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3 Reasons to Use CRM software in Your Online Business | ABC of CRM

September 11, 2019

Think of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools as the modern-day sticky note or chalkboard painted wall of to-do’s and reminders, streamlining client interactions and processes, which ultimately convert into more sales.

CRM was developed to simplify your life so you don’t have to keep going back to the proverbial drawing board. We’ve broken it down to the ABC basics on why you need it and how to make the most of this tool.

A is for AUTOMATING your communication 

Automation and systemization makes a world of a difference when you’re running an online business. Dealing with different communication platforms, various customers or multiple marketplaces can get complicated. CRM allows you to automate just about all processes, from ticket organisation to team collaboration, eliminating your aggravation and keeping positive relationships with all customers.

Let’s look at how CRM can help your online business:

Stay organized

CRM software provides a unified environment for sales. This means one single environment for the business owner with all customer data in one place. CRM services your business by centralising, storing all communication and strategizing a way forward.  

Communicate with your customers effectively

Having a centralized environment for information eliminates miscommunication or repeat tickets. This environment brings together all your communication in a structured and meaningful way. Provide the ultimate customer care by viewing updated notes, history of correspondence, any pending activities and reminders all under one dashboard. Your 360-degree view of the customer allows you to identify wants, needs, complaints and opportunity to learn about how to improve and rectify any potential obstacles.

Systematize your processes for easy use and efficiency

A 2017 study shows that 65% of users want CRM software to be easy to use, while 18% of users appreciate a way to consolidate data. 3Dseller’s CRM Helpdesk allows you to consolidate information in a way that you can automate processes you already have in place. 

Automation of systems also means saving time and maximizing on efficiency, which is the ultimate sales advantage. A multi-channel CRM tool helps you convert buyers into long-term customers. Being able to access customer information upon each conversation allows you to address customer concerns and inquiries faster and more consistently and respond to all messages on and off eBay by assigning team members. Not only will this shorten sales cycle but also your customers will appreciate your attentiveness. Furthermore, by creating efficient processes across your business operations, you make sure sales opportunities are not lost and costs are minimized.

ibm infographic

Be available for your customer any time, anywhere

Research has shown that since CRM software entered the market, a complete 180-degree shift has taken place. The CRM platform has changed from 88% On-Premise with just 12% cloud-based in 2008 to 87% Cloud-based in 2017. 3Dsellers CRM tools are on a “Hosting” platform. This means your expenditure is less while your access is more. 

software advice study on premises vs cloud based crm
Statistics provided by Software Advice study

The mobility of a cloud based or hosted system means you can get into the system from anywhere and very quickly, on mobile, phone or tablet. A faster response means faster sales. A browser is all you need to access 3Dseller’s CRM tool, which means you can be anywhere on any device and be able to respond timeously to customers. 48% of CRM users now access their software from a smartphone, with 45% accessing from a tablet. As an added bonus, the 3Dsellers CRM software is consistently maintained and always up to date with latest eBay policy changes.

super office statistic chart companies usage of mobile crm
Statistics and image provided by Super Office 2018

In light of this, look out for 3Dsellers soon to be released mobile CRM Helpdesk and stay tuned in to the blog to get early bird access!

Make your life easier

The 3Dseller CRM software is very intuitive and easy to use. The instinctive design makes it easy to navigate and includes ready to use templates, team assignments and more. Making the whole process automated, systematized with intuitive design frees up more time to deal with the customer and concentrate on making sales. Our Helpdesk is also easy to setup, just like our other tools. Don’t hesitate to contact us on our live chat, email, or social media!

B is for BUILDING your online business using CRM software

CRM forms the foundation of any growth-oriented business. Focusing on building your business, your customer base and your workforce means your road to success is paved for you. Why use CRM to help build your business?

Ease of management of all moving parts for your online business

The CRM tool is your ultimate management tool to gather information and manage it all in one place. Management of processes helps escalate activities and reporting and helps identify marketing strategies for each customer. CRM helps to prioritize activities, which means identifying customers that show the most potential. Clarity of information, provided by the CRM software means deals are closed at a faster rate.

laptops from above

Maintain a high standard of business and online sales

CRM allows you to keep track of all your customers from multiple marketplaces as well as to identify potential leads, upsell opportunities or repeat sales. Keeping track and following up is extremely crucial to any small business as it maintains excellent customer service. 3Dseller’s CRM tool makes the certainty of timeous response entirely accessible and an easy way to stay ahead of the competition. Keeping track of the process pipeline means having your finger on the pulse, which is what will allow you to compete with bigger businesses.

