically costing hours in labor, you can automatically revise multiple and unlimited listings in just a few clicks.

Check out a few of our most popular bulk actions: 

  • Pricing
    Update prices by percentage increments, product cost, VAT, and more.
  • Inventory
    Update eBay quantities, warehouse inventories, and more.
  • Copy eBay listings
    Copy multiple eBay items to Drafts or across eBay accounts.
  • Bulk Listing
    Publish an unlimited number of listings at once and save a lot of time.
  • eBay SEO
    Add meta descriptions, keywords, alt tags, and mobile descriptions.
  • Apply eBay Design Templates
    Apply eBay Design templates to boost eBay sales.
  • Collect missing checkout notes
    Save your team time and automatically message buyers who didn't leave a checkout message for an item.
  • Generate SKUs: Generate SKUs automatically with a custom prefix.
  • Categories: Bulk-edit eBay categories and custom eBay Store Categories.
  • Policies: Change eBay business policies for multiple listings at once.

Pro Tip: Add filters (based on item details) to fast-select listings to bulk edit!

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eBay listing tool
eBay advanced listing tool
Ebay Listing SEO
eBay SEO

Reach more customers with eBay SEO listings

Search-Engine-Optimization for eBay? Absolutely! 3Dsellers allows you to add hidden code to your listings for search engines, boosting your product's search rank on eBay and Google Shopping results

Create custom descriptions and titles for Google Search results and add Alt Tags to images to help Google and eBay favor your products. 

What’s more, 3Dsellers SEO features include the ability to create custom eBay Mobile Descriptions (the short description on the eBay app), letting you show the best keywords and product information to help boost your eBay items’ placement and interaction.

eBay Videos
Bulk actions

Add eBay Product Videos to Photo Gallery

eCommerce listings with gallery videos sell much greater volumes than listings with only images. In other words, show your eBay shoppers videos — and watch your sales and customers grow.

3Dsellers lets you upload videos to an eBay listing's photo gallery (for every video-supported eBay site) with fast, easy-to-use listings editors. Just upload and publish!

Not to mention, we built an internal video catalog for each of your eBay accounts so you can use 3Dsellers to save a library of eBay videos to re-use on other listings! (Apply a general product line video, instructional video, or other types of videos to multiple listings that can benefit from the same content) Documentation
eBay videos

Whether a big-brand production video or a simple "proof of condition" recording, product videos have a long-lasting impact on shoppers and provide increased assurance for buyer confidence. The science is clear: eBay videos sell!

eBay quick listing tool

3Dsellers can connect an unlimited number of eBay accounts to your 3Dsellers account, providing easy, one-click switching and separate tool settings so you can customize your listings to the country where you are selling.

Multiple Ebay Accounts
Multiple eBay account management

Manage multiple eBay accounts

Selling from multiple channels on eBay? Or managing multiple eBay accounts?

Use 3Dsellers eBay listing software to securely switch between each eBay account and manage each business with excellent control.

Copy and manage listings from multiple marketplaces on eBay—and keep international marketplaces separate for more diverse selling power.

Alongside listing management, you’ll be able to create custom automatic marketing automation for each account and fulfill orders and bulk-update tracking for each or both accounts.

You can also set permissions for your team members to access only certain accounts and features, keeping their workflow light and organized for better efficiency. 

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We now support eBay Motors parts!

3Dsellers' selling manager extends your abilities to add and remove vehicles from eBay Motors car compatibility lists → into competitive listing by letting you copy eBay Motors compatibility lists from any other eBay listing or eBay seller.

  • Create vehicle fitment lists for international & eBay Motors listings for car parts.
  • Copy entire car lists live from other eBay listings (with duplicate protection)
  • Boost eBay sales with better search rank with a complete compatibility list.
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eBay Motors

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eBay Listing Templates
Listing designer

Increase your sales with listing designer

The eCommerce branding that 3Dsellers eBay listing designs offer is essential for many eBay businesses. 

Quickly create fabulous designs to capture the attention of buyers and compliment your items while suggesting other products and store categories.

  • Automatic Cross Promotion: Automatically cross-promote items in the same category as the listing.
  • Customer Service: Bulk apply extra information to your listing descriptions about your business and policies
  • Navigation: Top bar and sidebar with eBay category, Store category, and custom links
  • Image Slider: A clickable carousel for eBay product images
  • Custom HTML: Your web designer can install custom code directly into the editor, so you can still update the design template without code.
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eBay listing templates tools

Even if your niche requires plain descriptions, the Listing Designer can still be a handy customer service tool and keep you ahead of the competition.

eBay auto messages tool

Automatic email features also send and respond to eBay messages!

Auto Messages
Auto responder

Respond faster with email automation

From enterprise teams to one-seller operations, 3Dsellers powers thousands of merchants to create a wide selection of messaging automation to stay on top of their game and build trust with their buyers.

Whether you want to follow up automatically or reply to customers on auto-pilot, 3Dsellers’ features are here to save your team countless hours and keep your customers happy and coming back:

  • Follow-ups: Send an email after a sale or shipping to update the buyer on their order status
  • Feedback: Send email responses to positive, neutral, and negative feedback to thank your buyer and get ahead of any issues
  • Autoresponder: Respond to customer messages based on message content and order details to create a system of automatic answers
  • Vacation reply: Send an assuring response message during non-business hours
  • Real-time Shipping Alerts: Send automatic shipping updates to your team and buyers
  • Cross-Promote: Cross-promote other items in emails and shipping tracking links
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Order Management
Order management

Process and manage orders quickly

3Dsellers’ eBay listing software tools include a fully-featured orders manager to process orders and update tracking on multiple eBay accounts at once!

