‍New Ways to Streamline Your Order Processing and Fulfillment with Newly-Launched Order Automations

May 13, 2024

Automations are a powerful thing in the world of online commerce. They not only save valuable time but enable you to manage your eBay store more efficiently and with fewer mistakes, which is why we're excited to announce our new order automation features! These built-in tools will enable you better manage your orders through fully customizable order action automations. Keep reading to find out more about our exciting new order automation features!

What Are Order Automations?

Order automations are a way to automatically apply certain actions to orders within 3Dsellers. They are defined by you and are based on a variety of order parameters and criteria and offer a smarter and more efficient way to structure your order processing workflows and tailor them to your needs. Automations include internal 3Dsellers order tags, internal 3Dsellers order notes, and automatic emails. They can be defined based on criteria including sales channel, sold item, payment status, and more. 


What Can I Do with Order Automations?

Order automations enable you to apply custom tags, automatically add order notes, and send automated emails based on certain triggers. How you use order automations is entirely up to you – you can use them to notify you about unpaid orders, monitor incoming orders from a specific buyer, apply tags to certain types of orders to more easily track them, add notes to specific orders for your records, and much more. Below, we’ll take a look at the three actions you can create with 3Dsellers' custom order automations: tags, notes, and custom emails. 

Apply Order Tags

Order tags are custom labels you can apply to your orders within 3Dsellers. These tags are designed to enable you to create an order labeling system that works for you and for your workflows. You'll be able to create custom tags that can be saved for future use and apply them to orders automatically based on a variety of criteria. These tags can then be used to filter orders in custom views, or as a search parameter to find orders with a given tag. 

Add or Remove Order Notes

Order notes are notes that can be applied to orders within 3Dsellers to help monitor their status and record relevant order history. You use order automations to add order notes automatically to orders based on a variety of parameters. The notes you add can combine dynamic fields, too, so you can include additional order information like transaction ID in your records. Alternatively, you can delete order notes when an order meets certain criteria (i.e. its status changes from unshipped to shipped). 

Send Custom Email

Another application for order automations is automatic emails, which enable you to define trigger criteria to send custom emails about certain orders. This feature is particularly useful for notifying yourself, your teammates, your warehouses, or your suppliers about orders. You can use this feature to notify you about orders that have been received but remain unpaid after a certain amount of time, for example, or to find out about orders for certain products as soon as they come in. 

How to Set Up Order Automations

Setting up order automations is simple and can be done from the orders section of your 3Dsellers account. 


Click "New Order Automation" to create a new automation. A new popup window will open and prompt you to define trigger criteria, choose an automation action, and determine an optional delay for the action you've selected. 


How Can I Use Order Automations to Enhance My Workflows?

Order automations can help you more easily manage your orders with the help of order tags, which have a variety of applications for individual sellers and teams alike. Furthermore, custom automatic email updates are a great tool for staying on top of incoming orders and monitoring their status. Finally, automatic order notes are a powerful tool for recording order history and keeping teammates in the loop. 

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