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All your communication – in one place!

Nurture all your eBay support cases under one dashboard.

Increase sales and convert your buyers into loyal customers by providing exceptional customer care.

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Save time with eBay message templates

CRM makes repetitive messaging faster.

If you get asked the same question a lot, you'll love this time-saving feature.

CRM lets you create message templates to quickly answer your buyers' questions.

Message templates personalized for the buyer:

Use dynamic 'snippets' in your templates to include the customer's name and/or purchase information into your message automatically.

Using templates helps you provide valuable, personalized answers right away.

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Send automated replies

Provide quality service and reply instantly when buyers contact you.

Set your eBay messages to auto-reply every time you are contacted, or set office hours to reply during your time off work.

You can even set a vacation time-window to let your buyers know you are out of town.

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Share your workload with team members

CRM & Helpdesk is so easy to use, so don't go it alone.

Your team members will learn it in minutes and can help you respond to your messages faster.

Share tickets with your team and assign messages to divide your workload.

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Add notes and mark messages as priority

Don't waste time re-reading what the conversation is about.

Just write a note to yourself, or your team, and comment on the buyer's needs directly in the the thread.

If your buyer needs special or immediate attention, star it to classify the conversation as priority.

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View, filter, and manage your orders

Save more time and find your buyer's orders with advanced search and status filter.

View the product and buyer information at a quick glance with all the information you need in one place.

If you need, you conveniently can send a message, cancel, or initiate a refund for the order.

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Add tags to your messages for quick search

Keep track of similar conversations and find them with a click.

Add tags to the conversation and run a search for threads with tags in seconds.

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Stay organized and close messages

Don't waste time looking for messages that need attention. Easily view conversations that are new, or need of a reply.

Once you've replied, you can close a conversation and set aside in your "Closed" folder.

If a buyer responds to a closed message, CRM & Helpdesk will re-open it for you.

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Clear overview for each buyer

Be effective at customer support by having a comprehensive overview of all the necessary information about each buyer.

View past conversations and purchase details to provide personalized care for each customer.

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