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10 Best eCommerce CRM Softwares | eCommerce Solutions 2020

Daniela McVicker
December 17, 2019

eCommerce CRM software help companies heaps and bounds. With customer data, interaction, support, and the ability to automate marketing - they can completely revolutionize a business.  

CRM can also be scaled accordingly, regardless of the business size. Not only that, but since it’s usually customizable, it can predict various opportunities for many businesses - based on the analytics it collects from customers.  

If you're trying to find a good CRM for your eCommerce business but don't know which one to pick from the vast array out there - we're here to help. We've listed the best CRM software solutions, hopefully highlighting which one works best for you.  


What is CRM?

It's likely that you've already researched into CRM software, but we'll brush over what it really is, super quickly.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's a unique, innovative piece of technology that manages all your relationships and interactions with customers or potential customers. Its main goal is to improve business relationships. Think of an Amazon help desk - a perfect example of CRM technology.  

CRM is a vital tool for lead generation. It uses customer data and ensures that purchases, marketing campaigns, and customer support are as effective as they possibly can be. They're used to not only create a better experience for the customers, but also the business.  

For that reason, we’ve gathered what we believe are the top eCommerce CRM software for 2020, for you to review and take action.


3Dsellers eCommerce CRM & Helpdesk  

3dsellers ecommerce crm solution

We had to put this as the number one choice! It's an all-encompassing, helpful CRM tool that will help you increase conversions and sales.  

The truth is if you're looking for an eBay and Amazon help desk, this could be the best option for you. This eCommerce CRM has a list of features that make running an online store so much easier. For instance, they have eBay message templates, which saves you time when answering or sending direct messages.  

If you get asked the same question frequently, this is a life-saving feature. You can also send automated replies, if you're ever out of hours, or contacted during your holiday. One of our favorite features of 3Dsellers CRM help desk is that you can share your workload with team members. This helps with managing your team, especially if you're working remotely.  

As you can expect, this eBay help desk will also give you a clear overview of each buyer. This gives you the ability to give effective customer support for each and every buyer. For example, you can view past purchase details and conversations for a personalized level of support.  

This handy tool comes with a free 7-day trial, giving you the chance to consider if it's the one for you. We couldn't find a CRM for eBay and Amazon that worked for us better than this one.  


engagebay crm software

This is a versatile CRM software, which can integrate sales, service activities, and marketing all in one platform. It's an affordable CRM tool that also features modules for email marketing - perfect for any company that focuses on this strategy.  

By using engagement tools, EngageBay is excellent at lead generation - by interacting with customers who are on their client's website. You can expect the usual CRM modules from EngageBay, too, which can all be automated - leaving you with time to handle other tasks.  


HubSpot CRM

hubspot crm logo

It's a popular choice, and with good reason, too.

You can link this platform to multiple other places such as phone calls, social media, websites, and emails. It's also super easy to integrate it into anything, without making any changes. We loved using this platform to help organize customer's details. It was also great for assigning tasks and managing the performance of agents and products.  

HubSpot has a great dashboard, which makes everything easy to use, regardless of what you're trying to find, or who is looking. This is a great eCommerce CRM tool to opt for. It's also super easy to integrate it or export HubSpot data into anything, without making any changes.



freshsales crm logo

This CRM platform has been developed to help the sales team effectively reach out to your leads. One of its main features is streamlining lead management, allowing you to create lead scoring, and prioritize specific leads. Basically, you can find out who is sales-ready and who may need to be nurtured a little bit more.  

We love that you can receive reminders through email alerts about important tasks and appointments. That's a great addition to have, which really helps with customer support.  

Like 3Dsellers, they also have a free trial, which allows you to see the system's full functionality before committing to it.  



salesforce logo

You might know this CRM platform as RelateIQ. This is a powerful CRM app that many businesses swear by. Its main aim is to unify you and the customer, but creating thoughtful actions - all producing a productive outcome.  

It's super easy to set up SalesforceIQ, simply link it to your Gmail, and you're good to go. All your phone calls,  meetings, and emails are captures, and you can begin to focus on making sales.  

This platform also allows you to look at deep insights regarding a team's individual performance.  



insightly crm

As you can tell from the name, Insightly offers companies a great place to track customers. This platform is actually an excellent option for small business, but also offers solutions for enterprises and multi-level companies.

With this CRM tool, you can get a clear overview of all your business, giving you the information necessary to enhance productivity and elevate your company.  

Insightly also has mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle. It can also integrate with all significant emailing apps like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp. It's a simple but effective tool and one which many companies (mainly small) choose to go for.  



nimble crm

Nimble is a popular CRM tool that helps you (a company) build a better relationship with a customer. By providing you with customer engagement, sales insights, and data organization, you have everything you need to make necessary changes.  

You can import necessary contact information from your phone, email, and even your social media accounts. This will help you build deeper relationships with your customers and social media followers - helping to improve your marketing campaigns.  

Nimble is a surefire way to sales, and increase the chance of recurring customers.  


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

microsoft dynamics crm

This CRM tool has been created to help companies, small or large, market in a smarter way. It enables them to sell more productively and save time in other areas. This CRM software offers a range of different features, including social insights, business intelligence, and integration with Microsoft Apps.  

The main benefit of using this tool is integrated automation and multiple dashboards. You can also access certain features offline, as well as enjoy seamless integration with other systems and apps.  Many companies opt for this tool out of convenience.  

If you and your team use a lot of Microsoft apps, this could be the perfect tool for you.  



nutshell crm

This CRM tool is a handy CRM tool - easily being used to attract and retain customers.  This can be used for businesses of all sizes, in any kind of industry and has really made a name for itself.  

We love it's analytics and reporting features, which are really easy to understand and use to enhance a company.  You can use this CRM tool as an Amazon help desk, eCommerce CRM, or eBay help desk - whatever you need. You can scale this tool to your business growth - opting to pay more for the service as your business grows. This gives you flexibility and freedom.

For the full-functional package, it comes at around $75 a month, but you can always opt for a free trial before committing to anything.  


Zoho CRM

zoho crm logo

Many companies use this CRM tool to help out their customers. We love how you can link Zoho CRM to your Facebook and Twitter pages - this could be especially useful for eCommerce stores that focus on these areas to market their company.  

We also found the mobile edition extremely helpful, especially when trying to access all the sales records and customer data.  



We hope this handy guide helps you find the best CRM tool for you. We know that every eCommerce store is different - but this extensive list should work for everybody. Whether you're looking for an Amazon help desk or eBay CRM tool, you'll find the perfect tool for you amongst this list.

So, these are our options - try them out for yourself (take advantage of the free trials), and shout out on social @3dsellers to let us know which one you decide to commit to.

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