  • Use advanced, saveable filters and internal order tags to create a workflow for your fulfillment team while staying on top of your management duties. 
  • Always know your orders by easily-viewing buyer checkout notes, leaving internal notes on orders, and customizing data display.
  • Take quick action on orders to cancel, refund, add tracking, leave feedback and send messages.
  • Update eBay order tracking in bulk by uploading a CSV file of tracking numbers
  • Send bulk messages to buyers for fast order updates, instruction manuals, or requests for more information.
  • Export sales data to a CSV by selecting multiple orders, or on a schedule with custom filters.
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eBay orders tool

You can also manage orders from Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Amazon, and more—and Orders data even integrates with 3Dsellers’ eBay CRM Helpdesk!

eBay customer service tool

The customer support side of 3Dsellers’ eBay listing software has all the features you need to rock the competition in your niche to grow more feedback, sales, and a long-lasting, memorable brand.

Ecommerce Helpdesk
Multichannel help desk

Give your customers a better support experience

Your customer support is the buyer’s first real interaction with your brand—and there’s a lot of power in using this first impression to create repeat buyers

Alongside automated customer support through email updates and automatic responses, 3Dsellers’ eBay Helpdesk tool allows you to transform all your eBay messages into support tickets. This way, your workflow is much easier, allowing time to focus on building your customer relationships.

  • Pre-write message templates that automatically personalize with the buyer’s info.
  • Use text snippets to quick-insert SLAs, signatures, and promotions into replies.
  • Organize inboxes for each teammate with automatic assignment rules.
  • See all order details (and order history) on the same screen as the conversation.
  • Manage eBay cases, cancel, and refund orders directly in the conversation.
  • Leave internal notes directly in the conversation—or for the buyer as a whole.
  • Mention teammates to alert them to a ticket for fast team support.
  • Crossover prevention methods like “teammate actively typing“ and ticket viewing history prevent double-responses.
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Digital Goods
Digital goods

Automatically deliver digital goods

While 3Dsellers' features are great for managing eBay listings and having all the eBay tools you need for customer support, eBay sellers can also automatically deliver Digital Goods with orders. Just insert the code (or link) you want to provide the eBay buyer and send an automated message!

Use this feature for instruction manuals, downloads, or other vital information you need to send with a physical item. This way, no matter what you sell, you can have an "assistant" deliver any digital files accompanying a purchase!

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eBay digital goods listing tool

Digital Goods can be sent from a database and removed, or they can repeat the same link or code for every delivery!

Even More Features and Tools to Help you Manage Your eBay Listings with 3Dsellers Software

Droves of eBay sellers are replacing old listing software tools like InkFrog with 3Dsellers’ eBay tools. Why? Because merchants can find more robust eBay-editing, bulk listing, and automated marketing workflows on 3Dsellers 🎉

With 3Dsellers’ ever-growing collection of eBay tools, it is plain to see their eBay listing software is focused on providing you everything you need to perform at your absolute best.

Feedback reminderTurn watchers into customers

Feedback Reminder

Seller rating is a big factor for search results, so boost your feedback score and keep it high by following up with buyers and requesting feedback if satisfied.

Best offer managerTurn watchers into customers

Offers Manager

Spending time on eBay Offers can boost sales by 40%. But we say you skip the time-spent and make a sales automation to counter and send offers automatically.

Profit calculatorTurn watchers into customers

Profit Calculator

Use pricing rules and item cost to get an automatic glimpse into profit and fees for every eBay listing, making profit margins and expenses faster to calculate.

Scheduled listingsTurn watchers into customers

Scheduled Listings

Prepare ahead of seasonal sales and new product-line releases by scheduling eBay listings to publish on a custom date; and even schedule postings in bulk.

Shipping trackerTurn watchers into customers

Shipping Tracker

Boost sales and buyer trust by sending your buyers real-time shipping updates from the carrier with a custom tracking link that cross-promotes your other items.

Quantity managerTurn watchers into customers

Quantity Manager

Get top search rank, avoid eBay selling limits, and create sales demand by showing a low quantity on eBay, automatically restocked by your real inventory.

Trusted by 5,000+ eBay Sellers


Is 3Dsellers a verified third-party eBay partner?

We are delighted to say that we have worked closely with eBay for over a decade and hold their policies and approval as the first importance to our business model. Find us on eBay's official third-party provider page.

How do I know if 3Dsellers' platform is right for me?

Whether you’re growing an eBay business, or need help consolidating your enterprise-level workday, 3Dsellers is how you excel.
By providing eBay tools that automate and simplify your workflow, customer service, and marketing, 3Dsellers’ full package of eBay apps and software bestows a comprehensive solution to maximize your business potential.

Which tools are included in a subscription?

All subscriptions include the following tools: Listings Manager, Orders Manager, Auto Messages, Digital Goods, Listing Designer (+ All Templates), Feedback Reminder, Report Center, Facebook Store, Webstore, PDF Catalog, Image Editor and Shipping Tracker.

How 3Dsellers can help me with eBay SEO?

By adding eBay SEO metadata to your listings with 3Dsellers SEO feature the Search engine optimization will increase your item's page in the search results, on and off eBay.

Can I copy listings between multiple eBay accounts?

Absolutely! You can use 3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager to select and copy multiple listings (active or ended) and publish them to any other connected eBay account.
Furthermore, a Drafts feature allows you to transfer active & ended listings to your other account, ready to edit and publish. See a full guide here.

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