Use your customer’s information to help your business grow

Collection of customer information is central to the workings of a successful sales business. Business data and customer data are centralized, making it easily accessible, secure and more manageable.

CRM allows you to react to trends quickly by accessing sales history and customer behaviour.

Visibility of all information across board, in one place at one time is invaluable for tracking and responding to customer sales. CRM software allow you to analyse your marketing methods, helping you to respond appropriately, close deals and manage post sales support.

Grow your sales force

Having access in one environment also means productivity is increased. Share workload and workflow with other members of your sales force. 3Dsellers CRM allows you to assign messages, divide your workload and share tickets without the need to share marketplace access. Following steps throughout the sales cycle and sharing information with different team members contribute to a faster sales cycle, while customer analysis allow you to measure your marketing efforts so you make more money faster and more efficiently.

We all want our businesses to grow. Watch your number of customers, sales, database and ROI grow with 3Dseller’s CRM tool. With everything you need set up and automated, make money instead of spending it on upfront costs. Your future is only as good as your history, and with CRM you can keep track and make calculated decisions.

3Dsellers tools helps you to manage all elements that make up your business, including our Feedback Reminder that reaches out to your customers based on triggers you choose and makes sure you get additional feedback and increase sales.

C is for your CUSTOMERS

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. The way to show customers you care is through exceptional service and support. By making sure all information is documented, following up with them when you say you will or identifying an upselling opportunity, selling becomes easy. CRM software gives you the power to give your customers the service and attention that was once the only draw card left of going to a brick and mortar store. Now, CRM is changing that perception with online shopping catching up by having access to collected information, helping you understand your customers’ wants and enables you to gain insight into their buying patterns.

Build meaningful relationships with your customers

The CRM tool enables relationship building with ease of customer service on both sides of the screen. The seller needs to build trust in their customer to ensure repeat sales. CRM Helpdesk helps you make sure not to miss a beat, and the customer feels cared for.

Relationship building with your customer is about repetition of contact. CRM enables repeated contact to be effortless with automation and personalization. Being able to have an overview of a complete history of interaction allows you to strategize when and how to contact customers and re-engage or identify new opportunities for sale.

Get insight into your customer’s minds so you can add value

The last thing you want to do is contact a customer without being able to add value. Justify lead follow up with meaningful and strategized contact using historical conversations collected consistently and accurately using the CRM software. Quality of response is essential to maintaining great customer service. 

Having the CRM software allows you to make sure your customer adds value to your business. Increase sales leads by following those with the highest chance of conversion, reducing sales cycles and improving closing rate.

Make sure your customers stay happy

Customer loyalty has been proven to be the highest influencer in sales rate conversion. Returning customers are 6.2 times more likely to purchase than new customers. There are plenty of ways to implement a customer retention strategy by using a CRM software. A loyal customer is a happy customer is a returning customer. 

The CRM tool is an effective front office comprised of sales, marketing and customer service. At the same time as keeping current customers satisfied, the effectiveness of the tool with it’s automated features allows you the time to be responsive to new customers. Attract and retain customers so that you are consistently converting new customers into returning customers. 

Optimize sales with one-on-one marketing

An interesting study was conducted on “The Psychology of Personalization”, showing the power of conversion in an experiment where servers at a restaurant were able to increase tips with a simple follow up strategy. 

smiling woman on a phone

Every customer is an individual who appreciates care and attention. The CRM Helpdesk tool is designed to make every customer feel as if they are getting personalized service. Use CRM’s template tools, which can be personalized and customized to suit the seller’s and buyer’s needs. Increase customer loyalty and retention by paying personal attention to your customer with customized loyalty cards or offers.

Historical information within the CRM format allows you to target and specify an issue, query or sale to react and support, personalising the experience of your customer, building the relationship and ensuring the next sale.

All businesses are about people and the relationships that surround them. CRM tools used in your online business help to attract new, re-engage old and invite back existing. Your customers are the most important part of your business. Don’t think of them as leads, prospects and contacts but as human beings with whom you need to cultivate relationships. Nurtured relationships are long-term relationships. 3Dseller’s CRM software gives you a clear overview on each buyer, making sure you have all the necessary information in a comprehensive and easy to use format.

Now that you know your ABC about CRM, a quick bit of math to help you remember why CRM software is going to help your online business: People + Process + Technology = Good CRM software

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