Here's everything you need to know about eBay listings design when dropshipping on eBay

April 24, 2022

Are you looking for pre-made layouts that let you conveniently add products to your eBay dropshipping store? With the help of eBay listing templates, you can achieve that.


As a top-selling channel, eBay claimed the spot as the second most visited eCommerce marketplace in 2021. With the vast market competition, we must provide customers with an excellent visualization experience. Doing so helps us convert our viewers to buyers.


With this in mind, we need to optimize our customers' visualization experience as much as possible. The best way to do this is with eBay’s listing templates. With that said, this article will outline how we can utilize these templates to improve customers’ shopping experience in our eBay stores. 

Why Should We Use eBay Listing Templates?

Before diving in, let’s discuss the importance of using eBay listing templates. These templates include your store’s custom banner, headers, footers, graphics, texts, etc. By using these key features, we can optimize the appearance of our products and increase our sales.

Additionally, the templates present a unique visualization experience while customers browse products in your store. Take note that it’s crucial that our stores’ layouts are easily navigable and generally appealing to entice customers to browse our pages further. Otherwise, they won’t purchase any item from us and won’t even stay long on our websites.


Correspondingly, here are the main reasons why you need to utilize eBay listing templates in your store:


  1. It helps brand your store
  2. Gains customer trust
  3. Quick navigation (menu links)
  4. Holds additional information about your listing
  5. Rank higher with eBay Cassini

1. Helps Brand Your Store

First and foremost, our dropshipping stores’ branding sets us apart from competitors. We need distinct templates to portray our stores’ uniqueness when branding our eBay business.


Moreover, using these templates lets us present our stores professionally, making them look business-worthy. Remember that there’s nothing more enticing than a beautifully-designed page.

Furthermore, the more professional our page looks, the more traffic we will receive. Thus, this gives us a higher chance for sales conversions.

2. Gains Customer Trust 

Aside from visual presentation, eBay listing templates also help organize our stores’ content, such as displaying trust badges. Trust badges represent the legitimacy and authenticity of our business. When customers see trust badges in our stores, they will be more confident that we offer only top-quality products and services.

Therefore, the display of trust badges can lead to more customers purchasing from our stores. Some examples of badges that we can display are “Expert Seal of Approval” or “Top-rated Seller.” 

Once we start gaining our customers’ trust through our top-of-the-line services and products, we will be on the path toward achieving customer loyalty. Moreover, the confidence that customers put into our business helps with the long-term sustenance of our eCommerce ventures.

3. Quick Navigation (Menu Links)

Another advantage of using listing templates for our eBay stores is the quick navigation between our stores' sections. For instance, we can add quick links from our main page to product categories or our contact page.


In addition, easy and fast navigation gives buyers the chance to explore our store features better. Lastly, when customers don’t enjoy the general appearance of your website, chances are they will leave immediately. We can use quick navigation to optimize the user experience to minimize this possibility.

4. Holds Additional Information About Your Listing

Furthermore, eBay listing templates allow us to present our products’ information. Additionally, the templates help us organize an item’s name, image, description, tags, specifications, and other details.


Similarly, eBay listing templates enable us to present our policies for shipping, returns, and other essential information about our business. Bear in mind that the more accurate our business appears, the more secure and connected our customers will feel.

5. Rank Higher With eBay Cassini

Last but not least, the eBay listing templates improve our dropshipping store’s ranking. eBay has an internal search engine, eBay Cassini, where customers can search for products.


Therefore, we have to optimize our stores by utilizing eBay listing templates. Doing so maximizes our search engine optimization (SEO) - our pages’ visibility and ranking in search results. Ultimately, we need to rank high in customer searches, so more audiences can easily find and check out our pages.

How Do I Get eBay Listing Templates For My Store?

