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eCommerce Branding

Take Your eCommerce Brand to the Next Level with 3Dsellers Platform

Strategies for building brand recognition include interacting with your buyers through display advertising, marketing, and great eCommerce customer service.

Thousands of eCommerce brands use 3Dsellers every day to simplify and automate these types of branding strategies, boosting brand awareness and expanding online business.

Boost your sales

Boost your sales

Distinguish the image and reputation of your eCommerce brand and employ a solid eCommerce branding strategy across your entire team and selling channels. Cross-promote items in automatic emails, eBay shipping alerts, and eBay listings. Keep customers coming back with fast service with autoresponder replies and add promotional links and coupons to email and reply templates.

Centralize your eCommerce branding

Manage everything in one place

Gain time to focus on eCommerce branding by centralizing communications while improving customer service.Help your busy team stick to eCommerce branding strategies and represent your brand persona by automating mundane responses.Manage, filter, export, and take actions on orders from all your selling channels, such as tracking, cancel, refund, even when replying to a customer.

Stay ahead of the competition

Stay ahead of the competition

Win against eBay's sponsored ads by cross-promoting items on eBay listings and post-sale.Win more sales for your eCommerce stores by answering pre-sales questions faster than competitors with auto-responders and snippets, increasing brand-building potential.Use message templates and snippets to conform your brand persona in team members' replies—and create marketing material for multiple channels.

Build Your Brand and Drive Sales with 3Dsellers eBay Branding Tools

eBay provides an eCommerce brand with many customization options, liberating eBay stores to be creative when testing branding ideas and improving eCommerce branding strategy skills, making it one of the best shopping websites to distinguish your own eCommerce brand.
Luckily for your branding efforts, 3Dsellers began on the eBay app store, where we have highly optimized eBay software for eCommerce branding, such as:

eBay Branding and Marketing Tools
eBay Listing Designer

Listing Designer

Design eBay listings to appeal to the buyer persona while cross-promoting your other eBay listings, giving your store priority over ads on the listing, and increasing brand recognition.Thousands of enterprises and small businesses alike include graphical design in eBay listings to help distinguish and promote their brand online.

Best Offer Manager

Best Offer Manager

eCommerce brands rely on price reputation as a significant player in eCommerce branding and brand identity.Offers Manager provides an opportunity to employ best-offer marketing campaigns on eBay, which are proven to boost sales by 40%, creating a whole lot of recognition for your eCommerce brand on eBay without extra effort.

Feedback Reminder

Feedback Reminder

Encouraging feedback when following up with buyers regarding an order is an excellent way to simultaneously portray a caring brand identity and create brand loyalty with your customers.Seller ratings and product feedback are leading resources in building brand recognition via instant trust and better rank in search results.

Image Editor

Image Editor

Give your eBay images unique branding and flare, encouraging attention and more clicks. Edit live eBay product images, publish changes to multiple listings, add watermarks, text, crop, and more.Product images are a key brand element; the first part of a listing most buyers see, making them your brand's first impression on a buyer.

Social Media

Connect with your followers

Bring life to your social brand identity and integrate your social media channels to help you stay in touch with customers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Your team can reply directly to social media messages while managing all other areas of customer support, proving to buyers your high-level commitment to service by supporting their purchases and interacting with them wherever they are.

Social Media Branding
eCommerce Branding Strategy
Multichannel Helpdesk

Centralize customer support from all your selling channels

Consistency plays a massive role in eCommerce branding. Online and physical stores alike work to keep the atmosphere consistent across each store location.

Whether you have eCommerce stores on five different marketplaces or advertise on social media alongside one marketplace, message templates and autoresponders can keep reply content consistent while maintaining consistent reply times by having all your messages and orders in one place.

eBay Webstore

Design your own eBay Webstore

Create a more significant web presence for your eCommerce business and launch a Webstore that showcases products from your eBay account. Create a custom About page for your brand’s story, install custom code, design, and more.

Provide your eCommerce brand with more "proof-of-professionalism" and your buyers with alternate shopping experiences by including links to your eBay Webstore in emails, YouTube video descriptions, and signatures.

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Branding for eCommerce
Branding Facebook Store
Facebook store

Promote your products with 3Dsellers Facebook Store

Expand your brand online directly to your target audience and connect your Facebook Business Page to a Facebook-mobile optimized storefront to showcase your items. You can even install a custom tab to display listings directly on your page if eligible.

Pro tip: Both eBay Webstore and Facebook Store eCommerce branding strategies also act as SEO strategies. They give Google an "alternative eCommerce site" with "backlinks" to your items, with the end goal of helping Google favor your listings in Google Shopping results.

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PDF Catalog

Create amazing catalogs instantly

eCommerce branding isn't complete without PDF catalogs that you can send in emails and promotional material. 3Dsellers offers a PDF Catalog generator with various templates and customization options to quickly create catalogs for eCommerce branding.

Generate unlimited numbers of catalogs and get shareable download links to send to potential customers, providing your eCommerce brand further proof of professionalism when seen in emails, forum and marketing outreach, and other forms of communication with potential buyers.

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Branding PDF Catalog

Respond Faster Boost Your Sales and Trust with 3Dsellers eCommerce Helpdesk

Maintain an excellent eCommerce brand persona through daily communication with customers. Quick, consistent replies and precise service are two key brand elements for gaining trust and repeat buyers, vital to scaling online businesses. 

Make this job simple for your team with auto-personalized message templates, automation features, in-conversation notes, full order info, buyer details, and countless more time-saving abilities.

Multichannel Help Desk

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