how to increase sales on ebay

REVEALED: eBay’s 10 BEST Tips on How to Increase Sales on eBay

Jude Abraham
September 11, 2019

According to reports, there are over 25 million sellers currently operating on eBay offering products to more than 170 million active buyers. In other words, for every 100 buyers on eBay, there are nearly 15 sellers. This means, in order for a seller to position their store left, right and center in view of the customer, they need to grab and retain customers’ attention by standing out from the crowd as well as keeping customers’ eyes from wandering. Many eBay sellers will admit this is undeniably a challenge in itself. Thus, it begs the question, what actually makes an eBay store successful?

ListSmart, an eCommerce analytical optimization service, recently sat down with eBay to discuss this very topic. Here, you will learn eBay top selling tips based on their most successful sellers to use its platform.

How to increase sales on eBay 

  • Use the headline space correctly

This means using as many as the 80 character limit eBay allows. The more you have the better your chances of matching search terms. A big no-no is to CAPITALIZE every word or use special characters (!@#$%^&*).

  • Clearly describe the item

Specify the items condition, list any flaws and include plenty of photos. Specify the item’s condition accurately - is it New, Old or Refurbished? For the photos of the item, include pictures from multiple angles, particularly if there are any flaws. You get 12 FREE photos per listing after all. See the table below for the ideal amount of photos to include for each category.

recommended ebay image quantity by category by ListSmart
Image Source
  • Templates can make or break your listing

As tempting as it is to enrich your listing with colorful content, remember more content equals slower page loading, content not displaying correctly or in some cases, content not displaying at all on mobile devices. Luckily, with 3DSellers’ Listing Designer, we make things easier by automatically optimizing your listing for mobile devices and ensure formatting is seamless across all devices. Furthermore, our platform fully complies with eBay’s new active content policy, which ensures listings always follow eBay’s stringent guidelines.

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  • Use professional pictures

A picture says a thousand words, likewise, a professional picture offers your potential customer a feel for your online store’s professionalism. A simple, professional picture which shows off the item with a white clean background works best for listings. Pictures which are out of focus, unaligned, sideways, or missing do not make for a great shopping experience, meaning someone else gets your sale. With 3DSellers, all of our users have access to our database of 200,000+ high definition icons and images, or if you prefer you can even upload your own.

ebay templates with free stock icons and photos to increase sales on ebay
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  • Describe variations in products carefully

If you are selling an item with variations such as different colors, sizes, designs, etc., make sure you take advantage of eBay’s 12 free pictures per listing. Be sure to note the different names of each product and the appropriate pictures for it. For example if someone is looking for a “red mug” and one of your variations is “scarlet mug”, you will not be at the top of search results.

  • Set up payment and clearly specify terms and conditions

Using PayPal as a mandatory requirement will avoid unpaid items going unnoticed. Include shipping costs and methods available, forms of payments accepted, return policy, and fees. Make sure buyers know what to expect by making your conditions of sale easy to find and clearly state all terms. A great way to showcase this is to add icons to features like worldwide shipping, free returns, and a money back guarantee.

mobile friendly ebay templates with free icons
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  • Offer returns

Offer a generous return policy. Buyers are geared toward the thought of returns if something goes wrong. 30-day returns are ideal for all parties involved. Paying for shipping on returns lets the buyer know you have great customer service and that you care about the buying experience.

  • Boost traffic using social media

Facebook currently has over 1.15 billion active daily users worldwide. This is an ever growing platform and an enormous channel you can utilize to increase your store’s visibility and attract more customers. Owning a Facebook store also allows customers to communicate with you easily and speedily, thereby reducing the chances for any disputes and in turn increasing customer satisfaction. With 3DSellers Facebook Store tool, it doesn’t matter whether you are social media savvy or not. Easily set up your social store with the simple click of a button and build your customer base from the word ‘go’.

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  • Specify shipping and handling services

Transparency at point of sale, will save you time clarifying and working through issues later. Provide all cost details and handling time. Keep buyers informed about the status of their items by uploading tracking information on all transactions. Doing this will also help you avoid negative reviews from buyers who demand a specific shipping time. Take advantage of our Feedback Reminder tool to automate the process, and even encourage more reviews by sending out feedback reminders based on the shipping and estimated delivery date.

 increases sales ebay feedback booster
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  • Do not ignore open cases against you

When a customer has an issue, they usually open a case in eBay’s Resolution Center. As a seller, you can use the Resolution Center to respond so there is no break in communication. If eBay has to get involved they will see you are working to remedy the issue with the customer. It is advisable to respond within 3 business days of a buyer opening a case against you, particularly when the complaint is due to the item not being received or is not as described.  

So there you have it - the 10 best tips for eBay sellers by the people who run it. Now that you know what works best, we’re sure your store will soon be on eBay’s most successful store’s list. 😉

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