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3Dsellers Summer Update 2019 | Selling on eBay

September 11, 2019

Selling on eBay just got easier..

eBay sellers! Today, we’re excited to announce our most recent platform updates that will optimize and personalize your experience selling on eBay further and of course, increase your sales.  

The recent improvements help you organize your warehouse inventory, Webstore, fully customize your ThankYou emails and view your listings activity in dashboard.

So without further ado..

Introducing 3Dsellers Dashboard

Now, your dashboard is a comprehensive overview of your activities. It combines your listings performance, tool activation, and alerts shortcuts.

Get a glance at your overall selling performance with listing impressions, click-through rate, total listing page views, their conversion rate, and your transactions count.

Huge update improving ThankYou Emails you just can’t miss!

ThankYou emails are proving to be an amazingly useful tool for sellers to communicate with buyers. Cross promotional features allow sellers to offer other listings to existing buyers, thus, increasing the probability of return sales and loyal customers through email marketing.

However, it wasn’t enough.

The added capabilities for 3Dsellers ThankYou emails now include advanced filtering options to present only relevant cross promotions.

ebay email marketing software with cross promotions

Creating relevancy is vital to successful communication so we didn’t stop there. In addition to relevant cross promotions, you can now segment your emails and create specific sending rules.

ebay thank you emails sending rules

Finally, you can now communicate with international buyers in their native language to increase your professionalism even further!

By selecting a country of choice, everyone who buys from that country can receive specific emails you create for them. With new dynamic fields for personalisation, you will leave your customers convinced their working with a credible brand.

ebay emails in different languges

Learn about the new ThankYou emails in greater detail in this blog post!

Upgraded warehouse features in the Inventory Manager

To stay aware of your warehouse inventory can require a lot (A LOT!) of backstage work and its organization is vital to your success selling on eBay.

Thus, 3Dsellers adds an Upload CSV feature that will use your suppliers' files to update your warehouse data.

To make sure you never oversell your warehouse stock, we also added an alert that will notify you as soon as you reach your selected volume. This means you can receive an automated email as soon as any of your inventory products is equal to or less then your selected amount.

Stay on top of your inventory, manage your high-volume sales and create an eBay business that WORKS.

Webstore now includes specific categories

You asked - we heard and built! Thanks to our active users in "Feature Request", we added new capabilities to your eBay Webstore. Now, you can showcase the items you're selling on eBay, but from specific categories.

This means you can choose not to present all your active listings but instead, showcase items from the categories you select.  

We care about your eBay selling experience and strive to provide you with the best tools under one dashboard. Use this opportunity to create a trustworthy brand, excel your customer communication and increase your overall revenue.

Our tools are constantly upgraded, improved and personalized from your requests and market demands.

So go ahead and start working, the smart way!

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