Pick A Color for Your eBay Facebook Store!

September 11, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand NEW Social Store templates!

Our new templates offer you a variety of color choices & styles, as never seen before with any eBay Facebook store.

Which means that now your eBay Facebook store will really stand out from the crowd!

Pick Your eBay Facebook Store color

If you aren't yet  familiar with our Social Store solution, Social Store is an eBay solution that allows you to create a store on Facebook for your eBay items. The Facebook store is fully synced with eBay, so it allows you to showcase in real-time your eBay inventory directly on your Facebook business page.

With the rise of social media & social commerce today more than ever eBay sellers understand that the key to getting more traffic on eBay is participating in social networks. Which is why Social Store is such a great marketing tool for any eBay seller.

If you're new to the whole Facebook scene and don't have yet a Facebook page read our "eBay Seller Guide to Facebook Pages" to learn how you can get started with your Facebook business page.

Our recent changes in Social Store include also updating our control panel. Making it so much easier for you to set up and maintain your Social Store.

Above all, now you will be able to choose the template & color that best suits your Social Store! For each of our 3 new template we offer 5-6 different color choices, giving you plenty of options.

Choose style and color

We also made sure that these templates fit perfectly with Facebook’s new streamline look for business pages.

Want to see how your store will look with our new design? Enter HERE your eBay user ID to see a preview !

eBay UsernamePreview Social Store

We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to post here your comments and suggestions!

Till next time,


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