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Facebook’s new streamlined look for business pages


The new streamlined look for Facebook business pages is great news for our Social Store users. We often hear from users that they wish the Social Store tab was more visible to your Facebook fans. The good news is that the new Facebook business page will do that.

Let’s take a look at all the new features the new Facebook page offers.

First of all, the new Facebook page shows your news feed in one column, while on the left you now have a sidebar. Also, instead of having tabs on the top you now have a menu.

The one column for your timeline has it’s downsides, since it means that your news feed isn’t the main focus of your page anymore. But the plus side is that this gives room for a sidebar that shows your “About” section and Apps, which now really stand out.What else do we have in the new sidebar? First of all your sidebar shows your likes and under that you have your about information including your short description and the link to your website.

Below that you have your apps, this is where your fans will see your Social Store’s new “tab”.

Next, you will see in your sidebar your latest photos, which now shows 9 of your latest photos and not only one.

Below that you have the posts posted by others on your page and the pages you've liked.

In the main menu of the new Facebook page you will find your usual tabs: Timeline, About, Photos, Likes and More. When you have an additional tab added to your main menu, such as Social Store, you can rearrange your main menu so that your Social Store will appear right after your "About" tab. To do so click on "More" and choose the option to "Mange tabs", then simply drag and drop your Social Store to appear at the front of your main menu.

Another important change that’s important to point is that the top part of your Facebook page will now be static. Which means that your cover photo, logo and menu are always shown at the top, also when a fan visits your app page.In conclusion, we would like to make a very important announcement. Very soon we are going to release brand new templates for Social Store that will fit perfectly with the new Facebook page streamlined look. So stay tuned and follow us on Facebook&Twitter to be the first to know about this!Also, this is a great time to let us know if there are any changes you would like to see in our new Social Store templates! So if you have any suggestions please post them here in the comments section below.

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