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How to Create an Efficient eBay Order Management System

Aaron Fitch
May 25, 2021

How to Create an Efficient eBay Order Management System

Whether you have a warehouse, use dropshipping suppliers, or sell items for other people, setting up and using 3Dsellers for eBay order management is the most efficient way to organize your team’s order-processing and eBay workflow.

woman and man logistics managers in warehouse

This article aims to provide you and your team all the information needed to process each order quickly and even track which teammate managed the order. After setup, your team can have a unique eBay order fulfillment system tailored to your warehouse or online store.

Each eBay business model in this example (warehouse, dropship supplier, and third-party seller) can combine three 3Dsellers tools to expedite the workday: 

  • Orders Manager, 
  • Listings Manager, 
  • and Report Center.
3Dsellers orders manager tool dashboard

Rest assured, once set up is complete, the Orders Manager can be the only tool where orders are managed and distributed for order processing on 3Dsellers. (With the option to automate Report Center)

Quick notes:

- The same 3Dsellers features we discuss below can be used for each of our example business models; only the settings and daily tasks may be different. We’ll note any differences as we explore setting up an eBay order management system. 

- Due to the vast number of unique workflows of eBay businesses, we will explore the settings and provide helpful tips you may find beneficial.

1) Add Tags to your eBay Listings

Using the Listings Manager, we can add “Tags” to each of our items. Tags allow us to make a note of anything we want. (Tags are a 3Dsellers feature and will not appear on eBay.)

tag of supplier on 3Dsellers platform

Why use Item Tags?

For our example business models, we can use tags to log information about each item to help us manage eBay orders; allowing us to: 

  • create a warehouse picklist, 
  • know which supplier to order the product from, 
  • or which person is owed money from the sale. 
Man in warehouse with clipboard

For your business model, you may consider one of the following tags: 

  • Picking location.
  • A dropshipping supplier.
  • Name of the client who is selling the item. 

Applying Tags

You can save time by filtering eBay listings, then applying tags in bulk. Or, you can add tags to items individually with the Listing’s Manager’s Tags column.

3Dsellers orders dashboard opening bulk actions menu to edit tags

Pro Tip: Wholesale Price

Set a Wholesale price to log how much you pay for the item. Then, you can subtract the selling price to view profit easily. 

Wholesale prices are also beneficial when selling items for clients. Simply enter the amount you’ll owe them as the Wholesale price and quickly reference it after the item sells. 

eBay wholesale price on 3Dsellers

2) Process Orders (with Tags & more)

Depending on your business model, there are many features in the Orders Manager that can help organize your workflow. We’re going to explore some highlighted abilities to help inspire your team’s order management and processing.

Using Item Tags with Orders

Your team can use the Orders Manager to reference the purchased item’s Tag.

Having this information on hand helps your team quickly associate an order with a picking location, supplier, or payment details. 

Viewing Item Tags

To view the Item Tags set in the Orders Manager, simply click the Order Details button and view it in the resulting window.

example of viewing tag in 3Dsellers orders manager

CSV of orders with Item Tags

Combined with shipping information and an SKU, CVSs with Item Tags efficiently create a warehouse picklist or a dropshipping purchase order. 

When exporting a CSV of eBay orders, the resulting spreadsheet will contain an “item_tags” column.

CSV example for eBay orders management

Order Tags & Assigning Orders

What’s more, you can apply tags to eBay orders themselves; and are also included in an orders CSV in the “order_tags” column.

You may consider using tags to assign orders to teammates.

tagging a teammate's name in 3Dsellers orders manager

Then, create Custom Filters to sort Order Tags so teammates can quickly view only their assigned orders.

shows a custom filter for employee or VA

Order Tags are also included in exported Orders CSVs, allowing you to track each teammate’s workload (or other order information logged as an Order Tag).

Shipping and Tracking

After creating a shipping label for an order, your team can update eBay with tracking information in a couple of clicks.

3Dsellers add tracking to eBay order window

If you are using a service for bulk label printing, you can update tracking information on eBay by exporting the shipped orders to a CSV file. Then upload the tracking CSV into 3Dsellers to update the eBay orders.

Messages, Cases, and Actions

The Actions column provides a host of individual actions, such as viewing full order details, cancel, refund, add/ change tracking information, and more. 

If you need more information from the buyer, quickly send a message regarding an order without leaving the page. (You can even select multiple orders to send bulk messages.)

Button to send message to eBay buyer that purchased the item

If the buyer has opened a case about the order, a “Case” button will appear, allowing you to view and manage any issues quickly.

The Actions column also displays a “Conversation” button when the buyer has sent you an eBay message about the order. (The conversation button reveals the message in the Customer Service tool) 

button to view eBay case in 3Dsellers eBay orders manager

Custom Easily-Viewable Order Data

In the Orders Manager’s central dashboard, a suite of columns can be enabled and disabled, allowing your team to find specific information about the order and buyer. 

Included in available columns are everything from shipping addresses, shipping status, basic buyer details, and the ability to leave more extended custom notes for your team.

3Dsellers eBay orders management dashboard with menu to enable or disable columns

3) The Power of eBay Orders CSVs

As you may know, CSVs (spreadsheets) are the most widely used file to send and process bulk product information and workflow actions. Exporting CSVs makes sending product data to your team and suppliers much smoother than conventional means via eBay. 

There are two ways you can export eBay orders to CSV with 3Dsellers: 

  • With the Orders Manager

Filters can be a great way to quickly access specific orders based on product details, order details, and order tags.

Simply apply a filter, select all orders, and export with Bulk Actions.

bulk action to download eBay orders via csv
  • With Report Center

Report Center provides the ability to create reports with only specific fields and even schedule CSV reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Not only does this allow you to automatically back up your orders for longer than 90 days (eBay’s current order history limit), but when applying filters to custom reports, you can automate CSVs for purchase orders, picklists, and more.

custom CSV eBay orders report settings


While every business has its unique method of operation, the features included in 3Dsellers allow precise customization of workflows and provide the abilities needed to consolidate your team’s eBay order management.

The sheer ability to manage orders this way is just one of many examples (along with marketing, customer service automation, bulk listing abilities, and more) of how 3Dsellers is genuinely the most complete all-in-one eBay selling platform.

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