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eBay Success Story: Award-Winning Seller Using 3Dsellers

September 11, 2019

My eBay Success Story

In August of 2008, I was paralyzed in a Motocross crash at age 23. I began to go over my available options for my future and eBay ended up being the best avenue - I could put my knowledge to work in a field I was very familiar with and use eBay's guidance to grow.Our largest hurdle initially was figuring out the shipping and warehousing in a way we could have moderate control over the cost to maintain our margins while providing competitive service to our customers.  Being an entrepreneur you are never going to avoid problems. As the internet has become more prevalent in everyone's lives, eCommerce has undergone some rapid changes, especially with customer expectations. There are always constant challenges to overcome you just need a "why" that is powerful enough to push you when those moments arise - mine has always been striving to be the example for other people in similar circumstances and showing them the opportunity eBay provides.In 2018 I was fortunate enough to be selected by eBay in the Global Business category for the Shine Awards. This was a huge honor by itself but then to win was even more rewarding. This was nearly 10 years after I was laying in the dirt, broken in half, not knowing if I would live and if I did would I be able to have a life. It is certainly a validation that I had not only accomplished that mission but I had thrived. I am forever grateful to everyone who voted, and eBay for recognizing their sellers and providing us with a platform such as they have.

3Dsellers is proud to have Bill use our tools to grow his eBay business and we're happy to share this interview with our readers. So without further ado..

Bill, how are you feeling today? What is it like to become a winner of eBay's Global Business Category?

It was a really awesome experience, to get recognition from a company with such great values like eBay means a lot. As an entrepreneur you spend countless hours hard at work with no expectation of any recognition so it's really rewarding to see your story resonate with people that may have otherwise gone unnoticed if you were operating on other marketplaces.

I’m sure our users are inspired by your eBay success story, what would be the #1 advice you could give them?

Build your business around the experience your customer wants. Marketplaces like eBay do this work for us to a degree and give you the option to participate in what they have found to be the best practice, which is a huge advantage - its one less job we need to do as a business owner.

How do you make sure your eBay business grows continuously?

The old idea, " if you are not growing, you are dying" can easily mislead entrepreneurs into practices that are not beneficial in the long term.  Instead I try to increase efficiencies throughout our processes to free up margin and use that to bring value to customers and then growth takes care of itself.

Of course, I’m curious to learn how 3Dsellers assists you in your business management. Which 3Dsellers tools do you currently use?

We use the Facebook integration as well as ThankYou Emails.

Amazing! So what do you think about 3Dsellers Facebook Store?

The Facebook Store integration has been huge! Facebook is the main social media site used by our customer base and 3Dsellers makes it easy to setup and navigate for our customers.

Do you see an increase in your sales since you started using the ThankYou Emails?

We saw around a 2% increase in repeat customers when we began using the ThankYou Emails.

What would you say is the best value of 3Dsellers overall?

It's easy to use and great value for the services and price point. The companies I partner with to run my business must provide services that are simple and reliable and 3Dsellers has been the best in that regard.Wow, thank you, Bill! Your eBay success story is so inspiring to us - this is why we do what we do! Our team is so happy to be side-by-side with you on this journey. May your business flourish and inspire many others.Visit Bikes Trikes and Quads LLC eBay storeBikes Trikes and Quads Official WebsiteListen to Bill on "So You Wanna Sell On eBay" Podcast"Automation is key to any business. The more you can automate, the better off you are."Stay tuned for more blog contributions from Bill Ingersoll by subscribing to our newsletter!

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