inkFrog vs 3Dsellers: What is the Best eBay Listing Software in 2019?

Aaron Fitch
Oct 28, 2019

3Dsellers and inkFrog both have 200,000+ sellers that use them. They are both trusted and featured in eBay’s app store. They are both highly rated, provide quality support, and are about the same price. 

So, what’s the difference? They both let you manage your eBay business from their platform right?

Over the years, inkFrog has become a common name among online businesses and has helped many people make the eBay lifestyle easier and more practical. 

They’ve done a good job of providing the services they offer and can certainly help manage a seller's eBay account.

On the other hand, 3Dsellers is consistent at rapidly raising the bar of what ‘eBay integrations’ truly means. They’ve become a popular favorite for ease of use and time-saving, sales-boosting features.

By continually launching new tools and features on par with seller requests and market trends, the 3Dsellers team enables a plethora of sellers the ability to manage and grow their eBay businesses with one massive platform of industry-leading apps. It's really quite incredible how many tasks and marketing goals can be accomplished with 3Dsellers. 

Let's have a close look at inkFrog’s tools compared to 3Dsellers’.

InkFrog vs 3Dsellers: Apps and Tools

Here’s a quick comparison of the tools provided by inkFrog’s standard plans and 3Dseller’s Marketing Plan. Both are about the same price for most sellers.

inkfrog vs 3dsellers marketing plan

Listing Tool (Edit and Create eBay Listings)

Listing Tools are popular and needed for sellers everywhere. See how inkFrog and 3Dsellers Listing Tool features compare.

inkfrog vs 3dsellers ebay listing tool
Learn more about 3Dsellers Listing Tool

Marketing and Thank You Emails

eBay Thank You email messages can be vital and one of the biggest factors in gaining repeat buyers. Be sure to choose a service that will allow you to provide the best customer care while promoting your other items.

inkfrog vs 3dsellers ebay marketing emails
Learn more about 3Dsellers ThankYou Emails


This is might be an important deciding factor on which service you choose for you and your business. We all know the term, “it takes money to make money.” But how much money?

inkfrog vs 3dsellers pricing comparison
Go to 3Dsellers Pricing

In Conclusion

InkFrog is a good introduction to eBay selling platforms and can be useful in some cases. 

Where 3Dsellers has many more features and tools to help grow eCommerce sales and boost selling status.

As a side note, both are user-friendly. Although, from having used both services, 3Dsellers’ platform is unique, much more memorable, and is much easier to navigate.

I’d say it’s fair to give 3Dsellers a five-star win in this comparison.

3dsellers check

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