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3Dsellers' Multichannel Helpdesk Magic, Now Powered by AI ✨ Feb 2024

February 19, 2024

AI has revolutionized all things customer service, and we've got some exciting news for our the 3Dsellers community – we’ve integrated a selection of smart AI tools into our multichannel helpdesk! Check out our quick update to learn everything you need to know about these new AI helpdesk features, and how you can try them out right now.

Get Key Information with Concise AI Ticket Summaries

When you're juggling so many customer service tickets, especially when there are several team members involved, getting everyone in the loop and up to speed can take up valuable time. Instead of going back and reading the entire correspondence history for each ticket, you'll be able to generate a simple and concise AI summary of the ticket to help you quickly pick up the ticket and provide an appropriate and helpful response in record time.

Generate Custom AI Replies for More Efficient Service

With AI Reply, your customers will no longer receive canned replies and standard templates in the interest of saving time. Instead, you'll be able to generate auto-responses based on each ticket's AI summary to quickly and easily respond to your customers and address their concerns. AI replies ensure that your customers get a tailored response, without costing you more time. Plus, you can tailor your replies to with tone adjustments, and even completely custom prompts.

Improve Responses with AI Rephrase

Prefer to us AI to upgrade your original replies? Type out your own response, then use AI Rephrase to quickly check for and correct grammar mistakes, improve the tone of your response, make it easier to read, and more.

Create Tailored Replies with Custom AI Prompt

Want to instruct the AI to generate a completely original reply? Simply use the Custom Prompt tool! Tell the AI what you want your answer to contain, and it will create a unique custom response based on your prompt. The response will include conversation and order details as necessary, and provide your customer with a fully tailored customer service experience.

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