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eBay Messaging System, Simplified

November 4, 2019

Whether you’re a larger seller or a part-time hustler, you’re most definitely sending a large amount of eBay messages to your new and existing buyers. In fact, your customer service rating and total feedback score highly depends on your effective communication with customers. However, eBay’s messaging system lacks cohesive user experience and may be hurting your business. 

Considering the amount of time we, sellers, spend communicating with our customers it is frustrating to work with a system that’s limiting, confusing and quite cluttered. Afterall, our business depends on it and a task as simple and important as communication, should not be compromised.

ebay messages example

eBay messaging system made simple with 3Dsellers 

Sellers no longer need to drown in their messages with eBay’s native messaging system. Instead, 3Dsellers developed a fully compatible messaging system that’s synced across all your eBay accounts and even with Amazon - all in one place. 

ebay messaging system dashboard

In fact, 3Dsellers messaging system is so capable, we call it CRM & Helpdesk and it is designed specifically for eCommerce business owners. It is easy-to-use & navigate, and doesn’t require a lot of time to get used to. It lets you organise all your messages in the manner most comfortable to you and ultimately, saves your time spent on customer inquiries. 

Simplified eBay messaging system can increase sales & drive return business

It is no secret that an organised business owner leads an organised business and its success. For eBay & Amazon business owners, organisation and customer relations are crucial. Considering the time spent on creating listings, communicating with buyers, packaging, labeling your items and then shipping them on time - self organisation is key to success. 

Since 3Dsellers CRM and Helpdesk organises all your eCommerce messages in one dashboard, your time spent on checking messages across multiple accounts is reduced by 20%. That’s 20% more time you can spend on creating powerful listings or labeling your shipments. Stop logging out of your account to login to a different one just to check your messages!

In addition, more likely than not, you email your buyers back and forward more than once and you always need to remind yourself of your past conversation in order to stay relevant. Now, you can have a cheat sheet of buyers info on the top of each conversation.

ebay messaging customer info example for ebay and amazon sellers
3Dsellers eBay CRM & Helpdesk provides a clear overview of each buyer

What does this effect? Sales, of course! 

The more professional you are with your customer service the more new buyers are likely to buy from you again next time. Buying experience is everything in eCommerce and should be your top priority as well. Providing explicit customer care can boost your business, selling reputation and drive customer loyalty. 

One of the great features 3Dsellers CRM & Helpdesk includes are self-made message templates to further speed your response time. Now, you can create messages that apply to repetitive questions and simply plug them into your response messages. Use snippets to personalise each message and further reduce time spent on uncompromised service. 

ebay messages templates by 3dsellers

Large business owners, we’ve got you covered too!

For many of you, eBay & Amazon selling is far from a side hustle and already providing you a fully supportive business. To maintain and grow a fully functioning eCommerce business, you probably have hired help that manages your customer service. 

With 3Dsellers eBay helpdesk, you can lower the amount of time it takes your team to offer a 5-star customer service without compromising your business. Our CRM & Helpdesk is fully functionable in a team environment by enabling task divisions among members. 

Your customer service manager can now assign buyers/messages to specific members of your team and thus, effectively divide workload.

ebay business team members for crm

Moreover, we keep you safe by allowing you an option to work with a customer service team without the need to share marketplace access. So whether you’ve got a team already or currently considering hiring a management team you needn’t worry about the safety of your business - your shared access is only applicable to the 3Dsellers messaging system

Take it a few steps further!

If you’re serious about creating customer loyalty, customer service is definitely an area that can always be further improved. Go beyond answering inquiries by offering your customers an experience of a brand.

Once you start using the 3Dsellers platform, you have additional tools available to you with any package. One such tool that increases the probability that customers buy from you again (by x3 times!) is our fully automated email marketing software for eBay sellers.

ebay email templates marketing software thank you emails
Cross selling ThankYou emails increase sales by 30%

This email marketing service has been one of the most used tools developed by 3Dsellers, with over 10,000 sellers happily thanking us for it. The reasons why it’s so effective are simple - you express professionalism, while cross selling your other listings and further engaging your customers. 

“I seriously love this service and highly recommend! The availability to access customers is the best way for creating repeat business and build buyers adding you to their favorites. I love the communication it builds my customers and myself.” - Danna Crawford aka PowerSelling Mom

Why not take advantage of automated retention marketing with a strong "thank you for your purchase" email immediately after the transaction, offer them additional products and start your communication on the right foot. 

The features of 3Dsellers ThankYou emails are fully customizable, allowing you to approach your customers in a way that feels most comfortable to you. Don’t want to push hard sales? Our advanced algorithms make sure your customers see only relevant listings cross selling in each email (and you can choose how many you want to show!) This way, you won’t come across as a pushy seller, instead, you’re considerate and helpful. 

Make your life easier. Connect with your buyers, effortlessly.

Simplified customer service is truly a game-changer for any business. It increases sales, saves time and creates customer loyalty. If you’ve been cluttered with messages on eBay messaging system, we highly recommend you check out 3Dsellers CRM & Helpdesk as well as automated email marketing software designed for eBay sellers. 

The combination of these tools, seamlessly integrated to your business will make a world of a difference to your and your customers’ experience! 

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