Now that we know why we should use eBay listing templates, let’s explore how to obtain them. There are several methods for securing these templates for our stores:


  1. Purchase cheap customized eBay templates
  2. Create eBay templates using 3Dsellers' platform
  3. Get free pre-made eBay listing templates from AutoDS
  4. Create your own (if you are a graphic designer) from eBay's seller hub

1. Purchase Cheap Customized eBay Templates

One of the easiest ways to retrieve templates is by purchasing cheap customized eBay templates from freelancer sites, such as Upwork or Fiverr. These sites enable us to pay freelance designers who can create the templates on our behalf. 


To find top designers, all you need is to search the keywords ‘eBay templates’ on these sites. After finding a top-notch freelancer, we communicate our design requirements, which results in a standout template for your business.

2. Create eBay Templates Using 3Dsellers' Platform

Another way of creating one-of-a-kind eBay listing templates is through the 3Dsellers’ platform. You can choose from dozens of freestyle designs and niche-themed templates for full customization options. Plus, you can get a hold of your templates in minutes.


Furthermore, 3Dsellers allows you to cross-sell products with eBay templates by competing with eBay ads and taking clicks from competitors. And, you can alter and update your templates with just one click.


But wait, there’s more! You get to try creating your templates free of charge for seven days. Then, if you wish to continue creating templates with 3Dsellers, their plans start at $10.55/month.

3. Get Free Pre-Made eBay Listing Templates From AutoDS

Besides these template resources, we also have the AutoDS eBay listing templates for dropshippers. These pre-made layouts are free and easy to use, making them the best option for our eBay stores.


In the AutoDS platform, we can get templates for general dropshipping stores and major holiday themes. Moreover, AutoDS automatically removes active content from our product listings according to eBay’s updates. As a result, we won’t worry anymore about using these custom-made templates since they follow eBay’s policies.

4. Create Your Own From eBay's Seller Hub

Lastly, if you’re a graphic designer, all you have to do is go to eBay’s seller hub and create your custom template.


When doing so, you can set your template’s name, title, categories, images, and other features. Although different settings, such as subtitles, may cost you a fee. Afterward, your template is ready to go.

How Do I Add eBay Templates To My Listings?

Once we have our eBay listing templates, we can start adding them to our product listings. Generally, there are two ways to do this, depending on your store’s situation. 


For new eBay listings:


  1. Go to Listing templates on eBay’s seller hub.
  2. Choose 'Create listing' from the actions dropdown menu.
  3. Create your listing.


For existing eBay listings:


  1. Open the list editor to revise your listing.
  2. Copy and paste the template into the product description text field. Don’t forget to paste the original item description information you had before.
  3. Save and preview your listing.


Moreover, we can easily utilize 3Dsellers’ listing template tool to add templates to our eBay listings. In addition, this tool enables bulk editing of our listings. This way, we can implement our templates to some or all of our listings at once. 

What To Look Out For In eBay Templates

With the vast selection of online store templates, we need to select high-quality and easy-to-use ones. With that said, here are the factors we need to look out for in excellent eBay listing templates:


  • 100% Mobile-friendly
  • Compliant with eBay's Listing Policies

Currently, more people use their mobile phones for online shopping. Therefore, our eBay listing templates must be 100% mobile-friendly. Meaning, our templates must be flexible and optimized when customers visit our pages using their mobile phones.


According to Statista’s survey in 2021, 46% out of 2,500 consumers in the USA utilized their mobile phones to search for product details in eCommerce stores. Remember that we must optimize our listings for mobile phones to ensure a good user shopping experience. 

Another thing to check when choosing a template is its compliance with eBay’s listing policies. For instance, the policies include texts, images, warranties, links, and other guidelines. These listing policies help us ensure that our customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience in our stores.


Way to go! We now know how eBay listing templates work. These layouts play an important role in the optimum visualization experience for our customers. 

Keeping this in mind, our websites need to be creative and professional. By doing so, customers will have more confidence when purchasing from our stores.


Once we have templates for our dropshipping stores, we can start adding trending items and scale our online business. Of course, remember to change your templates from time to time, so buyers have something new to look at while visiting our stores.

Therefore, if we provide a great visualization experience for our buyers, we'll gain more sales. And you know what that means! The more we sell, the higher we profit from our eCommerce business.  

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